Grandma's House DIY
Mar 30 2018

Bad things come in threes and spring has FINALLY arrived!

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

Well that was one hell of a winter! I wrote a post awhile back called When it Rains it Pours and I really can’t begin to describe it better then that. This winter attacked me and I attacked it in every way possible. Things I wanted to save up for forced me to deal with them RIGHT NOW. I haven’t mentioned any of this yet simply because I was so fed up I didn’t want to talk about it! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 23 2018

New site design! Storyhardt Farm est. 12/15/17 Welcome to Grandma’s House!

Storyhardt Farm est. 12/15/17 Welcome to Grandma's House! Storyhardt Farm est. 12/15/17 Welcome to Grandma's House! With my divorce finally ending it was time to give not only my home and my whole life a makeover but it was just the right time to give this blog a new site design too!

With the commencing of my Operation BLISSFULLY HAPPY a lot has changed here in my little farmhouse and ALL of it has been toward becoming, you guessed it, BLISSFULLY HAPPY! Storyhardt Farm became my farm’s new name with a new sign to go with it so it only seemed right to give my blog a facelift too! I hope you guys like it and I hope it works better for everyone now, makes it easier to get around and, most importantly, I hope it gets you to what you’re looking for faster than ever! *breaks a figurative champagne bottle on the side of her monitor* I christen you: Storyhardt Farm! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 16 2018

Operation BLISSFULLY HAPPY: My 1, 2 and 10 year plans!

Making a financial plan after a divorce, finally being able to implement the decisions required to meet my 1, 2 and 10 year financial goals for both me, my home and my entire life. Freedom in finally being able to work toward what I have always wanted in my life plan!

Now commencing operation: BLISSFULLY HAPPY! The last blow my ex husband dealt me was when he was forced to write down his income in the divorce papers. After telling me for our entire relationship that he was barely getting by it turns out he had more money in his account that December then I had made in the ENTIRE previous year. I had been paying for everything I could which was all but one of our household bills and truly believed that we were barely staying afloat. He called me then, when he was filling out the divorce papers, because he was really worried a judge would try to give me some of his money. If there was ever an example of the kind of person I never want to be in my life: It was him on that day. Read the rest of the post »

Feb 09 2018

When it rains it pours . . . or, because its winter, it snows!

After finding out the financial lies my ex husband had been feeding me I was staring at my bills watching all of my dreams shatter before my eyes. But, sometime during one of the very worst months of my life, my little blog absolutely exploded and the only real explanation is that I removed him from my life.

I am a firm believer that if it can go wrong it probably will which all adds up to a pleasantly surprised attitude when things actually go right and a roll-up-the-sleeves-to-fix-it attitude when things go wrong. So, when things started going right here at Grandma’s House it didn’t really make any sense to me… especially considering how I just got a divorce and so December 2017 was one of the hardest months of my life. Read the rest of the post »

Jan 11 2018

Finding my new footing and keeping up with the wood stove

Winter in Minnesota after a divorce while heating with a wood stove. Finding my new footing and my new reality with wonderful friends, loved ones and people that support and flock around me. Keeping the house warm, the horses fed and finding peace.

With temperatures plummeting into the negatives I am learning how to keep up with my wood stove in my new reality after a divorce. I saw a meme on Facebook the other day, it asked: “If you could have anything in 2018 what would it be?” My immediate answer was: PEACE. A million dollars would be great too lol but my heart is still just utterly and completely exhausted. In the last month I’ve devoured over 30 books on my kindle and there is no hope of that slowing down any time soon, thank goodness my family purchased me several more books for Christmas! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 22 2017

Finally seeing an end to 2017 – Getting through hard times

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

Behind the scenes here at Grandma’s house things have been very hard. As a writer I’ve thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I’m just not ready to write about. And I understand in that moment that I may NEVER be ready to write about it. Things have been getting worse here for months but until the final day happened, and I got some distance, I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk about it here on the blog for awhile. Read the rest of the post »

Nov 24 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Fortunately I’m lucky enough to get a four day weekend so you know what that means? I can get some work done lol Can making Xmas presents really be called work though? Especially making homemade Xmas presents… One of my very favorite things is padding around my kitchen on a cold day with a fire and pot of coffee going… or is that a bottle of wine calling my name? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? Remember to wear stretchy pants and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 17 2017

Thinking about Christmas already!

