In a past life I had thought of the idea of buying solid oak plywood, cutting it into strips and using it as inexpensive solid oak flooring and I was told that I was an idiot and carpet was chosen instead (a far more expensive option when we had already exhausted our budget). As it turns out I was very right and cutting plywood into strips for a wood floor has been done and it can be gorgeous. And (just for the record) you can put whatever you want under foot, if its wood, then you have a wood floor! It does not need to come out of a box that says “flooring” on it, nope, what makes a floor a floor is the fact that you walk on it. The only reason we did not opt for the plywood-cut-into-strips-option was because we do not own a table saw to cut it ourselves and it still would have been about twice the cost of what we ended up paying. This inexpensive wood floor cost us less then $300.


Our old barn became a relative’s dumping ground for many years (decades ago) so Joe and I inherited some very strange leftovers. Especially old hunting gear and what-not. And, you know me, I’m trying to find projects and usability every where I can! These chairs my dad proclaimed to be old goose hunting chairs that once came with a blind over top of them. I nodded thinking, Well, that’s cool but now they’re mine! Mahahahahaha! I don’t know about you but my idea of the perfect thing would be a place in the sun after work for a couple of hours, good company (or just myself would be fine too…) and a bottle of wine. I had been working on sun loungers in my head for months when I had stumbled upon these old goose hunting chairs and immediately, I got excited! I pulled them out of the barn Saturday morning and I got to work. (Hence begins the long arduous hell that was this project – come along for the ride kids and see me waste hours!!!!)


Between this one and the old beast from the screened in porch I really don’t know which one is more of a mystery. Neither dresser had been used in decades by the time I came along to refinish them. With the passing of my grandma we opened up the old play house (our future duck coop) and were both dismayed and delighted to find that it was full. We started pulling things out and discovered my mother’s two old dressers and this old thing with no idea where it came from. It’s beautiful and it always was beautiful even before I started work on it, I had an inkling that it was probably the most unique and also the oldest piece of everything I had. A friend of mine (who had a bit of furniture experience) confirmed my thoughts when he said he thought that this piece was worth the most out of everything. Of course, worth really means nothing to me (I’ll never sell it) however, knowing that it is special outside of my own feelings toward it is pretty cool.



Free one story small house plan, floor plan, house plans for free, country home with a great back deck, covered front porch and a deluxe master bedroom

Free House Plan: One story with an incredible master bedroom

Jun 23 2016

I’ve always loved the idea of walking in the front door of a house and seeing right through to the backyard. To me homes should be filled with light and nature … read the rest of the post »

How to convert old chairs into fun end tables and extra seating with barn wood and stenciling, make them look like old signs - eat, drink and be merry!

How to convert old chairs into fun end tables and extra seating – Eat Drink and Be Merry!

Jun 20 2016

When I was cleaning out the old play house and converting it to my new Tack Shack I ran into these three old chairs and a light bulb went off in my head. What we needed most on our deck was not extra seating (I was already working on that) but we really needed some end tables. … read the rest of the post »

Finding time for each other every other weekend minnesota cherry, apple, iris, peony and honey suckles

Finding time with each other

Jun 16 2016

I don’t like the term “busy” it implies things like “busy body” or someone who keeps themselves “busy doing nothing” because they simply can’t sit still. Though Joe and I certainly have a little bit of “simply can’t sit still” in us, neither of us are good at being busy just for the sake of being busy. … read the rest of the post »

Dated rocking chair gets a before and after makeover with black painted rocking chair, before and afters, DIY.

Painted Rocking Chair – From dated to stunning!

Jun 14 2016

I scored at an estate sale a while back, picking up one painted rocking chair, another chair with a matching couch, two end tables and a coffee table for only $100 and, as you might imagine, I had big plans for all of it! … read the rest of the post »

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

Bed Frame Inspiration Board – Prepare to swoon!

Jun 09 2016

As most of you probably have already heard me say: I LOVE MY MASTER BEDROOM. However, I don’t love everything about my master bedroom lol, a DIYer’s life is never without projects is it?! To check out my master bedroom head over here. … read the rest of the post »

An old red bench makeover of my grandma's gets a thorough makeover with new wood, a few supporting screws and stain over the places that were showing, before and after furniture wood working.

I finally fixed my grandma’s old red bench!

Jun 06 2016

I’ve had this bench makeover on my to-do list for a long time, it holds a lot of significance for us as it sat by my grandma’s house for many many many years. When we visited her, not long before her passing, we would come outside with her and sit in this old bench in the sun and visit. … read the rest of the post »

Cleaning out a 100 year old barn in northern Minnesota and going fishing after working way too much on an entire holiday weekend.

