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Island centerpiece using milk glass with Farmhouse Hens Decorate!

Island centerpiece using milk glass with the Farmhouse Hens Decorate! Milk glass for a country chic and farm house style using some old and some new pieces to create something fun and beautiful. DIY Do it yourself farm house and country decorating and design!
Mar 09 2018 -

Today with the Farmhouse Hens Decorate the project is milk glass! I had to call my mom in for this one because I knew she had several lovely dishes from my grandma that would be just perfect. With my guest bedroom reveal coming out earlier this week my thoughts turned to, “What could I setup to greet my guests in the morning?” Read the rest of the post »

Country Girl Desk Furniture Makeover with Farmhouse Hens Decorate!

A little black desk gets a full on farmhouse country girl style makeover with flat gray acrylic paint and a lovely wall decal "Life isn't about waiting for the storm ot pass, it's learning to Dance in the Rain" Easy DIY farm chic style makeover! Farmhouse Hens Decorate
Feb 02 2018 -

This little desk was built for me by my grandparents MANY years ago, I painted it black to match up with my old guest bedroom scheme that was a compromise for my ex husband. Now that I’m a single gal I’m taking back all of my furniture and making it mine again so everything is getting a full on country girl furniture makeover and moving to my whole new guest bedroom and library! I already painted the little end table (makeover coming next week) and the steel bed frame so it was high time to finish this little desk too. Read the rest of the post »

Farmhouse decorating – a winter vignette with inherited objects and keepsakes!

Farmhouse Hens Decorate DIY winter vignette with inherited objects from grandma, farm style, country girl decorating, quilt, oil lamp, red bows, hydrangea, dried hydrangeas, plaid, blanket ladder rack, do it yourself with what you have on hand!
Jan 05 2018 -

A winter vignette inspired by both of my grandma’s, farmhouse decorating using some of my very favorite keepsakes. Every time I reach to decorate my home I want to include the old oil lamp I found in the basement. Cleaned up, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! So, when it was time to put another vignette together with the Farmhouse Hens, I just had to include it like I did last time with my Fall Vignette! Read the rest of the post »

Farmhouse Hens Decorate: Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornament

Farmhouse friends DIY christmas ornament using mod podge to transfer image to wood, easy do it yourself keep sake gift holiday, wood working, diy
Dec 01 2017 -

How to make a simple Christmas ornament with mod podge! And a Free Printable! When I saw that our next theme for the Farmhouse Hens was going to be a DIY Christmas ornmanet I have to admit that, initially, I hit a total wall and couldn’t think of anything! Then, finally (at the very last minute!) it came to me that I could make something using the mod podge photo transfer method. I used it a few weeks ago on a sign for our Fall Vignette and learned a lot on how to do it. So, I got to work! Read the rest of the post »

Farmhouse Hens Decorate: Wall Art – Build a frame out of barn wood!

Building a frame out of barn wood and plexi glass for artwork, farmhouse wall art, wood working, how to, build, diy, do it yourself, farmhouse hens decorate
Nov 03 2017 -

A post about my farmhouse wall art in collaboration with six other DIY bloggers: Farmhouse Hens Decorate! This post is all about how to build a picture frame out of barn wood. My aunt’s birthday was fast approaching this last August and my mom purchased a print for her of a gorgeous old barn painted by a local artist (D.L. Housman). It only seemed natural then for me to take some barn wood and build her a frame to produce some really pretty wall art. The barn on our property is really my aunt and mom’s barn just as much (if not more) then me and Joe’s barn – my aunt and mom grew up here when it was still in its prime and helped their folks (my grandparents) milk cows, bring in hay and garden their entire childhoods. So we really didn’t even discuss who was going to frame her print out and what wood I was going to use to build it! Read the rest of the post »

Farmhouse Hens Decorate: Farmhouse Kitchen Project Organizing Spices

Second installment of farmhouse hens decorate, a kitchen project, I sort and organize my spice cabinet using mason jars, shaker lids and chalkboard paint!
Oct 06 2017 -

A post about my kitchen project in collaboration with four other AMAZING DIY bloggers: Farmhouse Hens Decorate! When I found out that our next post was to be a farmhouse kitchen project my mind turned immediately to my dreaded spice cabinet. Some of those plastic shakers have literally been with me for YEARS! Once I started buying bulk organic herbs and spices off of Amazon I kept refilling my old shakers until they gave out on me. So, one by one, I’ve been replacing them so my spice cabinet was becoming one very strange collection of pickle jars, olive jars, pepper jars and plastic shakers lol. Read the rest of the post »

Farmhouse Hens Decorate: Farmhouse Fall Vignette

Farmhouse Hens Decorate a collaboration between DIY bloggers creating a farmhouse fall vignette, enamelware, firewood, barnwood, autumn
Sep 01 2017 -

A post about my fall vignette in collaboration with six other DIY bloggers: Farmhouse Hens Decorate! I will admit when our first project was announced as a Fall Vignette my immediate thought was, “What’s a vignette?” then I looked it up and my next thought was that I wanted really badly to make a lovely sign just for this project! My mod podge image transfer project did not, admittedly, come out exactly like I had hoped, however, I think it is still quite cool and adds some character to the whole display. I also knew immediately where I wanted my Vignette to be: in our entry way beneath my grandparents’ old mirror! After that it was just a case of getting creative! Read the rest of the post »

Announcing Farmhouse Hens Decorate: A DIY Collaboration!

Announcing a fun collaboration of several bloggers called Farmhouse Hens Decorate! Fall Vignette, Kitchen Project, Homemade Christmas Ornament, Wall Art
Aug 04 2017 -

I am so excited to be a part of a brand new collaborative group called Farmhouse Hens Decorate! There’s six of us DIY bloggers all together and the very first Friday of every month for the next four months we’re going to be sharing some of our farmhouse inspiration! From the kitchen, to the wall, to embracing fall and even making Christmas ornaments (oh gosh did I really just mention Christmas?! Summer is going by so fast!) It is really going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get started. Read the rest of the post »


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