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Jul 21 2017

Free House Plan: Open home plan utilizing less then 1,100 square feet

A free and open house plan utilizing less then 1,100 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a great deck and attached two car garage.

They’re voting right now on the best Home Improvement blog over on Renoviso and I am SO excited to see Grandma’s House DIY on the list. There are some really fabulous blogs on there – make sure and go vote for your favorite! Now, on to the free house plan: I love the decks on this plan! And there’s even a little nook right where you walk from the garage to the house that provides cover from weather and some really great storage. Being a person that heats with wood myself I just drool over that much outside storage so close to home! Of course, this home has a great fire place in the middle of the living room. Despite that this place is less then 1,100 square feet I think it feels spacious and remarkably still private. (I hate those house designs that have the bedroom doors facing each other: its like EEK!) In this plan I managed to give each of the two bedrooms their own real space and bathroom. Read the rest of the post »

May 19 2017

Free House Plan: Little Lake Cabin!

When it comes to my specific spot on the map in Minnesota when folks talk about going "up north" or to their "lake cabin" or up "to the woods" well, that's where we live.

When it comes to my specific spot on the map in Minnesota when folks talk about going “up north” or to their “lake cabin” or up “to the woods” well, that’s where we live. There really isn’t any “going up to the cabin” for me, that would just be silly, I literally live where a lot of people think of as a “vacation destination” of course it rarely feels like that! But, it is the truth, everywhere from me and north is pretty much tourist central and national forests. I live close to a little town of only about 3,000 people but, in the summertime, it is estimated our population here explodes to over 10,000!! A lot of folks don’t live here year around and there are even some businesses here that aren’t even OPEN year around. A lot of people who work in “the cities” dream of moving up to where I am someday and that’s what this little free house plan is devoted to: The Lake Cabin! Read the rest of the post »

Apr 21 2017

Free House Plan: A two story single family country home

Free house plan of a single family, two story country home with a fantastic master bedroom, lots of storage and an open floor plan

This plan pushed me out of the themes I’d been focusing on in the past. I decided to try a slightly large plan with two stories that would fit a small family better then the retired couple I had been designing for in my head. Still though, like all of my plans, this one boasts an incredible master suite with a huge walk through closet and a shower and separate soaker tub in a spacious master bathroom. At nearly 1,400 square feet this is definitely a larger free house plan than those I have been doing that also includes a cute front porch and a massive breezeway that runs down the entire length of the garage and home. Read the rest of the post »

Mar 31 2017

Free House Plan: A sweet little cottage that smartly utilizes its 1,100 square feet

A sweet little cottage that utilizes its 1,100 square foot one story design to create an open layout with plenty of storage and a big country kitchen!

If you guys have seen any of my house designs in the past you know that I focus hard on keeping the square footage as low possible, keeping an open design and really giving them the most amazing kitchens I possibly can. I love the older style kitchens that always included a huge gathering table in the middle of them. Not everyone utilizes dining rooms any more so why not just put it in the middle of a big spacious kitchen? I love love this kitchen so much, this is really close to what my “dream” kitchen would be! The other really cool thing about this house design is it big walk through storage/laundry room that connects the kitchen to the garage. What a great place to drop your shoes and coats at the end of the day! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 10 2017

Free House Plan: Dream Retirement Design

A dream small cottage design for a retired couple or child free couple, free floor plan, free home design, free house plan, one story

Though this 1,000 square foot cottage would work fine for a small family, in my mind, it was always one of the very best designs I had ever done for a couple in retirement or for a child free couple. What makes it ideal is the position of the master bedroom set entirely (privately) away from the extra bedroom, essentially giving whoever owns and lives in this home their own real escape if they ever do have a guest (or maybe grand kids?) visiting. With two bathrooms any guests staying would essentially have their own bathroom as well. Though this is certainly a small home I think it works well when it comes to flow, fully pulling the outdoors in and utilizing all east, west and southern facing walls with a ton of windows for light. (Because I live in Minnesota I most definitely keep the windows to a minimum on the north wall because of winter winds.) Read the rest of the post »

Feb 10 2017

Free House Plan: Modern country home

In this two story free house plan of a modern country home outdoor space is everything with a front porch, covered breezeway and screened in porch out back.