We started cleaning out the barn!

Jun 02 2016

This last Memorial day weekend started innocently enough with no idea I would be cleaning out the barn. I had two things I knew I would get done (come hell or high water) and one thing I really wanted to get done but couldn’t do alone. … read the rest of the post »

Outdoor furniture makeover with red paint, two old wicker chairs get a bold new look with red paint and covered cushions.

Wicker chairs makeover in bold red!

May 31 2016

Last summer I spotted my aunt giving away a couple of wicker chairs on her Facebook page on a “first come first serve basis” I jumped on them! They were so darned cute I couldn’t help myself! … read the rest of the post »


Free House Plan: Serious out front with a Party in the back

May 26 2016

Hey guys I’m really excited to share with you today a free house plan I designed a couple of years ago. It is all on one story with two bedrooms ( a fab master suite) with a TON of storage and it’s only 1800 square feet. … read the rest of the post »

Homemade DIY recipe for body butter using lavender oil, organic coconut oil and organic castor oil - luxurious, moisturizing, fluffy, its like Heaven!

Homemade luxurious recipe for Body Butter

May 23 2016

I got to experimenting a couple of years ago, attempting to create my own homemade recipe for body butter. I knew I wanted to use coconut oil but I wanted to use the LEAST amount of ingredients as possible. … read the rest of the post »

The sad, tear-filled, horror story of our basement, how we wasted so much time and money for nothing and now have a new renovation plan for a workshop.

The horror of our basement – it’s time to get dirty!

May 18 2016

There is still a long list of “to-dos” around the house – hangovers from the renovation that I’ve been procrastinating on doing. Here’s a secret: I actually don’t really enjoy renovation. … read the rest of the post »

Minnesota perennial spring in a bounty of red and yellow tulips, walleye fishing and wild turkey hunting. Eternally thankful for what this land offers us.

My Grandma’s Tulip

May 17 2016

Many of you have read about how much I love my grandma’s peonies (and how relieved I was that they survived their SECOND transplanting in just a couple of years) but she also planted multiple other perennials about the grounds … read the rest of the post »

My Grandma's old Costco step stool gets a much needed DIY makeover, before and after using chrome spray paint and red vinyl to recover the seat!

My Grandma’s old Costco step stool

May 16 2016

Of all of the memories I have of my Grandma throughout my childhood this step stool seems to be in every picture I have of her in my mind. She will always be sitting on it, by her kitchen stove, whether a fire was burning in it or not. … read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board at Grandma's House DIY of stunning rocking chair makeovers and before and afters

Inspiration board – Stunning Rocking Chairs!

May 12 2016

I am totally and utterly obsessed with old rocking chairs. They have such character! And, over the months, I’ve been stashing and hoarding them on my gorgeous chairs pinterest board! It all started … read the rest of the post »

Before and after old end tables get a DIY country makeover with white paint and refinished tops

Two end tables get a sweet country makeover – before and after

May 09 2016

The weekend before last I ran over to an estate sale not far from us and scored big. For $100 I picked up a wooden sofa, matching chair and coffee table, a rocking chair and these two end tables. … read the rest of the post »

Summer in Minnesota has finally arrived with tulips, honey suckles, peonies and rhubard

Summer has finally arrived in northern Minnesota!

May 06 2016

Well, finally, after several false starts I think summer is going to stick around for good this time (crosses fingers) we’ll just have to see, it is northern Minnesota after all! … read the rest of the post »

Outdoor sun loungers DIY cheap and inexpensive upcycle out of old goose hunting chairs and walmart outdoor table cloths tips and tutorials

Outdoor sun loungers DIY out of old goose hunting chairs!

May 02 2016

Hey guys I can’t wait to share this sun lounger project with you! We have FINALLY had ourselves a weekend that almost felt like summer here! … read the rest of the post »

An easy going one story ranch, free house plan with two bedrooms and only 1500 square feet with room for an office and double sided fire place.

Free House Plan: An easy going one story ranch!

Apr 28 2016

This is a fun ranch free house plan I designed several years ago with economy and easiness in mind. My focus was providing a really great “walk through” closet/storage area/laundry room between the garage and the kitchen, … read the rest of the post »

Homemade laundry detergent saving us for $700 per year. DIY Make 4 gallons for only $3.50.

