Before and After lamp painting and adding a new shade!

Dec 02 2015
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Paint an old lamp white for a brand new look! First, some back story: upon merging our households, my (now ex) husband wanted to throw most of his furniture away. I allowed it with three pieces: A 1960s round coffee table made of particle board that looked about ready to collapse and two (very old) upholstered chairs, one was an orange rocker (that was broken and on its literal last legs) the other was a big green giant that was mostly held together with green duct tape. My aunt snatched the coffee table before it could be tossed (thank goodness because I was feeling really bad about that) but the two chairs got tossed and I remain pretty disgruntled about it… I mean… we certainly could have put them in the garage for a hang out spot… totally should have saved them. I know, its a sickness, but I’m just not any good at throwing anything away! Anyway, when he tried to toss this lamp I just shook my head at him. It was outrageously gaudy and grungy but I knew a little bit of painting might just transform it.

Painting a gaudy old lamp and adding a blue shade for a whole new look @GrandmasHousDIY

I started by taking the shade off and grabbing my can of white paint that I’ve used on everything at this point. Its a flat acrylic ceiling and trim paint and, I figured, if I didn’t like the flat paint I could always add a coat of clear poly to the lamp to make it shiny later. It took five coats of paint for this lamp to totally cover. I did a little scuffing on all of the gold and glass with a fine grit sand paper before painting it. (Note: Spray painting would have been a far better option but we have no place to spray paint here in the winter.)

Painting a gaudy old lamp and adding a blue shade for a whole new look @GrandmasHousDIY

Looking at the very plain white lamp base when I was finished I remembered I had a roll of twine left over from a couple of other projects and thought, “What the heck.” I really didn’t see how I had anything to lose at that point so I got to wrapping the lamp in two separate places. I think the twine really completed it and gave it the whole new look that I was going for. In fact, now with the blue shade, I think it has a little bit of a nautical look that I really like.

Painting a gaudy old lamp and adding a blue shade for a whole new look @GrandmasHousDIY

On planning this lamp project I was in Walmart one day with my mom and we browsed through the lamp shades for a few minutes. I honestly didn’t have much preference except that I knew I couldn’t do an off white or an “almost” white because the base was VERY WHITE. I needed a lamp shade that would be bold enough to stand up to the total whiteness of it all. This blue shade caught my eye. Fast forward a couple of weeks, with the lamp done and ready for a new shade I took Joe with me to Walmart to pick it out. I told him nothing of my previous trip and he headed into the aisle first (who knew I’d find a guy who would get excited to pick out a lamp shade lol) he immediately announced, “Oh I found the one!” and he picked up the blue shade I had already picked out. (Its these moments that make marriage pretty darned cool.) I just laughed and told him, “Great. Put it in the cart!” He said, “Really? You like it too?” I do love that man.

Painting a gaudy old lamp and adding a blue shade for a whole new look @GrandmasHousDIY

The lamp shade from Walmart was about $12 and, besides that, I already had the rest of the materials so, all in, this was an incredibly cheap project and, I think for the little bit of time it took and the little bit of money in cost us, it may be my most spectacular before and after yet. Truly, it is amazing what a little paint will do! The flat look of the paint has really grown on me too, I think it almost gives it a kiln-fired or clay quality, like an old pitcher.

Painting a gaudy old lamp and adding a blue shade for a whole new look @GrandmasHousDIYGaudy gold lamp gets white flat paint and wrapped twine for a makeover with a new blue shade, diy, do it yourself, crafts, lamp before and after

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Love this project! It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do to update something.

Pamela Lutrell

This is a great makeover. Loved how you designed it. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog hop!

Diana Petrillo

What a lovely combination of colors and textures, Tarah! You must be so pleased with how it turned out. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm 🙂

Liz Jo

It looks amazing! I have to do this with my lamps!