First snow and thinking about Christmas already, fixing my dishwasher by cleaning out the water inlet valve and taking a night away with a hot tub.

I’ve been getting kinda urgent about Christmas gifts already and thought, even for me, it is a bit early to start panicking lol its not even Thanksgiving yet! Of course I am always one to get things done as early as possible (last minute things just don’t jive with me) I think what’s doing it actually is the fact that we already have snow on the ground. Is this going to be yet another post about my grumbling about our weather? Not entirely I promise! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 20 2017

Frost warnings and using the heating blanket every day!

A couple of weeks ago I came downstairs to find my husband outside taking pictures of the ice in our bird bath. Yup, that’s where we’re at folks, the freezing has begun. My phone has a perpetual red exclamation point on it from with frost warnings lol It was 57 degrees (fahrenheit) in our bedroom yesterday morning and it was damned hard to get out of bed! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 13 2017

How I’m living with diverticulitis, the four products that helped me so much!

How I’m living with diverticulitis, the products and the choices that help me every day to get through it and stop flair ups from happening. Most of you probably don’t know that I’m currently living with the bowel disorder diverticulitis. A lot of people are living with it these days without even knowing it. There is a TON of research out there and the only one true fact about it is that its different for absolutely everyone but I’ve found FOUR products that have helped me a lot! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 29 2017

Fall is most definitely here, Joe bagged his first deer hunting

I’ve made twelve quarts of refrigerator pickles now and I am anxiously urging my tomatoes to ripen before our weather gets real cold. I read somewhere tomatoes need sun and at least 75 degrees… well, this is northern MN and they’re probably not going to get any more of that. Between the refrigerator pickles and our bountiful green beans I am totally stoked to say our garden has more then paid for itself (minus building it as I figure that’s a one time thing) so, if they ever do ripen, the tomatoes will literally be free and they mean I will not have to buy tomato anything all next year. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 15 2017

Preparing for Harvest at Grandma’s House DIY

Preparing for harvest, fall and winter at our little farm in northern MN. It has officially begun, the leaves are turning, the air has a bite to it (though on Tuesday it was 87 degrees) and my horses are getting the fuzzy look of teddy bears. My husband has been preparing for this time of year since spring, clearing out and planting food plots, finding the perfect places for his deer stands and putting out game cameras. He is happier right now then he is at any other time of the year! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 08 2017

One last summer Festival and our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary!

Making a financial plan after a divorce, finally being able to implement the decisions required to meet my 1, 2 and 10 year financial goals for both me, my home and my entire life. Freedom in finally being able to work toward what I have always wanted in my life plan!

Our second year wedding anniversary came and went on September 5th and Joe and I took the opportunity to attend one last summer festival. Though I was born and raised here there are still many festivals and celebrations within 100 miles of us that remain on my bucket list. As locals I think we all kind of avoid them (some consciously others unconsciously) because we get so tired of the incredible amount of people that hit our area so hard on the summer weekends. I’ve asked, “What are you doing this weekend?” and the answer has been, more then once, “I’m going home and I’m staying there!” lol, I’ve also given that answer plenty of times! Read the rest of the post »

Aug 25 2017

Fall is on the way, summer is nearly over and winter is coming!

The 30 things I stopped buying in the store and now either harvest, do without, make myself or grow in my own garden, frugal living, cheaper, thrift. How to live on less to save money and live a better healthier, greener life!