Laundry detergent – Homemade and only $3.50 for four gallons!

Apr 25 2016

I can’t wait to share my laundry detergent recipe with you guys but, first, we’re going to do a bit of a rewind to the exact moment I figured out that “normal” laundry detergents and fabric softeners do NOT agree with my skin at all! … read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board, gorgeous book shelves for any book lover or writer diy

Book Shelves Inspiration Board – To Die For!

Apr 21 2016

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a book obsession 🙂 I love everything there is to do with books and I’ve actually designed the interior layout and covers of 28 books to date and even have my own novel that I self published back in 2011! … read the rest of the post »

I was just nominated for the Liebster Award, check out my list of nominees and their fabulous blogs. Thank you so much for a blog award!!

I was just nominated for the Liebster Award!

Apr 19 2016

Oh my gosh you guys I was just nominated for a blog award called the Liebster Award! I totally accept!! Thank you SO SO SO much Grow Taste Create for this opportunity and nomination! (Pssst: Go check out her beautiful blog!)

… read the rest of the post »

After fifteen months of diy remodeling and renovation we converted our screened in porch into my office. Come and see my office reveal on our home tour

Home tour: My office reveal!

Apr 18 2016

Before we can truly start in on my office reveal we have to start by going way way back to literally the day we started remodeling the house. … read the rest of the post »

Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel

What a Minnesota Spring looks like (hint: white stuff everywhere)

Apr 14 2016

So I had been planning this blog post about Easter during a typical Minnesota spring and everything that was going on with us when Diesel passed away . . . So, we’re going to rewind just a tad and talk about our Easter weekend. … read the rest of the post »

Easy inexpensive cheap DIY tutorial barn wood book shelves

How to build easy barn wood book shelves!

Apr 11 2016

I have not professed my struggle about my office to you guys out here on the blog yet. Well, its been a doozy! First, I had it all done, complete, looking good . . . and I hated it. When Joe and I moved in here last August my mom sent one of her big book cases along … read the rest of the post »

Free house plan with a stunning two story walk out basement

Free House Plan: Two story stunner with a walk out basement

Apr 07 2016

The house plan I’ll be sharing with you this week is a two story setup with a big walk out basement. If I were to ever build this home those two floors of windows would definitely be facing the south! … read the rest of the post »

Taking my mom's kitchen from dark and gloomy to light and airy by painting her kitchen cabinets white, her walls blue and adding new hardware. DIY kitchen.

Mom’s kitchen: Dark & gloomy to bright & airy!

Apr 04 2016

It has been said millions of times: It is amazing what paint can do! When my mom asked if we could paint her kitchen cabinets white I told her YES without a second’s hesitation. If there was ever a kitchen (or house) that needed some new paint it was my mom’s new little place that she had downsized into! … read the rest of the post »


RIP Diesel, my beautiful big beasty, you will be missed every day

Mar 29 2016

I do not want to write this blog post. I don’t want to tell anyone that we lost my Diesel on Easter night. But I have to because you all need to know that I may not be around for a little while. This grief has me so buried that I can barely breathe, or write, or do much of anything. … read the rest of the post »


Introducing my adopted Mastiff: Diesel!

Mar 24 2016

I’ve had so much love come our way over Diesel that it seemed like it was time to give him is own post and introduction. This handsome guy here is my Mastiff-cross Diesel. I adopted him from a rescue center a few hours south of me around four years ago.  … read the rest of the post »

The final reveal of our master bathroom with double slipper bathtub, buffet vanity and dark hardwood floors

Home Tour: Master Bathroom Reveal!

Mar 21 2016

The total amount of months it took us to complete our renovation was fifteen. I spent almost every day after work at the house, almost every weekend and it just about killed me. Going into the renovation I knew it would be one of the hardest things I had ever done but also, what I wanted to do more then anything I had ever wanted to achieve in my entire life. … read the rest of the post »

How and where to start your renovation, have a plan, choose everything, stick to it and expect it all to take twice as long as you first thought!

Where to start your renovation

Mar 17 2016

I’ve had several emails from folks asking about how I managed our renovation (btw, thank you for the support everybody! Having you out there helps a lot!!) the main question that’s been popping up is around the lines of how to “start your renovation” … read the rest of the post »

Before and after reveal of our master bedroom walk in closet!

Home Tour: Master Closet Reveal!!

