Grandma's House DIY
Oct 15 2018

Solar Light Basket using Insulators for Hanging or Table Setting!

A basket solar light made with old electrical insulators and dolalr store lights placed in an ainexpensive Amazon basket to hang or for table setting

An easy solar light basket! I purchased several of these baskets last year for Xmas and made gift baskets for my guy relatives. I filled them with homemade chapstick, hand scrub, cuticle cream and coffee. They were a hit! I had one basket leftover which I started using as a caddy for dinner parties outside. I would put in utensils, ketchup, mustard, extra napkins etc. and that got me wondering if I couldn’t improve on the idea. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 01 2018

How I added a Country Fresh Produce stencil to my old bench

How I added a Country Fresh Produce stencil to my old bench using tape and a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker in white, DIY so easy do it yourself project

Just a couple of weeks ago I fixed this old bench using wood putty and Dark Walnut stain. Of the three benches my grandparents made that I have this one had taken the biggest beating. But, with just a little elbow grease I had her looking almost like new again. After that I made a no-sew cushion for it complete with tufting and buttons! Check out the post all about it here. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 03 2018

The Death of BoardBooster – 5 million views in one month with Tailwind!

After the death of BoardBooster I switched to Tailwind and went from 2 million to over 5 million views in just one month, how I did it - my pinning strategy

So, I don’t know about any of you other bloggers out there but when BoardBooster bit the dust at the end of June this year I literally lost days off my life in total panic. (Pinterest is a HUGE part of this blog’s world – I get over 50% of my traffic from Pinterest!) It all started with a great peak I had to over 2 million views a month on Pinterest back in April to a constant, ridiculous, steady decline that I could not stop no matter what I did. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 13 2018

When Someone We Love is in Heaven sign – Wood and a Vinyl Decal

When Someone We Love Is in Heaven Theres a Bit of Heaven in Our Home - wall decal made of wood, distressed paint, twine and sanding, easy heaven sign DIY

How to build a sign, distressed in gray and yellow paint, to remember someone we’ve lost. Building a sign is such an easy and simple project. For anyone just starting out in wood working this would be a perfect project to start with. It required just a few cuts, six screws, wood putty, paint and a wall decal to create something beautiful that holds a ton meaning! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 23 2018

How to make a Two Tiered Stand out of Thrift Store Items

How to make a Two Tiered Stand out of Thrift Store Items. Glue and white spray paint create a beautiful inexpensive cheap easy stand for my master bathroom

Ever since I began work on the refresh of the master floor of my house I’ve been considering something different for on my master bathroom sink. My little tooth brush holder had seen better days and then I saw this lovely project by Chas (one of my To Grandma’s house we go link party gals) and thought: I can make a two tiered stand for my master bathroom! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 16 2018

My New Outhouse is built – How I did it myself entirely with scrap wood!

How to build an outhouse, how I built a 7x4 foot outhouse out of leftover material and steel for the roof for my home and property.

My new outhouse is finally complete! After himming and hawwing and changing the location of my outhouse about thirty times… a weekend in mid June finally decided its location. My best friend Rachie and my mom and I did a walk about of my property so I could show them all the cleaning up and fixing I had been doing. We also talked about the new outhouse and how I couldn’t figure out exactly where I wanted it. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 25 2018

Hummingbird feeder planter shepherds hook extravaganza!

Hummingbird feeder planter shepherds hook extravaganza painted bright red with six humming bird feeders hanging from it. And a whit flowering plant scaevola

Hummingbird feeder made out of an old shepherds hook carousal of my Grandma’s. For as long as I can remember this carousal has been between the road and the garage and was always full of my Grandma’s flowers. A couple of years back my ex and I moved it between the house and the barn and ever since I’ve wanted to move it again. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 18 2018

Post solar lights using glass chandelier bowls and dollar store lights!

Post solar lights using glass chandelier bowls and dollar store lights! Recycling glass bowl shades from a chandelier and using dollar store solar lights and a floor flange to attach them to the top of a post for light, bird feeders and beautiful outdoor decoration with solar lights.

How I made post solar lights on either side of my back gate on my deck by upcycling chandelier glass bowls. Awhile back I posted on how I made hanging solar lights out of four glass chandelier bowls and some dollar store items. I only had room for four hanging solar lights but I had six of these glass bowl shades so immediately I got to work figuring out how I could put them at the top of my posts! Read the rest of the post »

Jun 04 2018

A DIY sign just for Mom – Bestest mom in all of the land stencil!

