Link parties are fun because it gives bloggers a chance to share their posts on other bloggers’ websites so there’s a good chance you’ll get more people to see your posts 🙂 Most people who share always make a point to go visit the other links in the parties and often they will also start following you too. To share just click on the share button at the party (it is usually under the other posts/links that have already been added) then put in the blog post URL of the post you want to share, give it a title, type in your email then pick a thumbnail that represents it well. And that’s it, your link gets added to the list! Usually the blogger putting the party on chooses a few posts to feature/share the next week so then that creates even more free advertising for your post.

Most parties have some basic rules, they don’t want you to use just the URL of your home page but an actual post and they always want you to visit as many other links in the party as you can. Some parties don’t want you to share other link parties or etsy shops etc. which makes sense I think though I let other bloggers share their parties at my link party here at Grandma’s House.

I keep organized by keeping a big text list of all the parties grouped by the day they start and then beneath each party I list every post I have already shared there so I don’t accidentally share them at the same party again! I go through my list every day as early as I can and I share two posts to every party going on that day and try to visit as many other bloggers as I can. At the moment link parties are making up over 20% of my traffic! I keep track by putting a “*” on the list if there was no link party that week (when there should have been) when there are three “*”s beneath a site (three weeks) I remove it from my text list and this list and I also delete their button from my page.

(If you have a link party leave a comment so I can add you to the list!!)

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Also, some of these parties actually start the day before they’re listed in the list: There have been times when I’ve got there too early on the particular day their link party actually starts so I started just going there the next day.

Saturday Link Party

Sunday Link Party

Monday Link Party

Tuesday Link Party

Wednesday Link Party

Thursday Link Party

Friday Link Party

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