Mar 15 2016

First thing is first before I get into all of the details about our master closet I’m going to do a copy and paste from my previous post about our Master Bedroom Reveal so you know where everything began: As far as the design goes it all started with the passing of my other Grandma: Eleonora. … read the rest of the post »

Long jet trails across a Minnesota blue spring sky and working on my barn wood book shelves for my library!

Long Jet Trails Across a Blue Sky…

Mar 10 2016

Well we finally made it to our first spring here in the old/new place 🙂 I remember spring here on the farm when I was just a kid, making rivers in the yard to help it drain, getting muddy, wet and being just blissful … read the rest of the post »

Do it yourself sand, stain and seal hardwood floors

Sanding and staining hardwood floors is not for the faint of heart!

Mar 08 2016

Flashing back to July of 2015, a month and a half before our wedding that was going to happen here in our backyard and IN our house and it was time to get those floors done. Joe and I rented a drum sander and I bought a bag full of extra sand paper for my little electric palm sander. This was literally the day after we finished all of the painting throughout. … read the rest of the post »


Free House Plan: An Elegant two story ranch

Mar 03 2016

Free house plan of an elegant two story ranch. At 1400 square feet this little ranch would be just fine for a couple retiring or a family of three. It has two spacious bedrooms, a fabulous master and each bedroom really has its own 3/4 bath (which could always be upgraded to include a tub, of course.) … read the rest of the post »


Home Tour: Master Bedroom Reveal!

Feb 29 2016

The big master bedroom reveal! I know I know I know, we’ve been living in the house 6 months and I still have not posted anything resembling a reveal of the rooms besides when it was empty and we first moved in! I’m sorry guys, you are allowed to throw tomatoes at me. … read the rest of the post »


My 30th Birthday and our new wood stove!

Feb 25 2016

So, it happened, my thirtieth birthday! The big THREE OH! Goodness, how in the heck did that happen? No I actually can’t feign surprise, we were really busy throughout my twenties and I can’t think of single other thing I could have jammed into that arduous decade! … read the rest of the post »


Homemade dishwasher detergent, how to beat hardwater!

Feb 23 2016

Over the years I’ve turned myself completely over to living and cleaning as naturally as possible in our home. For one it has saved us a ton of money and, for the other, I feel we are healthier for it. I went through several recipes I found online for homemade dishwasher detergent and settled on one that we just loved and use daily. … read the rest of the post »


We finally got our hanging barn door up!

Feb 16 2016

We’ve had our hanging barn door hardware for nearly a year now (I’m ashamed to say) so this project has been on our “to do” list for WAY too long! Being as this is an old farm we have the perk of having several old barn doors that I stashed in a safe place and have been drooling over for months. … read the rest of the post »


A story of two rocking chairs, before and after!

Feb 12 2016

I’m posting a real throwback today: The very first furniture project I ever tackled! Two rocking chairs! After we lost my Grandma we slowly started going through the barn, the out buildings and, finally, the house. The two ancient rocking chairs that we found were in wholly different places in their lives. … read the rest of the post »


Feature #1! Vintage Suitcase Side Table

Feb 10 2016

When I started our feature project for other bloggers to submit their work I really didn’t know what I would be getting into. Would I get any submissions? Would I get bombarded by spam? I knew from my own experience that finding legitimate websites to submit our own projects from Grandma’s House was hard to find! … read the rest of the post »


Free House Plan: An old style farm house with a grand and open update

Feb 05 2016

This is one of my larger house plans that I worked on for several weeks. You’ll notice almost all of my plans include an attached two car garage, when you live this far north in the United States its almost impossible to live without! … read the rest of the post »


Modifying old furniture because: Your ancestors will forgive you

Feb 04 2016

As you might imagine we watch a lot of DIY television around here (shocking, I know) and it also gives us a bit of comic relief from time to time. The other day they were salvaging an ancient, old (gorgeous) Victorian in Virginia and going on and on and on about this enormous, solid wood, hand carved bed that had been left in the house. … read the rest of the post »


Ugly lamp makeover!

Feb 02 2016

Many people would say this was one ugly lamp before I started but I honestly can’t bring myself to agree with that, I like anything that’s solid wood and I know it took a long time to make! We happen to have a neighbor that’s a good friend of ours that took up making lamp bases in his garage in the winter time. … read the rest of the post »


Do you have a fabulous DIY project? Submit now!

