An old ladder gets retired to my closet as a ladder shoe rack!

Dec 21 2015
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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the amazing things done with old ladders on pinterest! My favorite of all time was an old ladder shoe rack and I just happened to have an old ladder myself! It was Grandpa’s and was used out here on the farm for many decades before being hung up on the side of the old garage where it hung for years upon years, just waiting for retirement. I never have the heart to part with anything I can make use out of and, from day one upon seeing this ladder, I tucked it away for just this purpose in my master bedroom closet! I knew it would make a fantastic ladder shoe rack for all of my high heels and, not to mention, beautiful throws and scarfs that I keep collecting… Ok, maybe “hoarding” would be another way of putting it, but I love them! And, I’m certain, one day I will wear them all at some point…

UPDATE: Go and check out our Master Closet reveal to see this project in action!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

You can see at the top of the ladder it still holds that AMAZING old hardware. You can’t really see it in the pictures but one of the rungs on the ladder was actually broken off one side and, initially, I had planned to make my cut to remove that so all of the rungs would be really stable. However, after making my measurements, I realized I would have to cut the top off the ladder to remove the broken rung and, thus, lose that beautiful old hardware. So, that was a no go!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

So, I cut the bottom off of the ladder and I was left with a mini ladder with four rungs that will definitely be finding another purpose somewhere in my home! I love the dark gray of the wood, I love the old paint spills probably from when Grandpa painted the barn or the house decades ago! When I made the cuts to remove the bottom portion of the ladder, I cut them at an angle with my jig saw so it would stand and lean better. I also put felt stickers on the bottom to protect my hardwood floors from my new ladder shoe rack.

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

I had the perfect spot in my master bedroom closet for the ladder, tucked in the corner across from my white tufted leather hassock and right beside the door to my bathroom. I started digging and found all of my high heels and pretty throws that have been in storage for three years! I do believe I am do for a time to dress up all pretty and wear those high heels! As a ladder shoe rack I can’t believe how well it works!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

I was actually disappointed to realize that I had purged all but five pairs of heels from my collection when I moved two years ago. I might be a bit of a hoarder but, when it comes to things I won’t use, I’m just the opposite, if its going to be in a bin in storage for ten years without my ever looking at it, touching it, or needing it, I’m going to donate it. Which is what I did with what must have been at least a dozen pairs of high heels that I never wore.

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in my master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

I did not, however, get rid of a single scarf or throw and I am so glad I didn’t! Now I have a beautiful place to hang all of them and shoe them off with the few high heels I have left! The old hardware at the top of the ladder was perfect for dangling several of my pretty throws. And all of the rungs (even the broken one!) supported the rest of my scarfs, throws and shoes with no problem!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in my  master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

I can’t believe just how much use that can be had out of an old ladder! I wish I had a couple more of them because I would definitely put one in my living room as a blanket rack!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

Thanks for stopping by guys and please consider sharing my ladder shoe rack – every share and visit helps keep my little farm running and helps me with future projects too! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIYOld antique wood ladder wooden working show rack in our master bedroom for high heals how to diy do it yourself upcycling recycling

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I love this!! How clever! Your dark walls and that bathroom!!! Gorgeous!!!

chris aka monkey

i love how you have so much respect for your grands stuff, i am 66 and it is so nice to see xx pinned


Very clever use of your ladder. I’m going to remember this idea. ‘-)

Diana Petrillo

Such a clever idea, Tarah! It’s as if it were made to hold shoes. I wish I had the space for one–maybe if I move a few things around…thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm 🙂


Absolute genius Tarah! I adore old ladders too. This is so clever. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. Love, Mimi xxx

Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

What a wonderful solution! I’d like to feature this post today at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing on Welcome Home Wednesday

Helen Fern

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY link up!

Cathy Lawdanski

Love it! It turned out just great. Good job. Thanks for sharing with #overthemoon!


Such a genius idea. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have again next week.


I love this!

Here from the Homestead Blog Hop!


Joanne E Boulter

I love the ladder! Thank you for sharing it at SYC! xx Jo

Frugal Hausfrau

That’s a fun idea~and who doesn’t need more storage space in an old house, plus it makes a gorgeous display.

Thanks for sharing this at Throwback Thursday this week.


Jann Olson

I have a bit of a ladder fetish! I have a similar one leaning against my porch pillar with a Clematis growing up it. Love what you did with yours, and yes; I love the character that the chippiness and paint splatters give to it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Holly McCall {McCall Manor}

What a great idea! I love old ladders and this is an extremely clever way to use one! Thanks for sharing!

Carla a.k.a Mrs. R

Hi Tarah, what an awesome idea! Like you I purged a lot of my older heels when I was cleaning out my closet. When it comes to clothes and shoes I use the 1 year rule. If you haven’t worn it in a year it’s time to donate it. I wish my closet was large enough to do this. I love it! Thanks for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays Pinned, Shared, Tweeted


Oh, I love this! Ladders are useful in so many ways. It looks like the ladder you salvaged has the perfect amount of rustic charm, too.


What a neat idea!!

I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


I love this old ladder. How lovely and looks so much better in your room. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party.

Audra @ Renewed Projects

wow! This is the cutest shoe/scarf holder I have seen yet! LOVE it! And that rusty hardware at the top is a major score, glad you kept those rusty gems attached!

Mother of 3

Such a cute idea! I love how you can see all the scarves at a glance!

Lisa Ehrman

What a beautiful ladder, and I’m glad you saved the top hardware. Thanks for sharing your great project at Together on Tuesdays 🙂


That’s a great way of utilizing old pieces. I have an old ladder in my place too that I love but don’t have anything hanging on it. It just serves as decor.


Love this transformation! What a unique way to use a ladder. I’ve seen them as blanket holders before but never as a shoe holder!

Jennifer Bly

What a unique, creative, and beautiful idea! I love it (and I love the worn look of that ladder)!

Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

Wishing you a lovely evening.

Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew
Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew

What a brilliant idea to repurpose a old ladder. Something pretty clever I must say. Thanks for sharing at the Pit Stop!


What a creative idea! My wife loves old ladders and wants to do something like this! Love how it turned out, thanks for sharing!

Gentle Joy Homemaker

It is so nice when a project turns out well and ends up being just what you wanted it to be! Your ladder rack looks great.

Jen Gregor

Love this! Such a good idea. Thanks for sharing at the Friday at the Fire Station link-up!


Hi Taralynn. I really enjoy reading your posts that include a repurpose of a family heirloom. Its a beautiful thing to see. This ladder is perfect what a great keepsake and useful article as well.


I love the idea! Thanks for sharing at Sew It Cook It Craft It.

Emily @ The Mommyhood Moments

That is so nifty! Funny thing – last night I was talking to the fiancé about redoing our closets and had a vision of using a ladder in it! <3 So this is just fabulous! (:

Heavenly Bodies

I don’t wear heels because I am tall, but I can see how this project could be revamped. So awesome pinned and shared, followed you from the Thoughtful Thursdays party.

Gentle Joy Homemaker

It’s nice to see the way your project turned out… looks wonderful! 🙂


I love how you value things from your loved ones and turn them into something more useful. Thank you for the inspiration!

Lisa (mummascribbles)

This is so fab! I just love your posts – most people would just take stuff to the dump but you find wonderful new uses for them. Awesome. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Lisa Pomerantz

What a great idea for a ladder. I have seen them used in bathrooms to hold bath towels. Either way, I love re-use! #ThatFridayLinky xoxo

Iris Nacole
Making a shoe rack and closet storage out an old ladder


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