Using a stencil and old barn wood, making a simply DIY sign just for mom - Bestest mom in all of the land! Wood working, do it yourself tutorial, easy sign to make for your mother for a holiday or for any time, pallet wood and white paint using a great stencil.

A DIY sign out of barnwood just for my Mom on mother’s day – The Bestest Mom in All of the Land! Is it just me are the most incredible women in our lives the hardest people to buy for? I saw a Facebook meme once that said, “My Mom deserves a tropical island all to herself and spa treatments forever and all I have in my bank account is $3.27” lol – that about sums it up! How on earth could we ever get someone so amazing anything that could begin to show us how important they are? Read the rest of the post »

May 21 2018

Attempting to get rid of my endless lawn: An annihilation plan using clover!

My grandma Charlotte spent YEARS with nothing but a hatchet and straight up will power to create the 2+ acres of nothing but grass and giant trees that you see here today. One of her favorite things in the whole world was picking up sticks and mowing. One of my least favorite things in the whole world? Picking up sticks and mowing! Read the rest of the post »

May 07 2018

My new workshop relocation: Day ONE – Where is everything going to go!?

Relocating and redesigning a wood workshop, hauling tools, planning for tool storage, diy, do it yourself, relocation of a wood and tool workshop, future plans for how to design and organize a space to get dirty and truly work in. New workshop relocation.

Tackling my new workshop relocation, day one: making a plan and figuring out where my entire workshop is going to get relocated. So, as most of you already know I am officially a single gal and I am currently in the process of totally rethinking my entire home. It started with my new guest bedroom and library converted from my old office by moving my “office” to my entry way. That left my previous guest bedroom totally empty so, with the commencing of operation BLISSFULLY HAPPY I am returning to the plan of putting a rental suite in my basement which means my workshop needed to move out of there… Read the rest of the post »

Apr 23 2018

Custom canvas prints with wall decals. Don’t throw away those old prints!

Make your own DIY custom canvas prints, don't throw those old canvas prints away that you don't want you can paint them over and make your own custom canvas prints and pictures! Making two great prints using wall decals from Amazon for my master bathroom after my divorce!

Don’t throw away those prints that you hate, you can make your own custom canvas prints! With the divorce well behind me I still have a pile of shiiii…. stuff in my closet I have every intention of burning in my fire pit this summer. HOWEVER, I happen to be in a family of several artists and know full well what a pain in the butt building and stretching your own canvas is and how expensive it is to buy it…. DANGIT… *throws up hands in defeat* so I couldn’t just burn them! Read the rest of the post »

Apr 16 2018

Shelf in my Master Bathroom using galvanized pipe hardware!

Adding a Shelf in my Master Bathroom using galvanized pipe hardware for storage, plants and creating a homey, comforting, green space that just says, relax and enjoy and bathe in peace and quiet. DIY, do it yourself, how to hang a shelf using pipe hardware store.

About a hundred years ago (February of 2016) my best friend Rachie and her husband Shane gave me this hardware and a shelf for my birthday. They finally gave up asking me if I was ever going to put it up because I just kept telling them, “I have a plan! I will use it soon!” And then a whole bunch of stuff happened (including my divorce) and FINALLY I got to the project I had been planning on for two years! A shelf for my Master Bathroom above my very very very favorite double slipper bathtub! Read the rest of the post »

Apr 09 2018

My top 10 Home design tips for functionality and beauty for years to come!

My farmhouse living room reveal Grandma's, country chic, thrift stores and refinished hand me down furniture pieces make for a cozy and comfortable space!

Deciding on your floors, your trim, your paint colors and your finishes can be very daunting! These are my top ten home design tips to help you along the way. I concluded the renovation of my Grandparents’ 100 year old farm house over two years ago and I really spent a lot of time agonizing over my paint choices etc. I learned a lot along the way on how to not only make a home last in functionality but also how to make a home I could love for years to come. All of my tips are based on a place that will be your forever home. Read the rest of the post »

Apr 02 2018

The splurges after the divorce that helped me find my happy again!