Ever heard the term “Winter is coming.”? Well, before George RR Martin wrote Game of Thrones and it got made into a tv show, Minnesotan’s had been saying it FOREVER and with the same dark, brooding and depressed tone. Fall is really on its way and here in northern MN we’ve been experiencing a cold snap that was only supposed to last the first week or two of August… Well, it just keeps on going and I think we’re all watching the forecast getting more and more gloomy. It is still nice here, really we can’t complain, but I do believe our swimming, tubing and lake days are basically done. With temperatures dropping down in the 50s and 40s at night, even with highs in the 70s, our summer activities are rapidly coming to a close. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 18 2017

August photo gallery: Tad poles, Caterpillars & Tiger lilies

It is no secret for those of you have been following along here with me that August is my very favorite month. Every year I just can’t help but write a post about it. August is the month Joe first drove up my driveway, the month of his birthday and it has always been my favorite month to live in northern Minnesota. It is usually hot, dry and, truly, the dog days of summer here. August is accompanied by the starting fade of daylight (being this far north it becomes obvious this time of year that winter is REALLY coming) the shorter days are usually accompanied by cooler nights and long afternoon shadows. Read the rest of the post »

Jul 28 2017

Summer just never lasts long enough

Making a financial plan after a divorce, finally being able to implement the decisions required to meet my 1, 2 and 10 year financial goals for both me, my home and my entire life. Freedom in finally being able to work toward what I have always wanted in my life plan!

As always, around this time of the year, I look up and wonder where the heck summer went. It has been incredibly hot here with not nearly enough rain and, in testament to that, we are now raising several hundred tad poles in our horses’ water trough! (I can’t for the life of me get a good picture of them but I will keep trying.) It turns out that this happening on dry years is not at all uncommon. They’ve been in there for about four weeks now and are just starting to grow little legs. This spring I had told Joe I wanted to add fish to our water tank to help keep it clean and mother nature took care of it for me! Those little tad poles are keeping all the algae down with vigor and eating any mosquito larva in there too! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 07 2017

Summer perennial flower gallery at Grandma’s House DIY

A flower gallery of our summer blooms in our little farmyard. With spring giving way to summer all of our early blooms have now finished their flashy beauty – including my peonies which I will miss until next year. Our dramatic purple and lavender irises only gave us two blooms this year (which surprised me as usually they are the first to bloom like crazy) but my peonies certainly made up for them. All of our crab apple, choke cherry and plumb trees were adorned gorgeously this spring and we are anticipating some lovely fruit later this summer. My grandma’s old flower garden never ceases to amaze me with its resilience and, every year, something else comes up that we hadn’t seen in years and, every year, I mark some flowers for transplanting into my own flower garden come this fall or next spring. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 30 2017

This last weekend at Grandma’s House and a few lessons from 2016…

Every year here I have found that I get a little bit better and learn a little more on how best to serve our little farm and us. Some lessons are obvious ones but still took time, like how often and how efficiently to clean our hardwood floors and how much toilet paper I need to order with my Amazon pantry purchase to coincide with how many paper towels to buy at the same time so that they run out at about the same time etc. Life really is a learning experience and I don’t doubt that every year adjustments will need to be made and more lessons to be learned for the rest of our lives. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 23 2017

Peonies Gallery: Thank you Grandma for such a lovely gift!

A Peonies Gallery post and a few other blooms thanks to my Grandma! Along the south side of our 100 year old farm house my Grandma planted a row of peonies several decades ago. As the years went by and the health of my grandparents declined the peonies over grew with grass and were almost lost. I snatched as many as I could find nearly ten years ago and moved them to my mom’s house where they actually flourished until she moved to another home and we moved here to the old farm house. It only seemed right for me to dig them up, once again, and bring them back home where they belonged. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 16 2017

Raccoons, pigeons and squirrels: Our home for the usually scorned

This is just a little post about the raccoons we are happy to now have visiting us every night. Many of you that follow along on my blog here know that I have a full and complete “do no harm and leave no foot prints behind” policy. I am notorious for informing anyone on our property that if they kill it here I will MAKE them eat it. I don’t have any problem with hunting, raising or harvesting our/your own food and that is whether it is us (or the wild animals we share our farm with) as long is it is taken in necessity, quickly and with the least amount of waste possible. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 09 2017

New site design: Please bear with me while I work out the kinks!

