Time Saving Blogging Tips: How I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break!

Sep 04 2017
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Time Saving Blogging Tips! This post is about how I get my blog posts done ahead of time and the WordPress plugin and other sites that I use to make my blog as automatic as possible. Since I started posting 3 times a week (nearly 2 years ago now) I have only once ever missed my schedule and that was due to the death of my dog. I take my Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts extremely seriously. However, that doesn’t mean I like living right besides a dead line. I spent the first few months with that schedule ALWAYS under so much pressure! Until, of course, I figured out how to get ahead but not just with upcoming posts but, also, with everything else that goes into blogging!

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Now, I’ve talked several times about what I call my “meat and potatoes” blog posts – they are the absolute most important part of my blog and, quite frankly, Grandma’s House DIY wouldn’t exist without them. They are also the most amount of work! So, when I talk about getting “ahead” those are the posts I’m talking about. They’re my DIY projects or (like this post you’re reading right now) my Tips & Tutorials posts, they require time, effort, research, pictures, graphics and lots of proof reading. As of right now I have eleven meat and potatoes blog posts written: Seven of those posts still need to be executed and the photos taken for them etc. and four of those posts are totally complete, scheduled and ready to go so that’s the next four weeks I literally don’t need to stress about! I’m writing this blog post on July 26th and it just went live today, Monday September 4th 🙂 Now that is getting ahead of the ball game!

Time saving blogging tips how I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break. Revive Old Post, Board Booster and Link Party Animal saving me time!

I’ve also mentioned to you guys that I take my weekends very seriously and the only digital device I normally touch while I’m home is my phone. For many months I was at my computer Sunday afternoon/night getting a blog post ready for the very next day – nowadays, come hell or high water, I DON’T do that to myself any more! Weekends are for fun and puttering around my workshop and working on DIY projects at home: PLAY is very important to my sanity! And I also really try hard to avoid screen fatigue, for someone who loves working with her hands so much and building things it probably does not surprise any of you that after spending 40+ hours a week in front of a computer I really do need my weekends away from it or I’ll simply go out of my mind.

On to the first of my time saving blogging tips: the WordPress plugin of my dreams. Revive Old Post does exactly what every blogger tells you to do manually every time you post a new blog post which is to share it to social media over and over again throughout the days and weeks of the rest of your life. Once my blog started garnering some income I invested it back into the blog by buying the PRO version of this plugin which shares all of my posts across all of my social platforms as often as I want it to and it also includes my featured image from each post too! So now all I do when I publish a new post is Pin the images and I’m done. Yup. Done. This plugin does the rest.

Time saving blogging tips how I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break. Revive Old Post, Board Booster and Link Party Animal saving me time!

On to the second of my time saving blogging tips: the Pinterest scheduling website that saved me All. Of. My. Time. BoardBooster allows me to fill up “secret boards” that then pins for me throughout the day to all of my public Pinterest boards. As of right now every single one of my secret boards have over 100 pins in them waiting to go. That means if I fell off the face of the earth for a week no one on Pinterest would ever know I was gone! Click here to read all about it: My Pinterest Strategy: What I wish I had known and implemented when I started blogging. or go directly over to BoardBooster (you can start a month free trial any time!) referral link. How much time has BoardBooster saved me? At least twelve hours a week EASILY. How much time do I spend in Pinterest now? Maybe two hours a week TOPS. I get over half of my traffic here from Pinterest and I really owe most of that to BoardBooster.

Time saving blogging tips how I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break. Revive Old Post, Board Booster and Link Party Animal saving me time!

On to the third of my time saving blogging tips: Parties sound awesome until you have to join thirty of them a day… In my post: How I organize my blog and why you need Dropbox right now I told you guys all about the link parties I participate in and how it took a good two hours every morning of every day to enter in to all of them. What a huge job! Then I got an email from Eileen and Ash from Just Measuring Up and my entire world changed. They wondered if I would be interested in beta testing a new website they were working on called Link Party Animal that would automate entering link parties.

I swear I heard angels singing.

Now, once a week, I schedule all of my posts into all of the link parties I participate in and I don’t have to worry about it again for another week. I went from spending at least ten hours a week entering link parties to only one! The other great thing about Link Party Animal is that I can go visit the parties now whenever I have time instead of having to be there as early as possible each day they opened. Getting there early meant I ended up visiting every link party at least twice: Once really early to get my posts in and then again much later to see all of the links added.

Time saving blogging tips how I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break. Revive Old Post, Board Booster and Link Party Animal saving me time!