My splurges just for ME after the divorce! New sheets, new bed spread, new hangers for my closet, brand new rug off of Amazon and a case of Surge, a pop from my childhood. There is no reason to me miserable and its ok to buy yourself something once in a while!

My splurges just for me after the divorce – how they helped me find my happy again! It’s easy in times such as divorce (and after that REALLY rough winter) to basically do nothing but wallow in your own black cloud. (Don’t get me wrong, I did that too!) But, thanks to my Mom, I’ve always had the attitude that being miserable is pretty damned miserable and, generally, we don’t have to choose misery and the ONLY person who can ruin your life is YOU. During hard times, even when we feel we SHOULD be miserable, we can still, in fact, do some things for ourselves to ease the hell a bit. Read the rest of the post »

Mar 19 2018

Making a new sign out of a bad memory using vinyl letters!

Using vinyl words and lettering to make a new sign for the front of my house. Storyhardt Farm est. 12/15/17 Welcome to Grandma's House. DIY Do it yourself, tips on how to apply vinyl lettering and paint to an old sign with rusty old hinges for a farmgirl and country girl look!

Making a sign for the front of my home with paint and vinyl lettering – creating something good out of a bad memory. One day I came home and noticed how bare the front of the house looked. Once upon a time my Grandparents’ made a sign with their last name on it which my ex had replaced with one that had his last name on it too. (You can see the shadow left behind from my grandparents’ sign, it was in the shape of a loon and I just haven’t had the heart to paint it gone yet.) It was very clear that I absolutely needed my own sign ASAP! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 12 2018

Blog Cost and Income Report – how I made over $900 in January 2018

Grandma's House DIY blog cost and income report, how I made over $900 in January 2018 on my blog, affiliate networks, amazon,, google adwords, selling sponsored posts, joining the hometalk helpers, the blogger hustle, how to

Nothing held back: my blog cost and monthly income report – how I made over $900 in January 2018! Over the last 2 1/2 years at Grandma’s House DIY (since I started the blog) I have been fully introduced to what I have come to think of as the “Blogger Hustle” which, if it were a dictionary term, would be described as, “A blogger trying every conceivable thing that they can possibly think of times a million and a half and then some more in an attempt to figure out what works for their blog to increase their traffic and then, by some kind of miracle, also maybe make a little bit of money.” Read the rest of the post »

Feb 26 2018

Refinishing an old door for my new guest bedroom and library!

How to refinish a 100 year old door by sanding down and restaining on one side and painting it out with two coats of gloss rustoleum black paint on the other side. Reusing, recycling, solid wood antique door with old brass knob for my new guest bedroom and library.

How I refinished a 100 year old door for my guest bedroom. I have a confession to make – I’m actually a pretty terrible procrastinator… I’ve had two doors in my workshop literally since before I even moved in here waiting for me to cut them to fit and refinish them for my house. My master bedroom has never had a door on it (its on its own floor so its never been weird) and the other room that still needed a door was my old office which is now becoming my new guest bedroom and library which, ya know, REALLY DOES NEED A DOOR. Read the rest of the post »

Feb 05 2018

No-sew curtains, sheers for my guest bedroom and library!

How to hang and make no-sew easy curtains for my guest bedroom and library. Covering up my big stained glass window between the guest room and my living room so guests get some serious privacy but my living room still gets some light!

Easy, no-sew curtains! With the completion of my old steel bed with a brand new makeover (and several pieces yet to come) I made an easy no-sew bed skirt out of canvas drop cloth and, at first, I considered using the same material here. But canvas over this gorgeous old stained glass window just felt too heavy and harsh to me. I wanted something light and I really did NEED something because that big stained glass window lies directly between my new guest bedroom and my living room! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 29 2018

Making a country girl no-sew bed skirt with canvas drop cloths!

How to make a country style, farmhouse girl, no-sew bed skirt using inexpensive canvas drop cloth and staples. So simple this DIY is super easy, makes an inexpensive bed skirt that NEVER moves or falls off the bed and is customization to any size you need!

Now, more then ever, budget is an issue in my new life as a single gal so when it came to putting the finishing touches on my new guest bedroom I knew I was going to have to get really creative. Once I completed the old steel bed frame (check out that transformation here) I really really really wanted some ruffles for a bed skirt. But not like really girly ruffles, they still needed to be farmhouse and country ruffles, nothing too feminine because that just wouldn’t be my style. Read the rest of the post »

Jan 19 2018

The flexibility of ship lap both permanent and as a back drop!

