Taking the house my mom grew up in, the farm my grandparents shared for over fifty years and making it a home for us to grow old in.
Here I finally have a place to really show off all of the incredible projects online that Inspire me along the way! Introducing my Inspiration Board category here on the blog! Very excited to show you guys the amazing DIY, before and afters, transformations and gorgeous spaces that inspired so many of our own projects along the way! To see a lot more you need to head on over to our Pinterest page by clicking here!

Stunning inspiration via Pinterest: Bathrooms to get lost in

- May 26 2017
Stunning bathroom inspiration via pinterest, tubs to got lost in, bathrooms that will make your heart soar, that you want to stay in all day

For those of you that follow me via Pinterest my very favorite board is my DIY Inspiration Board. This is the one where I let myself pin literally whatever I love when it comes to rooms. This is the board where all of the pins (at least for me) come right out of my dreams, like places from a fairy tale. My own home is a little less frilly, a little less boho, a little more subtle as I simply do not yet have the salt to be quite so bold. However, I am getting there, for every gorgeous place I pin, I am definitely becoming more bold and reaching for the true beauty of places like these that make my heart sing. Read the rest of the post »

Hometalk: Green recipes you have to try right now!

- May 05 2017
Natural and green recipes for those places around our homes that we all struggle with! Weed killer, mosquito repellent, surface spray, bug, degreaser

Many a time in trying to live a more natural life I have run into instances where the “natural” way might not even work at all. Do we live with the mosquito bites or do we slather our bodies in toxic chemicals? Do we live with pulling weeds the old fashioned way forever and forever or do we give in and finally just buy some round up for a couple of places in our yards? Oftentimes “convenience” is one very tempting mistress no matter how terrible we know it may be for us and the environment so here are a few (tried and true!) natural and green recipes for those places around our homes that we all struggle with! Read the rest of the post »

Hometalk: For you book lovers out there!

- Apr 07 2017
An inspiration board of six projects from Hometalk that are totally devoted to books. Book knife blog, book coat rack, floating book shelves.

If you’ve ever checked out my Pinterest account then you know I have one board totally devoted to books and everything having to do with books. I’m a writer, an avid reader and a book designer, to say that I love books is putting it very mildly. At one point when I was younger I was convinced that I was going to make my living designing books and book covers, and though I am not “making my living” I am still designing 2-3 books a year and it is one of my very favorite side jobs. So I thought it was about time I devoted one of my Inspiration Board posts to a few of the fabulous projects I’ve spotted over on Hometalk that are entirely devoted to books! Read the rest of the post »

Hometalk: Repurposes that you have to see to believe!

- Mar 17 2017
Innovative repurposes of furniture that you have to see to believe! Creative Hometalk ideas, transforming a piece of furniture into something else entirely!

There are many words and phrases used throughout the DIY community for repurposing. Sometimes we call it upcycling, sometimes we call it reinventing. Whatever you call it, taking a piece of furniture that was meant for one job and totally transforming it to make it useful for another takes ingenuity and some very creative thinking! I haunt Hometalk a lot these days because so many bloggers (and some folks that aren’t bloggers at all!) share some truly amazing ideas every day. Here are six of my very favorite repurposing projects all of which I want to try someday! Read the rest of the post »

Hometalk: Flooring ideas that will floor you!

- Feb 03 2017
Hometalk inspiration board: Flooring ideas that are totally out of the box, inexpensive that you can do yourself and that look absolutely incredible!

Many of you know that I spend a good amount of my online time over at Hometalk. They’re so great to bloggers like me and I am endlessly inspired by what is submitted there! You guys also know that I am one unconventional kind of gal and, honestly, it’s gotten so bad that the idea of buying flooring out of a box at Home Depot kind of makes me shudder. Years ago (like over a decade) I was shut down in my suggestion of using plywood (cut into strips) to make inexpensive hardwood flooring ourselves – I’ll never get over paying an arm and a leg for carpet instead because my idea was just too weird. Well, I’m pretty stoked to see that I am not the only unconventional person out there and it is official: It does NOT need to come out of a box (or from Home depot) to make a gorgeous floor and you can absolutely do it yourself! Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board: Furniture transformations you have to see to believe!

- Dec 23 2016
Furniture transformation by some extremely talented bloggers that you have to see to believe! DIY, wood working, refinishing

It is absolutely no secret that I am a sucker for furniture transformations. I love remodeling, renovation and home tours but my true love, where my heart really sleeps at night and truly what I want to do when I grow up, is in furniture refinishing! There is just nothing like taking an old beat up relic (that very well might have been tossed by someone who simply didn’t know any better) and making it shine better then new again! Here are five of my favorites by some of my very favorite bloggers (make sure you pay them a visit, they have many more furniture transformations over at their blogs!) Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board: Hometalk paint and stain stunners!

- Oct 21 2016
Inspiration board, a collection of refinished furniture found on Hometalk that brings the paint and stain combination together in a stunning way!