This two story modern country home plan boasts some really great spaces that embrace the outdoors to the fullest. The covered front porch attaches to a breezeway that runs the length of the garage and home, connecting them comfortably through all the elements and ending up at a quaint screened-in porch out back. It is not a large home at less then 1,200 square feet but it could easily accommodate a family of 3-4 or a couple on their own in need a guest bedroom. It boasts two full bathroom with the master really getting the best part of the deal. The landing at the top of the second floor staircase offers a little laundry room that is just essential in a two story house (who wants to lug laundry up and down stairs?!). Read the rest of the post »

Jan 13 2017

Free House Plan: Stately country home

A two story stately country home with a true country kitchen, a covered front porch swing and attached garage. Free house plans and floor plan.

In this pretty stately home I nodded back to the olden days where kitchen tables were still very popular 🙂 Combing the dining room and the kitchen has become one of my favorite design ideas to save on costs and to eliminate the all-to-often rarely-used dining room. I think I still managed a kitchen however that is spacious, full of storage and open to the living room with sacrificing some division between the home. Lots of storage greets you when you come in from the garage as well as some half bath from the main floor, offering privacy and a nook for things like the electrical panel and water softener etc. In all of my homes I work to create “nooks” using every little bit of space possible, giving an out of the way place for a desk that is still a part of the main home without having to give it its own room. Read the rest of the post »

Dec 02 2016

Free House Plan: Unique cottage with old world Charm

Small cottage, free house plan with a master suite that has its own floor and screened in porch, old charm with all the conveniences of new construction

This pretty little cottage was really my trying to go back to an older style and design. I love old farm houses (no kidding huh? I betcha never guessed lol) and often they have the look that they do today from multiple additions. My own home here started as a two and a half story five hundred square foot box, then the addition of the wrap around screened in porch was added and then, throughout the years, a bit of that screened in porch was enclosed and added to the living area at a time until it was all living space. This little cottage is not much different, it certainly has the look that it got at least one (if not two) additions added to it over the years. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 24 2016

Free House Plan: Quaint country cottage

Quaint free country house plan. I love how stately this two story turned out with so many windows and a front porch. It makes a really bold statement!

Quaint free country houme plan. I love how stately this two story turned out with so many windows and a front porch. It makes a really bold statement for such a small house! It is only 1200 square feet but could be comfortable for a small family or ideal for a couple. The kitchen is small bugoot smart offering a ton more storage then you would expect. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 07 2016

Free House Plan: Sweet country home with big style

Sweet country home free house plan, free floor plan on one story with a big open kitchen a major storage with a beautiful bathroom that's big on style

This is a sweet little country house on one story with one big bathroom that boasts a separate tube and shower. The walk in for the master is huge and the open style kitchen I just love with a huge pantry and a great custom island. The living room is small but aqueduct just off the laundry room that is a great walk through from the attached two car garage. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 20 2016

Free House Plan: 1,200 square foot country home

A sweet 1,200 square foot country home on one level with two bedrooms and a knock out bathroom. With this open floor plan this small home feels big.

A sweet 1,200 square foot country home on one level with two bedrooms and a knock out bathroom. With this open floor plan this small home feels big when you walk in, the kitchen dining room combo is light, airy and huge for a home of this size. I always plan for east facing windows in a kitchen or dining room so you can guarantee that when you’re having coffee in the morning it will be in the sunshine 🙂 In this free house plan there is only one bathroom to share between the two bedrooms however it is big and luxurious with a huge soaker tub and separate shower. The bedrooms have great storage with the master sporting a walk in closet. Another feature of this home I love is the walk through combination of storage, mud room and laundry room that you pass through coming in from the garage which also sports a separate entrance. To me that exterior door is just screaming for a doggie door to be added and then if you don’t want the dog(s) to have free reign of the house when you’re gone you could just shut the door to the main house. Thanks guys for coming by and checking out this free house plan if you would like the main file just leave a comment or a note using our contact form. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 01 2016

Free House Plan: Two story rambler with the biggest island ever!