The incredible flexibility of ship lap either as a permanent application or as a back drop ship lap is easy to install and can be used in multiple applications, it can be painted, sealed, stained or left as is. In my farmyard I've run into a lot of old ship lap that I've used extensively throughout my home.

Ship lap is easy to install and can be used in multiple applications, it can be painted, sealed, stained or left as is. In my farmyard I’ve run into a lot of old ship lap that I’ve used extensively throughout my home mostly in permanent situations but it doesn’t always have to be permanent. What’s great is how flexible it is depending on your choice of finish and application but it still always adds that certain bit of country charm! Lets all give a big welcome to Leanna from Faeries and Fauna who will be joining me today to talk about how she used ship lap as a backdrop! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 15 2018

30 things I stopped buying and started making, growing or harvesting!

The 30 things I stopped buying in the store and now either harvest, do without, make myself or grow in my own garden, frugal living, cheaper, thrift. How to live on less to save money and live a better healthier, greener life!

A post all about the 30 things I stopped buying and started making, growing or harvesting! I was having a conversation at work the other day, chatting about what I did the past weekend etc. I mentioned I had finished making seven quarts of chicken stock and I had several pairs of eyes blink at me, “You did what?” Oh, I just broke down two organic hens, freezing five meals worth of meat and then I proceeded to make seven big jars of chicken stock out of the carcasses and leftover veggie scraps… not weird at all, right? At this point there are many things that I stopped buying and do very differently when most people would simply add it to their grocery list. Read the rest of the post »

Jan 08 2018

Workshop stool: DIY recycling scrap wood and using galvanized pipe!

How to build a workshop stool that are adjustable in height, rugged country wood working project tutorial out of scrap wood and galvanized pipe

How I built a simple workshop stool using almost only materials that I had on hand. So, we’ve had several of these “bases” sitting out in the barn since the beginning of time. Honestly I really don’t know why my grandparents’ had several of them or what they were used for but I kept them in a safe spot anyway. When I started looking into building some stools for my deck I ran into stools built using galvanized pipe that I really liked. At first I started thinking about how to build a base to attach my pipe to and then, of course, I remembered these just sitting out in the barn. I grabbed three of them and got to work! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 01 2018

How to clean hardwood floors without losing your mind! My tips & tricks!

How to naturally keep your dark hardwood floors clean without losing your mind, vinegar, water, essential oils and the perfect mop that saved my life

A post about how to naturally clean hardwood floors using vinegar, water, essential oils and the perfect mop that saved my life! I dreamed of it, truly, it was my biggest fantasy when it came to a home: endless dark hardwood floors that were AT LEAST 100 years old. It was all I ever wanted… Until, of course, it was a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I would never go back! I love my hardwood floors: however managing to keep them clean is another story entirely… Read the rest of the post »

Dec 25 2017

Homemade salt and sugar body scrub recipe without using oil!

Homemade epson salt and sugar body scrub recipe using essential oils, liquid castile soap and baking soda, easy to make and luxurious on your skin

Hey guys, so I was racking my brain on some homemade gifts I could make for both the ladies and the guys in my life. You just saw my cinnamon hand balm here on the blog last week and the men’s hand scrub and gift basket too. But I wanted something geared for the gals and, seriously, who doesn’t love a good salt and sugar body scrub?! When I went looking online, however, I was really disappointed to find that many of the recipes called for coconut oil. Coconut oil and drain pipes just DO NOT mix so, unless its going to be used in tiny quantities, I needed to come up with another idea! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 18 2017

Hand Balm for Working Hands, Cinnamon salve recipe for dry, cracked skin.

Hand Balm for Working Hands, Homemade Recipe, green living, healthy household, non toxic, hypo allergenic, health, rough skin cinnamon healing salve

Hand balm for working hands and dry, winter-cracked skin. The majority of the men in my life have notoriously dry skin. My dad’s hands are so dry they literally crack and bleed in the winter time. My cousin is a mechanic and with all of the constant washing and scrubbing etc. it really leaves his hands desperate for any kind of moisture. This hand balm would be wonderful for winter dry and cracked skin too! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 11 2017

Homemade Men’s gift basket – for the guys in our lives!