Hey guys! I am so excited to have FINALLY finished coding our new site design! Many of you know that I’ve been a website designer for many many years (though I’m basically retired) I still enjoy designing WordPress templates from time to time and, goodness knows, being able to code has given me a jump here in blog land. But it also handicaps me in a way as well because, you see, I’ve been working on this new site design for over six months! When you’re able to code and truly start from scratch it is very easy to get kinda paralyzed and after working myself down to two complete designs I needed a good month to step away and not look at them anymore. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 02 2017

Gallery: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Joe and I both had a three day weekend over this last memorial day and Saturday was absolutely perfect. Over 70s in the sun it felt hot but the breeze was the cool promise of storms coming. We worked on our wood pile all morning together, him cutting and me splitting. We don’t cut down live trees and almost our entire pile right now was given to us by neighbors. The gift of heat in northern Minnesota where the temperatures can fall well into the minus thirties and beyond. We heat entirely with wood and, though it may seem early in the year to be worrying about next winter, quite frankly, it is never too early. It is the best kind of work, physical and very real in this age of digital everything. We take breaks periodically and sit together, bodies hot and sweaty, covered in saw dust and the smell of pine and oak, tamarack and elm. Read the rest of the post »

May 12 2017

Planting and spring on the farm in northern Minnesota

A long long long time ago I was dating someone who sent me flowers one day when I was at work. A friend/co-worker came by (who knew the whole story) and said, “Oh what lovely I’m-sorry-I-was-an-ass-flowers!” And I remember thinking in that moment (as I threw those roses in the trash) that not only was I now a fully single gal but also that I had no interest in getting flowers ever again in my life for that reason. I wanted to get flowers for no reason other then I had someone who loved me. All of these things went through my mind last week when a dozen roses showed up and a note from Joe that simply said, “I love you.” Yup, No-reason-except-that-I-thought-of-you-flowers is absolutely how I roll and, fortunately, it is also how my husband rolls 🙂 Read the rest of the post »

Apr 28 2017

Spring is here! Oh… wait, no its snowing … oh spring is back! … its snowing again

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

Something I think everyone notices when they live in a true “four seasons” environment is that when spring does get here it is accompanied by lots and lots of plans. We all wait for winter to end like hibernating bears and then when summer does finally get here we’re all so busy I think the majority of us feel like we don’t have the time to enjoy it. Though I will heartily complain about the snow on the ground outside right now I am also very aware that we have already been able to begin hacking away at our spring/summer projects at least a month a head of when we would have expected to. (I have been reminded by at least three people now that it is not a strange thing for it to snow here in May!) Read the rest of the post »

Apr 14 2017

Spring is truly here and I have begun remodeling “The Little House”

After two weeks and $3,000 the little house remodel is finally complete! Come see the before and afters pics and how we did it fully diy!

Oh my gosh you guys I am just bursting at the seems to tell you all about my next project! The Little House! Ok, some back story first. This little 500 square foot place was initially built around 60 years ago by my grandpa for his dad and then my grandma’s dad lived there for awhile too! Since then its gone through several remodels and renovations. Decades after it sat empty my dad and brother added a slab foundation to the back of it that contained a tiny bedroom/closet and bathroom, a well and a septic tank. They also insulated it, sheet rocked it and gave it new shingles and siding. They also poured the basement floor (it was dirt before) and also carpeted it to increase the living space. So many members of my family and friends have called this place home off and on throughout the years and the last ten years my dad lived there after my folks’ divorced. This little place is literally not 200 yards from my front door. Read the rest of the post »

Mar 24 2017

I’ve started my seedlings and you know what that means: SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!