Jan 29 2016

Do you have a fabulous DIY project and a DIY blog you think deserves showing off?! Well, this is the right place for you, submit now! Starting right now Grandma’s House DIY will be posting up to one other DIY project a week from a different blogger! … read the rest of the post »


Covering up an incredible eye sore in our entry way

Jan 28 2016

So we’ve had this incredible eye sore in our entryway since the very beginning of our house renovation. We can blame me and the epic lack of communication with our electrician remains a VERY sore spot for me because it apparently never occurred to anyone that we needed to discuss the location of the new panels SO they ended up right here, right by our front door. … read the rest of the post »


Free House Plan: Deluxe Ranch with an incredible party deck

Jan 26 2016

When I design houses I always design with income in mind and this ranch is no different. It includes three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. A master suite. A big deck. A gorgeous sun room. And, a stunning open floor plan that includes an outrageous kitchen. I think you’ll find when you look a little closer at the plan that of all 1,700 square feet there is no wasted space and there is ample and smart storage. … read the rest of the post »


My Grandma’s old carrot bin becomes our living room storage box!

Jan 20 2016

This old storage box goes back a really long way. This is one of those house objects that’s been here so long that we may as well just assume that it has no age at this point. I’m thinking it may have even been here when my Grandparents moved in back in the fifties. … read the rest of the post »


How to: stencil on screen

Jan 12 2016

This a very simple project that just about anyone can do! There are many tips and tutorials out there on how to stencil on screen doors, this one: How to paint on window screen from Prodigal Pieces is AWESOME. Ever since I finished building, hanging and finally finishing our screen door that hides our closet/wood shed under our staircase (in our kitchen) I’ve been thinking about adding a stencil on screen! … read the rest of the post »


Top ten most popular posts of 2015!

Jan 08 2016

Some of these top ten posts really surprised me! The number one most popular post of 2015 especially surprised me the most! … read the rest of the post »


Jewelry cabinet how to out of a $9 mirror!

Jan 04 2016

I always have such a hard time coming up with something special to get my incredible Mom for Christmas. I think we all want to get something useful and memorable and just amazing, especially for the people that are the most important to us. But that is a very tall order! … read the rest of the post »


The number one lesson I learned during our home renovation

Dec 31 2015

There was one main home renovation lesson that I learned along the way during the 15 months we spent getting our old home ready to live in. My grandparents’ one hundred year old farm house had seen nothing resembling a renovation since they added indoor plumbing back in the early 1950’s. … read the rest of the post »


Finding our patience during holidays and snow

Dec 30 2015

Finding patience during holidays and during snow storms is something I am having a very hard time finding this year! I drove to work a couple of weeks ago and had to stop to take a picture of the beautiful trees. Of course I missed the exact moment of perfection that happened at dawn, before the trees had a little time with the breeze to lose some of their snow cover. … read the rest of the post »


Before and After: The last piece of our Hollywood bedroom set!

Dec 24 2015

And now, we’ve come to the final piece of the puzzle of our bedroom set. The last Hollywood dresser before and after reveal! I already showed you guys this dresser’s sister here: Before and After: Refinished dresser goes Hollywood glam with black paint! And from there I showed you the old washstand that got a MAJOR makeover here: An old washstand gets new life and purpose!  … read the rest of the post »


An old ladder gets retired to my closet as a ladder shoe rack!

Dec 21 2015

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the amazing things done with old ladders on pinterest! My favorite of all time was an old ladder shoe rack and I just happened to have an old ladder myself! It was Grandpa’s and was used out here on the farm for many decades before being hung up on the side of the old garage where it hung for years upon years, just waiting for retirement. … read the rest of the post »


Our barn door coffee table finally gets a much needed shelf

Dec 14 2015

I hadn’t yet mentioned our barn door coffee table yet because, even though I thought it was really cool, it just wasn’t quite right yet. A few days before Joe and I moved in (while I was working in the yard on SEVERAL projects) I ran out to the barn while I was waiting for something or other to dry and grabbed this old barn door that I had set aside for just this purpose. … read the rest of the post »


The first holidays in Grandma’s house in over forty years!

Dec 11 2015

Sadly, I actually don’t have any memories of having any holidays in this house. By the time I came around my aunt had taken over Thanksgiving and my mom had taken over Christmas. So, when I made a turkey and put on a spread for Thanksgiving it felt like so much more then just the first Thanksgiving for us in our new house. … read the rest of the post »


How to build a screen door out of an old window

Dec 08 2015

If you’ve been following along then you know that Joe and I heat our house using wood in a large wood burning stove in our kitchen. From day one it seemed only natural to use the closet under our stair case (about four steps away from the wood stove) as wood storage all year. … read the rest of the post »


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