Christmas (or any occasion!) homemade men's gift basket, do it yourself present for the guys in your life, easy, homemade recipes that are sure to please!

Christmas (or any occasion!) homemade men’s gift basket, a few treats I made myself just for the men in my life! I don’t know about you but I find shopping for men a whole heck of a lot harder then shopping for women. They tend to just run out and buy whatever they want and though I know a bunch of men who would be quite happy getting chocolate for Christmas I still find them darned hard to shop for. So, this year, I tackled a gift basket that I could easily put together just for the guys! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 04 2017

Homemade men’s hand scrub for a gift or for seriously stinky fingers!

Homemade men's hand scrub for the seriously tough jobs, grease, oil, fishy smell, sap, you name it this scrub will take it off and its easy to make!

Homemade men’s hand scrub recipe as a gift or for every day. Ever since I started making my own homemade foaming hand soap it continues to be the one recipe that everyone raves about the most. Without any shadow of a doubt it works better then ANY hand soap I have ever tried and it even takes off the fishy smell after I’ve been cleaning fish for hours! With Christmas here it dawned on me I might be able to take what I learned from my foaming hand soap and make something even more geared for our guys that know how to get dirty and stinky! (And us gals too of course!) Read the rest of the post »

Nov 27 2017

How I use my Amazon wishlist to stop impulse purchases!

How I use my Amazon wishlist to stop impulse purchases by waiting before I buy something a lot of times my family will get it for me as a gift instead!

A post about how I’m using my Amazon wishlist to stop impulse purchases. I think we all know somebody (or many somebodies…) that when they “need” something they just go and buy it, which is all fine and dandy until you want to buy them a gift for their birthday or for Xmas! I’ve finally converted the majority of my family to the awesomeness of the Amazon wishlist but sometimes it feels like a job to get them to keep it updated. On the other hand I’ve become the easiest person on the planet to buy for because my wishlist is ALWAYS up to date and it has saved me from a ton of impulse purchases! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 13 2017

Deck gates: a simple wood working project how to!

How I built deck gates for our outdoor deck to match our steel conduit deck rails out of 2x4 green treated wood, hinges, gate latches and steel hangers

How to build a simple outdoor deck gate! With our deck railings finally complete it was time to figure out how I was going to build the gates across the two entrances I have on our deck. My first issue was pretty obvious to me, I wanted them to swing entirely out of the way and remain open year around if I wanted them to be. I also wanted them to “match” the deck rails I had already made. So, I built my gate frames out of wood first! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 10 2017

Zero to 1.5 Million Monthly Pinterest Views – Ebook now available from Smashwords!

Ebook. How, in just two years, Im bringing in over 40% of my website traffic from Pinterest. This is an in-depth, step-by-step guide utilizing BoardBooster

After publishing my last three blogging tips posts I fielded A LOT of questions from other bloggers who were just like me wondering if I could help them step by step do exactly what I’ve been doing to create the traffic from Pinterest that I’ve been getting for Grandma’s House DIY. After tackling a huge blog post in an attempt to answer all of your questions it dawned on me that I needed to publish it as an ebook so it would make more sense and be easier to follow. So, here it is, my first ever ebook. I’ve learned a ton of lessons over the past two years and I really hope they can help you with Pinterest as much as they’ve helped me! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 06 2017

DIY Inexpensive deck rails out of steel conduit, easy to do!

DIY inexpensive how to deck rails out of steel conduit to look like steel wire deck railings, tutorial on how we did the railings on our deck!

A post on how I built inexpensive deck rails out of steel conduit. Have you seen the gorgeous steel wire railings that have been populating Pinterest the last couple of years and gaining huge popularity? Well I sure have and I’ve been drooling over them for months and months… at least until I saw the price tag. It was an absolute no go for me, on top of that they do require tightening over time and that kinda bugged me too. I was leaning toward just wire fencing (yes like hog panels) but that felt a little rough even for me and I would have wanted to frame them out in wood and that would have been labor intensive and costly. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 30 2017

Outdoor stool: Simple, modern wood working project for my deck!