Free House Plan: Two story rambler with a huge kitchen island, just under 1300 with three bathrooms and three bedrooms and a ton of storage.

In this free house plan you’ll see another house with concrete floors because I went through an obsession with the idea of them for awhile. This entire plan has a unique modern rustic farm house feel that I really like. Lots of windows, as you’ve probably come to expect from me, and a nod toward conservative space planning to get as much “bang for your buck” as possible. As far as plans go this is about as big as it gets for me with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I rarely go bigger then two bedrooms as I always design homes that I would want to live in and, as far as my family goes, we just don’t need more then two bedrooms. I love walking into the heart of the home in this plan (through a screened in porch on the front of the house) and an awesome double sided fireplace in the middle of everything for those cold nights. I don’t believe I’ve ever designed a plan with a bigger kitchen island then this one, of course it doubles as the dining room table too. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 04 2016

Free House Plan: Rustic country home with a 2 car garage

Two story rustic country home with modern and open elements, a two car garage, a window-filled master bathroom and a wrap around deck

This 1500 square foot two story free country home house plan has so many elements that I absolutely love. Honestly, if I ever built a home, I think this would be the one, I really love all of the houses I design (those I don’t love I don’t keep lol or share here!) but this one has some special qualities like that wrap around porch! The wrap around porch also includes a screened in porch which is something I have always wanted and we even have the future plan of adding one to our place! As far as country homes go it seems like a back deck is imperative as well as lots and lots of windows because there are no neighbors to worry about. Speaking of windows though, nothing takes the cake like the master bedroom on the second story which boasts TWO walk in closets and a bathroom with a set of modern windows that would just have to be facing the east, can you imagine waking up and showering directly in the morning sun? Sounds like heaven Read the rest of the post »

Jul 21 2016

Free House Plan: One story with a screened in front porch

Free one story 1200 square foot house plan with a hotel-esque master suite, an eat in kitchen and a three season screened in front porch.

This 1200 square foot one story free house plan packs a lot of wonderful things into such a small package. The kitchen, though economical, is open to the living room and offers a beautiful, big bay window for a large dining area. From the two car garage is a huge pass through closet so its easy to drop all of your gear at the end of the day and know any mess is well away from sight. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 23 2016

Free House Plan: One story with an incredible master bedroom

Free house plan of a one story floor plan, house plans for free, country home with a great back deck, covered front porch and a deluxe master bedroom

I’ve always loved the idea of walking in the front door of a house and seeing right through to the backyard. To me homes should be filled with light and nature – I’ve always lived in the country though, if I was a city mouse I would probably feel a little differently when it comes to lots and lots of windows! But I digress, this plan is surely an ode to country living, you step in the front door to the big kitchen/dining room that is absolutely flanked by windows on two sides. The kitchen almost feels like a pass through/sun room to get from the living room to the bedrooms, or to step right outside. This free house plan I kept in mind size and cost when it came to construction, it is only 1200 square feet and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master really shines here in its uniqueness: Instead of a huge bathroom that contains two vanities instead, I put the second vanity in the large walk in closet. There is a second walk in closet here as well for the “man” of the house (or whoever has the least clothes lol) the master also boasts french doors to the back deck! Read the rest of the post »

May 26 2016

Free House Plan: Serious out front with a Party in the back

Free one story house plan, simple out front with a party deck in the back, two car garage, two bathrooms, full master suite and a country kitchen