Hey guys, it is so wonderful to finally be able to say that spring is finally coming to our northern home in Minnesota! According to the calendar the official first day of spring has come and gone of course but being this far north means that that isn’t exactly translating to the actual outside temperature. Regardless, spring IS coming and we’re seeing temperatures now above freezing almost every single day. Could we still have a snow storm and see ridiculous cold? Of course we could! But we probably won’t. On average last frost for us will either be May 1st or June 1st so I’m a little early with starting my seedlings but that won’t stop me! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 03 2017

31st Birthday: I really can’t party like I used to

So I mentioned last week that Joe had some big secret up his sleeve that he (and everyone in my life that knew about it) were very impressively keeping from me. All I knew was that it could be 4 hours away (maybe just one way maybe both ways) and that we would be spending the night on Saturday. After that, everyone either lied or said nothing lol They really managed it and, to this day, I am so impressed with my hubby that he managed to keep the secret for nearly a month! Read the rest of the post »

Feb 24 2017

Long overdue basement updates and what’s coming up next!

I have a way of finishing something and then procrastinating on telling you guys about it because then I get distracted and on to something else. The basement is basically done with just a few more finishing touches that I want to do along the way. I finished covering all of the walls with either old doors, plywood, pallet wood or barn wood. (And anything else that I could find.) From there I told you guys how I finished the bathroom and remain totally stoked about it – though it is still missing an actual toilet. I also told you guys how I finished building my big shelf a while ago and then proceeded to hall all of my tools down there and get them all organized. For the first time in my life when I need a screw driver I know exactly where it is lol. Read the rest of the post »

Feb 17 2017

Valentines day on the old farmstead

I’ve been thinking about spring a lot lately. (This time of the year I think just about EVERY Minnesotan is thinking about spring!!) After getting absolutely hammered with snow and cold like hasn’t been seen in nearly a decade we have received our first real reprieve. For the last two weeks we’ve seen highs in the above freezing temperatures and some serious highs are coming this weekend! After that? Well… lets just say its pretty snowy and cold on the extended forecast. (Which should surprise no one.) For now though the sound of water dripping off the roof and the bare patches of ground showing through all of our snow is absolutely incredible and seeing multiple folks wearing shorts (including my husband) is always great for making me feel like summer really is coming! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 27 2017

A winter weekend in the life of: Grandma’s House DIY

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

Joe is always up before I am and when he gets up his first priority is to get the fire going. We heat entirely with wood in our wood stove that sits in the kitchen so, during the winter months, keeping the fire going is a full time job. I have a “kind of” smart clock by my bed that includes a little sensor I stuck outside so the minute I wake up I get to see what the temperature is outside and inside. Right now its 62 inside and -12 outside. I double check my phone and it is actually -17 outside, oh fun *sarcasm*. Today Joe’s plan is to spend it in the wood shed, chopping, stacking and bringing more wood in to fill our closet under the stairs. I will help him later but first I have to fill the horse’s water tank and I am not looking forward to it. Last weekend we had trouble keeping it from freezing because it was REALLY cold out (closer to -30) after two days of hell we finally figured out the right combination of two tank haters, one on either side of the tank. (I’ve already ordered another tank heater just to have on backup.) Read the rest of the post »

Jan 20 2017

A fall (full) weekend in the life of: Grandma’s House DIY

First snow and thinking about Christmas already, fixing my dishwasher by cleaning out the water inlet valve and taking a night away with a hot tub.

Here’s a bit of a flashback! I had intended to post this this last fall when I wrote it and never got the chance to. Now that we’re in the dead of winter it was fun to be reminded what it was like a couple of months ago. The biggest most obvious thing I’m taking away from this is: WOW, I’m not into winter but it is nice to have a bit of a break! Right now our weekends are not nearly this full, with dad’s house finished (finally!) and my basement basically done (also a finally!) and hunting season over with and Joe not working out of town anymore our weekends now are quite a bit less crazy lol, makes me almost appreciate winter a teeny tiny little bit 😉 Read the rest of the post »

Jan 06 2017

Hello from the frozen tundra; ice fishing in northern MN

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

At some point here you guys are going to get tired of my talking about our incredibly wintry winter but, honestly, its kind of all consuming. A friend of mine posted a meme on Facebook that read “only 6 Mondays until spring!” yeah, she apologized because we are actually 10 Mondays from the official day of spring and, let’s be honest, we’ve had snow storms on March 20th so it could be a while after that too! My aunt tells me that on January 15th we will be half way through with winter and that does ease the blow a little bit. It was -20 this morning when I got up at 8am and it felt like -37. We’re all sorts of optimistic up here and my father would say, “That’s why you people can live here!” Well, he’s not wrong. In conversations about the weather this morning at work I’ve already heard (or said myself) the following optimistic statements, “Well, at least the wind isn’t blowing!” “The roads are clear because its too cold to snow, that’s good!” “The sun is out and and its really not that bad when you stand in it!” Read the rest of the post »

Jan 02 2017

Top ten posts of 2016 – Happy new year!