How to build an outdoor stool for your backyard or deck, modern and easy how to out of green treated lumber, foot rest, wood working, diy, do it yourself

How to build a simple outdoor stool for your deck or backyard! With the completion of my barn door table for my deck I’ve been needing to build something to sit on for the table ends. The sides easily sit three at a time on the workshop benches my grandparents’ left me but this summer I was hauling out my dining room chairs to use besides. With my deck build projects done (my bench, sun loungers and end tables) I had just enough green treated lumber to address my seating problem too. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 23 2017

Outdoor end table with built in cooler or flower planter! Wood working DIY

How to build wood working diy do it yourself an outdoor end table cooler project using a flower planter and green treated lumber, building tutorial

An outdooor end table build project tutorial with built in cooler or flower planter. When I built my sun loungers it was only natural to build a table to sit between them because, seriously, sun lounging is thirsty work! I was going to build the most basic of little tables with little regard for anything except a sturdy surface for my beer. But then I remembered seeing the most fabulous end table with a cooler built right in on Pinterst… Well, yeah, I’m definitely going to have to do something like that lol! So, I got to work! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 16 2017

Outdoor sun loungers, chaise lounges, wood working project for my deck!

A post revealing my deck, my outside living space and living room, my 700 square foot dance floor, how I built it, designed it and finished it!

How I built simple outdoor sun loungers with changeable back rests for our deck. Way, way, WAAAAY back I was a little girl who spent the majority of every summer outside. I pretended I was Pocahontas! Now I am well away from those days lol I look more like Snow White these days but I remember my child hood in the sun very fondly and am always the last person to complain about any kind of summer heat. So, as you might imagine, I have had my heart set on an outdoor sun lounger project for our deck for a long time! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 09 2017

Outdoor bench for my deck: DIY wood working project tutorial!

Out door bench plan built into a corner of a green treated deck, wood working, tips and tutorials, how to, diy, do it yourself, backyard, outdoor project

A wood working tutorial on how to build a corner built-in outdoor bench. This corner has always been a little bit of a “dead man’s land” tucked all the way back behind my home. I had considered a little seating area and even thought about building a tall pub table here but it didn’t feel like that was utilizing the space as well as it could be. A friend of mine has an outdoor bench running literally around her entire deck in place of a railing and the amount of seating offered is just amazing. However, I have way more deck then she does and certainly don’t need that much bench! But this corner spoke to me as being the perfect place for an L-shaped outdoor bench! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 02 2017

When, where & why to start living a more self sufficient life

In the following post I address why living a self sufficient life should be something we are all striving toward as well as when and where to start! If you’re like me you follow DIY bloggers that are true, full on, homesteaders. They’ve “got it all” the farm, the house, the solar panels, the garden, they have come full circle to the point that they can feed their entire family well on what they raise and grow. They are truly what I strive to become someday but, honestly, the whole “homestead” and “self sufficient” movement can be a little intimidating so, where do you start? Read the rest of the post »

Sep 18 2017

A “Faux” Mantel to hide those ugly cords – Woodworking Tutorial How-to!

How to build a faux mantel floating shelf beneath your tv television to hide those unsightly cords and provide a shelf for some pretty storage!

This is a wood working tutorial on how I built a “faux” mantel and floating shelf beneath my flat screen television to hide those ugly cords. When I ran the electrical for this house I almost put two holes in the wall so I could run the cords behind the sheet rock however, I didn’t own this television at the time and I really didn’t want to put them in the wrong place! And it turned out to be a good thing that I didn’t because this tv would have required two separate holes – one for the power cord and one a mile away where the majority of my electronics get plugged in. Which means that for the past two years of living here those cords have been driving me crazy! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 11 2017

Console table charging station for behind my sofa: DIY Build project!

Wood working diy how to build a console table charging station for your living room and display for books and flowers, behind couch, sofa tables

How to build a simple console table for behind your sofa, with plugin added for easy phone charging! I am probably a lot like most people right now where I admittedly spend a certain amount of time on my phone, on the couch, after work, every day. So I’m currently limping along a 3 year old Motorolla whose battery life leaves a lot to be desired. So, inevitably, I have to run upstairs, get my phone charger and plug it in wherever I’m sitting which usually means having to move the sofa or an end table out so I can reach an outlet. I’ve been thinking a console table would be the ticket to make for easier charging but also to create a little area for display as well so I got to work! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 04 2017

Time Saving Blogging Tips: How I get ahead on my blog so I can take a break!