So, what does all of that translate to? Can I literally take a whole week off from the computer and the blog? NOT QUITE. I still have to put together my Friday blog post and my Wednesday link party post for my To Grandma’s House we go link party. I also have two newsletters that go out every week that I need to get ready and, not to mention, I do have to go over to Link Party Animal and schedule all of my party posts once a week as well. However, my time has been reduced significantly and if I really want to bare minimum it here on the blog all my time saving blogging tips means that I can run Grandma’s House DIY in less then four hours a week!

How about you guys out there? Do you have any time saving tips or plugins that you couldn’t live without?

Time saving blogging tips how I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break. Revive Old Post, Board Booster and Link Party Animal saving me time!

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Eileen @ Just Measuring Up

Thanks for the shout-out on Link Party Animal, Tarah! We are so happy it’s helping you so much! I looooved that you heard angels singing when we emailed you about it LOL!


I love both Revive Old Posts and Board Booster. There is another one I used called Revisionize that allows you to actually republish old blog posts. It automatically creates a 301 redirect so that anyone that lands on the old automatically gets sent to the new and it’s free! Great tips!

Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled

Wow, thanks for these tips! I haven’t heard of a couple of these (esp. the link party app) so I’m anxious to check that out. I feel like linky parties rule my day, especially on the west coast where so many of them start around dinnertime. Ugh. Visiting from Tutorials and Tips party.


Thanks for sharing all of these ideas. I really like the sound of the Link Up website; I’ll have to check that out. It really does take so much time to link things up – so this sounds like a great way to save some time.



I am hearing angels sing as well! Thank-you SO much for the Link Party Animal tip! Couple of years ago I had finally learned how to use the scheduler in blogger and that saved me a ton of time, because I didn’t have to get on every day to post and then follow it up with Linky Parties. Always took me all morning to do both. Consequently, that means I only hit a few parties a week as I might visit them once a week. Of course my traffic went down which wasn’t a big deal, because I don’t bring… Read more »
Lynda Hardy

Oh wow – I think Link Party Animal may just be a life changer (and life saver!) for me! I’d love to be able to spend more time actually enjoying link party posts instead of doing all the submitting one by one. Thank you so much for sharing info about them!


Thanks for all the great tips to get ahead. A few I knew many I learned! Thanks again!

Roseann Hampton

I love Link Party Animal! It does save a lot of time!


O.k., you just blew my mind. Knew I needed to get the Board Booster gig going, but I never knew about the Link Party Animal…and I’m even in an IG circle with Just Measuring Up; definitely going to check that out! Thanks for all the great tips!

Jann Olson

Thanks for sharing all of your tips with SYC.

Julie- Logger's Wife

I find the linking up the fast part (I also only do 1-3 a day now instead of a ton like I used to). It’s going back to find blogs to comment on that takes me forever and a day. Too bad I can’t find a way to do that part faster. 🙂

Sandra L Garth

These tips are priceless and thank you so much for sharing them. I find myself at my laptop everyday working on by blog and sometimes it can be draining. We appreciate you sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story and hope you’re having a restful weekend.


These last few months it feels like I’ve been working harder on my spreading laptop butt and the “behind the blog scenes” stuff than actually making and creating new things. And it’s driving me insane. This is so useful Tarah, thank you so much.


I second what Michelle said, too much behind the scenes stuff and not enough time to create which is what I really love. Thanks for the great tips Tarah!


I don’t do enough to revive old posts or to schedule new ones. Thanks for reminding me I need to do more of this.


I love Revive Old Post plugin. I didn’t know there was a pro version.

Estelle Anderson

Wow! what a lot of wonderful suggestions! As usual with the blogging world, I feel there is so much to learn. Thank you for solid suggestions for me to further explore. 🙂


Love boardbooster as well but never heard of link party animal. Will be checking it out..Thanks for tips

I always enjoy your posts about how you do all the blogging things. ^_^ I don’t use Revive Old Post but I do add my posts to my G-Calendar which gets tweeted out on a regular schedule via IFTTT. I also use RecurPost to infinitely push out blog posts. I don’t do nearly as many linkys as you (2) but for craft, lifestyle, review, etc. bloggers, linky animal sounds awesome. (as a V.A. for bloggers I think it would save a lot of time and money for those who outsource this) I’ve used BoardBooster and Tailwind as a VA but… Read more »
Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

What an interesting post, I am looking into some of these helps that you mention.
I think we should feature this post on the Blogger’s Pit Stop to give you some more coverage.

Blogger’s Pit Stop


Hi Tarah,
I am blogging about this topic too this weekend. I see you’re a fan of board booster. For Pinterest? I use Viralwoot. Congrats on being featured at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.


I have only heard of Board Booster. Need to check out the others. How do you have time to read and comment on others posts when you enter 30 a week?

Iris Nacole
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