Hometalk inspiration board: Flooring ideas that are totally out of the box, inexpensive that you can do yourself and that look absolutely incredible!

Phew! I’m stuck between having a hard time believing that 2016 has finally come to a close and looking around wondering how on earth time can move so quickly. This was our first whole year together in this old farm house of my grandparents’ and our second winter and, though this winter has already been much more brutal then the last, we are much warmer thanks to a new wood stove and a lot more time for preparation. (It is amazing how much more time you have when you’re not renovating a house and planning a wedding!) If this year is any indication what next year will bring then I am very excited for 2017! And not just for us and our home but for this website! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 30 2016

Letting go of 2016 – its a new year!

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

In 2015 Joe and I “finished” renovating this house, moved in and got married in the back yard. It was a big year for us, most of the spring and summer is a total blur, I ran from dawn until dusk every single day. I will never forget that hot August, two weeks before the wedding, I was painting the kitchen cabinets I just finished building going over and over and over again what had to get done before September 5th when we would be hosting 150 of our friends and family. It was wild. I’m so glad I’ll never be doing that again but it did prove something to me: we are much more capable then we ever give ourselves credit for. Every year after 2015 is going to appear tame to me I think (and thank goodness) 2016 is no exception. It’s funny how we look back and think, “Did anything happen in 2016? What did we do with all that time?” Even though the one thing I remember the most was thinking, “There is never enough time!” Read the rest of the post »

Dec 16 2016

Old doors and the shocking cold we’re having

First snow and thinking about Christmas already, fixing my dishwasher by cleaning out the water inlet valve and taking a night away with a hot tub.

As I’m writing this (Wednesday morning Dec 14th) the sun is shining with enormous sun dogs flanking it and they’re so bright it looks like we have 3 suns! The reason for the sun dogs is that it is literally only minus five degrees outside. That’s right, we have a high that is a negative number today, tomorrow and throughout the weekend too. Oh wait, its gonna warm up enough on Friday (a whopping heat wave of 10 degrees above zero!) so it can snow. lol wow. Have I mentioned I’m not a big winter person? Yeah, I can’t say that any of this excites me in any way. On Saturday we now have a low of -25 degrees! It could break a record! We’ve been hit so hard with such cold, wind and snow that the roads have been treacherous almost every day for the last month, I literally LOATHE my drive home from work and the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 now too isn’t helping matters at all… Read the rest of the post »

Dec 09 2016

Renovation Flashbacks

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and stumbled upon one of my pins from what feels like a REALLY long time ago. The renovation is this big gray blur most of the time for me, I don’t think of it very often I think because my mind is still on the working “to do” list of what still needs to be done. We had a conversation at my day job the other day about how easy it is with projects (especially DIY and house projects) to build it up and worry over it so much that you end up paralyzed and not even able to start. This has always been a problem for me. “Fear of nothing” is what I call it. Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen? Going into the house renovation I had to pump myself up to the point of almost ridiculousness for fear that I would become overwhelmed and thus: paralyzed. Read the rest of the post »

Nov 25 2016

A thankful holiday and winter storm pictures!