Many of you know that I spend a good amount of my online time over at Hometalk. They’re so great to bloggers like me and I am endlessly inspired by what is submitted there! You guys know just how obsessed I am with the paint and stain combination and I spend a lot of my time drooling over it online. Here are just a few of those absolute stunners that I’ve found over on Hometalk that leave me totally speechless! Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board: Build projects I am in love with!

- Sep 27 2016
An inspiration board of build projects with full plans and tutorials that I am in love with DIY Do it yourself wood workshop

There are two things I obsess over online and that is Before and Afters of furniture (or anything really) and build projects with full on tutorials. The truth is I am NOT what I would consider a wood worker or a craftsman in any way. Yes, I have built some things that I am very proud of but I am really just a full blown novice with a working knowledge of how to use power tools. I also am easily intimidated by the idea of “building” anything from scratch and oh my gosh I have so much respect for those who do. Here are a few of those projects that I either will never attempt (but am so totally blown away by) or I am hoping to attempt myself very soon and am also totally blown away by! Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board: Kitchen transformations you have to see to believe!

- Sep 13 2016
Inspiration board: Kitchen transformations you have to see to believe, before and afters, DIY, before & after, paint, painted cabinets, do it yourself

We’ve all said on at least one occasion or another, “It is amazing what paint can do!” Sometimes it seems almost to the point of miraculous actually. Many of the following kitchen transformations on this Inspiration Board are almost entirely due to a lot of work and a lot of paint. My fellow bloggers are nothing if not ingenuous and VERY hard working, make sure and click forward to see what they accomplished and how they did it along the way. You really do need to see every one of these transformation to believe it! Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board: Buffet and sideboard makeovers!

- Aug 18 2016
Inspiration board of gorgeous buffet and sideboard makeovers, before and afters, painted furniture, refinished furniture, antique furniture, diy

There is something about buffets that I have always just drooled over. They’re always so stately and practical all in one go. Some people call them sideboards but I’ve always just thought of them as buffets. There are SO many different styles out there but my all time favorites are usually dubbed “antiques” and they always have legs for days! I have two buffets myself that I’ve refinished and utilized here at Grandma’s house. Interestingly enough one of the buffets actually came from my other Grandma (Eleonora) and it has claw feet that make me swoon and a very unique mirror across the back! The other was a simpler piece my mother purchased when she was all of 19 years old when she moved out of the house (this house actually lol) for the first time. She considered it (and used it as) a dresser then but it is definitely a buffet, Joe helped me convert it into our master bathroom vanity. When it comes to buffet makeovers on Pinterest so much has been done with paint and glazing and amazing techniques that it is REALLY hard to choose just a few. But, here are my top six! Read the rest of the post »

DIY Lamps Inspiration Board – Amazing transformations!

- Jul 07 2016
DIY glorious lamp makeovers, thrift store lamps before and afters, inspiration board

One of my very favorite (and easy!) makeovers are of lamps! I spend a good chunk of my time on Pinterest just drooling over them. I wish I knew now what I didn’t know a few years ago when I purchased two lamps new at walmart. I can’t even believe I did that! My goodness the simple and inexpensive transformation that can be made out an inexpensive thrift store lamp is absolutely amazing. There really is no reason to go buy new! And here are a few of my favorite lamps that prove that fact! Now, without further delay and in no particular order! Read the rest of the post »

Inspiration board – Stunning Rocking Chairs!

- May 12 2016
Inspiration board at Grandma's House DIY of stunning rocking chair makeovers and before and afters

I am totally and utterly obsessed with old rocking chairs. They have such character! And, over the months, I’ve been stashing and hoarding them on my gorgeous chairs pinterest board! It all started with my own rocking chair that I was passed by my Grandma Eleonora when she left us back in late 2012. This blog then was only a figment in the back of my mind and the only people that saw the work I was doing in our garage then were a few friends and family. My own rocking chair makeover was something I spent a lot of time procrastinating on – I was scared! I had never upholstered anything before, up until that point all my DIY experience was with stripper, sand paper, stain and sealant on solid wood. So, I started researching (of course!) and I’m going to share with you here the first rocking chair makeover I saw that left me an eternal fan of the amazing lady that did it! Read the rest of the post »

Book Shelves Inspiration Board – To Die For!

- Apr 21 2016
Inspiration board, gorgeous book shelves for any book lover or writer diy

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a book obsession 🙂 I love everything there is to do with books and I’ve actually designed the interior layout and covers of 28 books to date and even have my own novel that I self published back in 2011! I’ve known it my entire life: as long as I have my head in a book in some way or another (whether as an editor, designer, writer or reader) I will be happy. So, as you might imagine, I’ve got a lot of books and even after I gave over two bins full to our local library (that was a hard day…) I was still bursting out of all of my book storage areas. So, when I started work on redesigning My Office I went straight to Pinterest and started collecting all of the gorgeous book shelves that I could find! So here is my book shelves inspiration board! Read the rest of the post »


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