Thanks for linking up with Welcome Home Wednesdays! Live every Wednesday at 7AM CT.

liz @ j for joiner

Helen Fern

Wow! what a difference! Thanks for sharing at the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party – and don’t forget to leave a comment at the party! If you post gets featured, a comment gets it pinned and tweeted too!

Mary-the boondocks blog

Huge difference and great improvement Tarah. I love the addition of the twine as I am a huge twine aficionado myself. And the lamp shade was the perfect way to top it off. Pinning and sharing.


What a great makeover! Love the color you painted it 🙂

Edye |


Paint is awesome. Good for you to see that the old lamp had potential. You have a great creative eye


Fabulous DIY I just love what you did with the lampshade. I love the navy and white theme and painting the lampstand. It looks totally different. Thanks for sharing with us at Over the Moon.

lorraine Williamson

love how it turned out love upcycling projects thanks for sharing pinning and sharing have a great week

Tanya @ Mom's Small Victories

You did a fantastic job on this lamp, I LOVE the lampshade and the contrast of the navy and white looks classic.

Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup and I hope you linked up with our Pintastic Pinterest Party too. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!

Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

Very nice, I love the way your lamp turned out! Thank you for sharing at party in your PJs!


What a great makeover! You’d never know how it looked before. I love the addition of the twine.


I love finding old lamp stands and painting them for a new look. Great job and repurposing. I love to cover shades in fabric too. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

Sandra Garth

From a can of paint, oh my goodness this is beautiful!


I love, love, love your lamp makeover! The paint and shade really make it look like so fresh!

Jann Olson

You turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Gorgeous, good for you!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Carla a.k.a Mrs. R

Hi Tarah, It’s amazing how a little bit of paint can make such a dramatic difference. I have re-painted a few lamps in my house to go along with the new décor. I love how they turned out! Thanks for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays Pinned, Shared Tweeted


Wow, this lamp went from gaudy to chic-love it!


This is absolutely adorable! I would never have thought to update it that way. I love the color scheme. I am a BIG fan of navy and white! Thanks for sharing this at the #happynowlinkup


What a gorgeous makeover! The lamp shade is just beautiful, and the twine really does finish it off perfectly!


SO cute!! I love how this turned out!

I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

Frugal Hausfrau

Great makeover! Love the shade! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday!


Mariss- no more sore

Quite frankly I also liked the gaudy gold lamp especially the glass part. 😛 Anyway a great makeover.


You have transformed this lamp into something quite lovely. It doesn’t look a bit like it did before. Great job.

Lisa Ehrman

Super transformation! Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays 🙂


I love the transformation to this piece. You really brought it to this century and gave it a personality. Looks amazing!

Charlene Asay

I love this. I am going to be searching for lamps to makeover now 🙂 THanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week!


What a difference! The lamp looks terrific. I really like the touch with twine. Pinned

Carol ("Mimi")

The lamp looks so totally different! It’s 100% better with the white chalk paint, the new shade, and the jute wrapping. Super job!

Mother of 3

I just love the new lamp! What an awesome shade!


You’re one of my features today at the Sew It Cook It Craft It Link Party!

Emily @ The Mommyhood Moments

You take anything and make it fab. I love it. Thanks for linking up! I may need to go to the thrift store soon and get a lamp so I can make it into something adorable for my bedside table. <3

Gentle Joy Homemaker

The style now looks totally different!

Theresa Boedeker

This lamp turned out so cute. Love how paint will transform something. And the shade makes the lamp.

Robin Revis Pyke

Thank you for sharing! I have 2 table lamps that I love but I’m in the process of renovating our master bedroom. I’ve been searching for similar lamps in a different color. I think I’m going to try painting my lamps and changing the shades. Prayers!


Wow! I am surprised at how much I like this! Not sure why, but it turned out really cute. I agree with your comment about the flat paint giving it a kind of pottery look. And I love the story about “picking” out the lampshade with your husband. I’ve done that with mine a few times, and it is always a relief when he picks out something that I have had my eye on!

Iris Nacole
Making a shoe rack and closet storage out an old ladder


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