Time Saving Blogging Tips! This post is about how I get my blog posts done ahead of time and the WordPress plugin and other sites that I use to make my blog as automatic as possible. Since I started posting 3 times a week (nearly 2 years ago now) I have only once ever missed my schedule and that was due to the death of my dog. I take my Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts extremely seriously. However, that doesn’t mean I like living right besides a dead line. I spent the first few months with that schedule ALWAYS under so much pressure! Until, of course, I figured out how to get ahead but not just with upcoming posts but, also, with everything else that goes into blogging! Read the rest of the post »

Aug 28 2017

Using Mod Podge to image transfer to wood – my first craft

Farmhouse Hens Decorate a collaboration between DIY bloggers creating a farmhouse fall vignette, enamelware, firewood, barnwood, autumn

How to use mod podge to transfer a laserjet printed image on to wood. Some folks would say that I’m crafty and I do crafty things all of the time and that this is a “craft” blog… but that’s just not true. I am so far from crafty it isn’t even funny, I’m terribly UN-crafty, totally “craft-inhibited” actually. Give me a power tool and let me build something but please don’t ask me to make something small and cute that requires a glue gun or free hand painting or any kind of creative dexterity at all. I will fail totally. In fact, I do believe that I am craft-impaired… But when the dead line for my Farmhouse Hen’s Fall Vignette started looming into view it was time to put on my big girl panties and order some mod podge… Read the rest of the post »

Aug 14 2017

Lip Balm: Peppermint and vanilla recipe for homemade chap stick

Lip balm recipe made out of peppermint, vanilla, beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, organic, green, healthy living recipes Lip balm recipe made out of peppermint, vanilla, beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, organic, green, healthy living recipes

A post about how I am now making my own homemade lip balm! I used to put on some kind of chap stick or lip balm every night before bed but managed to break myself of the habit when I realized the commercial (chemical laden) products I was using were actually making my lips more chapped! Since then I keep a product called Mela-Gel on my night stand for really bad chapped lips (winters here in northern MN can be brutal) and it also works incredible on bug bites, burns and pretty much anything you can put it on that needs healing… But I wanted regular chap stick of my own to carry with me. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 06 2017

Barn door table, simple DIY wood working base for my deck!

Do it yourself how to I built my base for a big barn door table to create an outdoor eating area for entertaining on our deck, wood working tutorial

A post on how I built a base for a barn door table for outdoor entertaining on my deck! Many times I’ve gone out to my old barn (my grandparents’ old wood working shop) and grabbed something and stashed it somewhere safe for a future project. This barn door was one of those stashes! At first, I had planned on building a base that included shelves, storage and castors for my workshop in the basement. But, the more I worked down there (now that its finally semi-complete!) the more I realized that this big old barn door was just too big for that space! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 31 2017

My favorite kitchen appliances and my new favorite adult drink recipe!

I’m rather surprised at myself for being able to write a post even mentioning kitchen appliances because, honestly, I’m not that big of a fan. Seems to me that most (if not all of us!) have at least one or two random gadgets collecting dust in a closet somewhere! Just about every time I’ve either asked (for xmas etc) or purchased an appliance for myself I’ve always brought them home crossing my fingers that it will be something worth the price and the space it takes up on my counter top! So, these are the four I never regretted for a moment that work hard for me almost every single day I’ve had them! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 24 2017

Liquid Dish Soap Recipe, grease-fighting and easy to make!

Homemade, essential oils, hypo-allergenic liquid dish soap recipe, green recipes, natural, diy, do it yourself, very easy to make Homemade, essential oils, hypo-allergenic liquid dish soap recipe, green recipes, natural, diy, do it yourself, very easy to make

This is a post all about my homemade recipe for grease-fighting liquid dish soap! I have a confession to make, even though I said I had replaced all of my household cleaners with my own homemade there was one I just hadn’t tackled yet: Liquid Dish Soap. So, what have I been using to wash my dishes by hand with in the meanwhile? Well, I’ve literally just been dumping some of my homemade dry Dishwasher Detergent in the sink and scrubbing with everything I’ve got. It was actually working all right but I really wanted something for “real” that would have some “soapiness” to it etc. So, I got to searching and experimenting and FINALLY I landed on one that works great for us! Read the rest of the post »


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