Hey guys I’m really excited to share with you today a free house plan I designed a couple of years ago. It is all on one story with two bedrooms ( a fab master suite) with a TON of storage and it’s only 1800 square feet. Like most of my free house plan I’m always striving to make the smallest house possible and still keep it feeling spacious. This one is so serious out front it makes me laugh! It’s like it says, “Move along now, nothing to see here, just you’re basic little one story suburban home.” Ah, but then you walk in the front door and the whole back deck and yard are suddenly a part of the house. I love this huge country kitchen! The idea of having the dining table in the middle of the kitchen has always really appealed to me. These days we all end up in the kitchen any way so it seems like formal dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past. And, for cooking, what a wonderful big space your dining room table would be for rolling out dough! I can just imagine family gatherings with the back french doors open, expanding the kitchen/dining area by another 300 square feet. Not to mention it is a grand and lovely living room right there too. This would be a great free house plan to have a party in! Read the rest of the post »

Apr 28 2016

Free House Plan: An easy going one story ranch!

An easy going one story ranch, free house plan with two bedrooms and only 1500 square feet with room for an office and double sided fire place.

This is a fun ranch free house plan I designed several years ago with economy and easiness in mind. My focus was providing a really great “walk through” closet/storage area/laundry room between the garage and the kitchen, a great place for a busy family to drop everything when they come home where it would be COMPLETELY out of view from any company or guests. Guests walk in to an open concept kitchen, living and dining room with a double sided fireplace that provides some beautiful separation between the dinging and living. In all of my free house plans you’ve probably already noticed that I absolutely love decks and firmly believe that our outside living space is just as important as our inside spaces! In this plan the deck wraps right around to include a great covered porch for a grill area that is within easy reach of the kitchen. Other perks of this one story free house plan include a great little nook for an office (that could be enclosed and rearranged a little with the other bedroom to make it a three bedroom house) and a fabulous little eating nook for the chef to sit in the sun while supper is cooking. And, as almost always with my free house plans, you’ll notice the master has its own master suite and great closet! Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! Read the rest of the post »

Apr 07 2016

Free House Plan: Two story stunner with a walk out basement

Free House Plan: Two story stunner with a walk out basement

The house plan I’ll be sharing with you this week is a two story setup with a big walk out basement. If I were to ever build this home those two floors of windows would definitely be facing the south! The total in of this place is 1,600 square feet including three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. I love how unique this home is, every time I open it I get a little lost in its little charming features. Unlike most two story houses one would be hard pressed to pick a floor here on which one you would rather live on! The top story consists of a master bedroom (complete with on suite bathroom and walk in closet) and the main laundry area at the top of the stairs. There is no true living room on the first floor though there is a very sweet sitting area in the kitchen and one could forgo the formal dining for a living area if a family would rather have that. the first floor also boats access to the two car garage, a stunner of a deck and a little screened in porch. If this house were built on a hill with a view this house would be able to truly show case it! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 03 2016

Free House Plan: An Elegant two story ranch

Free house plan of an elegant two story ranch. At 1400 square feet this little ranch would be just fine for a couple retiring or a family of three. It has two spacious bedrooms, a fabulous master and each bedroom really has its own 3/4 bath (which could always be upgraded to include a tub, of course.) Read the rest of the post »

Feb 05 2016

Free House Plan: An old style farm house with a grand and open update

Free house plans of a two story open concept country style with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. This is one of my larger house plans that I worked on for several weeks.

This is one of my larger house plans that I worked on for several weeks. You’ll notice almost all of my plans include an attached two car garage, when you live this far north in the United States its almost impossible to live without! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 26 2016

Free House Plan Design: Deluxe Ranch with an incredible party deck

Free house plan of a deluxe ranch with an incredible party deck and master suite. Free House Plan: Deluxe Ranch with an incredible party deck

When I design a house I always design with income in mind and this ranch is no different. It includes three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. A master suite. A big deck. A gorgeous sun room. And, a stunning open floor plan that includes an outrageous kitchen. Read the rest of the post »


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