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

Well, there really isn’t any denying it anymore: winter is here. I hadn’t realized how much I had been depending on the ten day forecast promising 40 degree temps until they disappeared and it hit me that winter is not going anywhere anytime soon. Last time I checked in was a week ago with a major storm looming down on us despite that that day it was nearly 60 degrees outside. There were several memes on facebook that were darned funny but my favorite was this forecast for Minnesota: “Expecting 1-79 inches of snow within the next thirty days… maybe… probably.” After all the hoopla I think we all kind of expected to get 1-2 inches and maybe a little wind. Well, it turned out that the weatherman was correct this time and boy did we get hit by a winter storm. The wind gusts out of the north were up to fifty miles per hour and, officially, in my yard, we got around 16 inches of snow in less then 24 hours. It was impressive! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 18 2016

Major blizzard warning and basement updates

First snow and thinking about Christmas already, fixing my dishwasher by cleaning out the water inlet valve and taking a night away with a hot tub.

Well, it happened, we have a blizzard on the way 🙁 As I’m typing this (the day before this post will go live) it is 62 degrees with all blue skies and sunshine sunshine sunshine. It is hard to believe that we have a blizzard coming! We’ve been hit by warnings and updates for days now, everybody is just freaking out about it. For the record: no one is surprised, we have not at all forgotten that we do, in fact, live in northern Minnesota. However, it has been almost eight months since we had snow on the ground and this really is shaping up to be one ugly storm. Right now we’re looking at it raining Thursday night turning to sleet turning to what may be 6-15 inches of snow with winds up to fifty miles per hour all day Friday :-O So, yes, that means its gonna get nice and slick with every road totally covered in ice and then snow on top of that to make for just awesome driving conditions. I’ve already planned on parking my car in the garage Thursday night and having my mom get me to go to work that day, she drives a pretty little Rav4 that has a much better chance of driving through eight inches of snow then my car does. Yes, we are all still planning on being open and getting to work on time 🙂 Read the rest of the post »

Nov 11 2016

70 degrees in November and basement updates!

We’re having weather temperatures here in November the likes of which have rarely been seen. This is northern Minnesota, any calendar you buy for this state I guarantee the picture for the month of November has snow on the ground. This last weekend it hit 70 degrees! Weirdly it has made Joe and I both antsy, bored and almost crabby. What is it we actually want to be doing? No idea. But I think its the weather messing with our heads. Is it spring? Should I be planting seeds? I certainly need to be doing something if its spring! I have to admit that this just isn’t normal no matter how much I love it, I worked myself into a total stupor on Saturday and could barely walk by the time supper came around and yet I still felt bored and antsy like I couldn’t sit! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 28 2016

Basement renovation updates: The sub pump works!

The basement is really starting to move along guys, hard work does eventually pay off! Last I updated about it Joe was getting the bathroom floor fixed for me so I could FINALLY move the tub/shower back into its right place! So, two years ago, when I was building all of the walls down here I started with the main kitchen/bathroom wall and realized I couldn’t build it until I got the tub/shower in there first! If I built that wall, that thing was NEVER going to be going into the bathroom through the door. So, two years ago, I slid it in there in the only spot it could sit: directly in front of the bathroom door because the rest of the bathroom floor was all open for the plumbing: hence Joe patching it. So, all this time, over two years, that part of the basement has been almost inaccessible to us, we’ve been getting to it by walking through the wall in the back of the closet, then through our “utility room” and then we could get to the bathroom. It was a real pain in the butt. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 14 2016

A date to the pumpkin patch and basement updates!

Well there is absolutely no denying it anymore: Fall is here. Fall is SO very here and leaving as quickly as it came. We are now living with consistent frost advisories and two days of what we have to admit was literal snow falling from the sky. If I had known fall was only going to last two weeks I would have taken more pictures! But, like normal in northern Minnesota, our weather is fickle and promising highs in the 60s in just a couple of days. When they did a poll of Minnesotans on when we would be ok with it snowing most folks said mid December and I am right there with them! We don’t always get much of a fall and that seems like always such a shame when winter up here lasts so long. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 30 2016

Barn wood in the basement and I took a bit of a tumble…

My farmhouse living room reveal Grandma's, country chic, thrift stores and refinished hand me down furniture pieces make for a cozy and comfortable space!

