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Media kit at Grandma’s House DIY: Offering Sponsored Opportunities

The media kit at Grandma's House DIY offering Sponsored Blog Post Opportunity and Sponsored Giveaways and Sponsored Reviews on a case by case basisThe media kit at Grandma's House DIY offering Sponsored Blog Post Opportunity and Sponsored Giveaways and Sponsored Reviews on a case by case basis

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Grandma’s House DIY is all about YES, you can do anything you put your mind to! My husband and I devoted 16 months of our lives to single handely renovating and restoring my grandparents’ 100 year old farm house into our forever home. After that he and I literally breathe DIY around our little farm. This blog is all about doing everything yourself and that there may be no more satisfying a thing then the creation of a home, a room, a bathroom vanity, a saved rocking chair that was destined to the dump, a saved dresser that went from a beast to a beauty. These labors transformed us just as deeply and completely as all of the transformations we have created along the way and, at Grandma’s House DIY, you can see how we did it all and how can you do it too.

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Sponsored Blog Post
At Grandma’s House DIY I offer two sponsored blog post opportunities a month on a case by case basis (these may also be a product review)
$250 Includes:
– One blog post and/or review (written by me) and promotion of
that blog post will include all of the following:
– One link on Facebook & Twitter
– Inclusion in our weekly newsletter.
– At least one pin to an individual board & three pins to group boards.
– One Instagram promotion.

Sponsored Giveaways & Reviews
On a case by case basis I will include Giveaways in an upcoming post.
Product Reviews include my honest and unbiased opinion and for $50 I will include a review in a blog post but for a post completely devoted to your product please see our Sponsored Blog Post pricing above.

With an extremely niche audiance we are an advocate for self reliance, do it yourself, frugal living, modern day homesteading, wood working, furniture refinishing, upcycling, recycling, green recipes for the home and proving that you can literally do anything you put your mind to!

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