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What a Minnesota Spring looks like (hint: white stuff everywhere)

Apr 14 2016 -
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So I had been planning this blog post about Easter during a typical Minnesota spring and everything that was going on with us when Diesel passed away . . . So, we’re going to rewind just a tad and talk about our Easter weekend. I’m always stoked to get to go spend holidays with my big family. There’s eleven of us cousins with lots and lots of babies not to mention my great aunts and uncles all of whom I never get to see enough! So, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving are permanently reserved. Heading back to my aunt and uncle’s house for me feels a lot like going home, going back to my child hood. The very view of the lake makes me feel like I’m ten years old again (in a good way and minus the glass of wine in my hand.) Isn’t it gorgeous down by the water even with it still mostly frozen? Easter was a chilly but beautiful day!

Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel

March was an absolutely gorgeous month for us this year. It was warm, the snow melted and everyone felt certain we would be golfing by St Patrick’s day. We could have been golfing, honestly, and a couple of golf courses did open up but then, April arrived and this happened.

Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel

And it didn’t just happen once. We had a cold spell of about three weeks that left everyone in my entire state really cranky. It would get cold, snow, blow out of the north like crazy then warm up just enough to give us hope before doing it all over again. This went on for WEEKS. However, as I’m typing this (despite the fact that it was 13 degrees when I left my house this morning) we actually have a high of 70 on Thursday! Can I get a hallelujah!?

Meanwhile, going through my pictures, I came upon the last two I took of Diesel before he died Easter night so, I thought I would share them for lack of anything else to do. This one was the day before in my office, I made him a bed on the floor with a couple of quilts that he happily plopped down on. I loved that about Diesel: he loved to be accommodated and appreciated anything I gave him to cuddle with, chew on or lay down with. Often he would ask me to wrap him up when he was cold.
Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog DieselSpring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel

This one with the Teddy I took of him the night before he passed when he was feeling like I wasn’t paying enough attention to him and letting me know by barking at me, my response was to put his teddy on his head which Diesel totally ignored and continued barking until I wholly gave him an hours worth of brushing and cuddles. How glad I am that Diesel demanded some serious hugs and love from me that night as it was the night before the night he died.

Okay, so we are doing better. Diesel had been my dog as I adopted him before I was ever with Joe so I know it is going to be a longer spell before I get my feet under me again after this. However, Joe also took it very hard and it was only a couple of days after we lost Diesel that Joe had a day at home without me and he found every excuse and errand possible to not be there. The house is still too quiet and far too empty. I’ve had family members kindly mention the idea of us adopting another dog (I’ve had dogs my whole life) but I can’t even entertain the idea yet. Going through the loss of a pet is a trial, grief is not something we get through or get over it is more like something we get used to. The shock wears off and we find our feet again but we are now a person who lost someone who was really important to us . . . and we all know dogs never live long enough. So, having typed all that, no I can’t imagine bringing another bundle of hairy happy into my life again but I think Diesel would want me to. I think he would want me to save another dog like him, a dog that needs a home like ours, maybe a dog that needs me as much as I need him.

*deep breath* Ok, Guys, no more crying for me today! So, back to my complaining about the weather! Just kidding 😉 Summer has been promised for us by Thursday so I’m excited to post this one LAST picture of snow for (hopefully) many months!

Spring snow storms at Easter in northern Minnesota and coping with the loss of our Mastiff dog Diesel

We’ve actually got some house plans outside this weekend (yay) working on our fire pit and all of our plans for our yard!! Can’t wait to show you guys!

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