Our last weekend started off so much fun with an end of the year golf tournament, I had no idea it would go WAY down hill from there. First I caught a major head cold and then I took a tumble off of our deck 🙁 But, I’m getting ahead of myself, Joe was able to come home early from his job out of town so he headed right off hunting at the end of last week. My man is a bow hunter and he filled both of his tags with a couple of gorgeous deer for us. I know a lot of people think hunting is a bad thing but we use all that we can of the animals and provide them with the kindest death possible. Joe and I are conservationists, we feed deer all year around, helping them through the winter and doing all we can for them. By hunting every year Joe and I have not ever had to buy beef and thus: I’ve never had to support the commercial beef industry, I hope someday I can say that about all of the meat that we consume. With those two deer we packed away nearly 100 pounds of meat in our freezer and I am SO grateful. Eventually we hope to get ducks and chickens too: my goal is to never ever have to buy meat in the store. So proud and grateful of my man. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 23 2016

My basement workshop: I officially have a plan!

Behind the scenes here at Grandma's house things have been very hard. As a writer I've thought about writing my memoirs, starting back when I was a kid and working my way forward but before I can ever start I always hit something that I'm just not ready to write about. Divorce

It finally happened guys! I broke out of my basement funk! What was my basement funk you might ask? Well, despite all of my trying, I was still pouting on the inside about this basement not becoming what I had first planned for it to become. This kind of thing happens all the time (I’m aware of that) I am also fully aware that this basement becoming my workshop is far more awesome then this basement becoming a rental apartment. This is actually one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me! But I was still pouting… in fact, this pout lasted a good six months. I just couldn’t help it. We spent SO much time, effort and money to make this a legal basement suite and then boom… not gonna happen. It just sucks. I hate undoing anything. I hate waste. The thought of it all just made me want to throw up! So, I pouted (on the inside) and basically ignored the basement. I was literally waiting myself out because no matter what I said or did to myself, there was absolutely no forcing this girl to be happy with this situation regardless of how many pep talks I gave her. (Yup, referring to myself in the third person AND talking to myself.) Read the rest of the post »

Sep 16 2016

First frost in northern Minnesota

First snow and thinking about Christmas already, fixing my dishwasher by cleaning out the water inlet valve and taking a night away with a hot tub.

It sure seems cruelly early for this but we just had a frost advisory two nights ago :/ I am happy to report though that we’re back to 60s and 70s now but it’s not without the tinge in the air, that north wind just biding its time… One year mom and I golfed after thanksgiving… I fear that this year will probably not see us doing that! When I was a kid we generally wore snow suits over our Halloween costumes and it was not at all strange to have a snow storm pretty much any time in October. However, things have been different the last decade and I just hope we get another month and a half (at least!!!) of bare ground and not freezing yet. We shall see. I hit our garden hard and harvested all of our herbs now it looks like a deer got in there. All that’s left are the bell peppers and too much lettuce. Next week I’ll post about both our failures in our garden as well as what I plan on doing next year. I was alone the night the temperature dropped and at around midnight I grabbed my camera and headed outside – the resulting photos are what you’ll see here today 🙂 Read the rest of the post »

Sep 09 2016

Our 1st year anniversary for both the blog and us!

Looking back I wrote and posted our first blog post here on August 19 of last year, so we just passed our blog’s very 1st anniversary! We also just passed our 100th blog post on August 18th – amazing that that landed within 1 day of our blog’s 1st post! And, just two days ago Joe and I celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary! Lots of firsts around here lately 🙂 Joe and I also started dating in September and we also got engaged in September so I guess its only natural that all of our firsts will be close to it. Joe’s been bringing our anniversary up over the past month, “What do you want? What can we do? Anything you want, what do you want?!” I kept thinking of those buzzards in the Jungle Book sounding like The Beatles, “What do you wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” And I just kept coming up with a big blank. We’ve been working really hard lately (so I’m pooped) and we had just gone camping so I didn’t really want to go anywhere. I’m also worried about our finances right now because Joe just started working for himself so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. I also felt guilty because I still feel like I should be like a “normal” girl and request a sexy dinner out and jewelry… but I just wasn’t feeling it. Read the rest of the post »


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