DIY Blog Hop – Bloggers join us the first Sunday of every month!

We’re teaming up the first Sunday of every month for our DIY blog hop.
Contact me at if you’d like to join us!

Just an FYI this is a seriously NO PRESSURE group – email me to get on our group mailing list and you can join any month you would like – its all good!

Themes and Dates:

June 5 – Backyard / Deck / Porch (2022)
July 3 – Paint (2022)
August 7 – Organization (2022)
September 4 – Upcycle (2022)
October 2 – Fall (2022)
November 6 – Holidays (2022)
December 4 – Thrifty (2022)
January 1 – Build Project (2023)
February 5 – Mini Makeover (2023)
March 5 – Tips & Tricks (2023)
April 2 – Kitchen (2023)
May 7 – Gardens (2023)
June 4 – Outside (2023)

We put out a themed post the first Sunday of every month including the photo, link and title to the other gals who participate. Our logo is below if you would like to include it and here is a post of mine so you can see how I add the blog hop to the end.

We are always open to new ideas for themes – I try to keep it as broad as possible so we can interpret it in our own way / for our own blogs.

We ask that you let the group know if you plan on joining us each month and send all of us the TITLE, URL and an IMAGE by the Wednesday before. Or, at least let us know when you’ll be able to get us the info so we can be on the lookout.

I tend to go a bit off the grid on the weekends (I work in IT during the week besides this blog so I try to get a break from screens lol) so it really helps me a lot to get your post information as soon as possible before the following Sunday when it comes out.

Also we always pin and share the other gal’s posts as well as comment and have our posts go live really early on that Sunday.

Hi guys! Chas and I are teaming up the first Sunday of every month for our DIY blog hop. Feel free to just join us by linky up but you can also share it!