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So, its still winter here 🙂 We had a few days of almost record breaking high temperatures but now we’re seeing sleet, rain and ice and most of us are probably thinking that the cold and snow isn’t quite so bad. However, I admit, seeing the sun shine and the snow melt was all worth the ice and rain. It almost felt like March! We’ll be heading back into the averages again now though, which means teens and maybe twenties for a high and, most likely, more snow. But we’re over the half way point now with only February to get out of the way before we’re really looking at spring around the corner! Joe and I went ice fishing last weekend and enjoyed each other’s company while catching dinner. (That’s my knee, three holes in the ice and two propane heaters for those that may be curious and have never gone ice fishing before.)

Crappis and Ice Fishing!

I enjoy ice fishing especially when we catch enough for dinner, it definitely makes it worth it to me! Mostly though, it passes the winter months and gives me something I can do in Joe’s company. Sometimes if feels like I’m working on my house projects and he’s out fishing or hunting or something (not to mention our day jobs) and we don’t always have a chance to really just spend time doing something together. However, we do have ice fishing in the winter and golf in the summer and I am grateful for both things 🙂 Can’t wait for golf though!!

Trees covered in frost MinnesotaTrees covered in frost Minnesota

I had to stop at the side of the road the other day to take some pictures of the trees! We sure do miss the sun up here but, from time to time, we get some pretty gorgeous scenery in the winter. Yup I’m ready for spring 😉 There are so many projects I’m looking forward to starting and finishing once winter finally breaks up here! We have a garden to finish and plant, a little old shed that needs a new roof and new siding so it can be our duck coupe! Also, another out building that needs new siding and roofing not to mention yet another one that is beyond saving and needs to be tore down. We also have serious plans for our fire pit and a whole pile of sand just waiting for us to put to use! Just can barely stand the waiting! Over these last couple of weeks I finally finished up the entryway closet and got the closet doors all finished on our second floor. Next up I still have more closet doors (ugh) a whole plan/remodel for my office and a couple of smaller projects that involve another lamp (a gift from wood worker friend) and an old television that I want to convert into a shelf!

Thank you guys as always for stopping by and sharing our excitement in all of our projects! Stay warm out there!

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Making a shoe rack and closet storage out an old ladder


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