In sickness and in health and in a first snow storm

Nov 20 2015
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Well it is official, winter is here, ugh. I shouldn’t complain, the last time we had snow on the ground in northern Minnesota was 8 months ago. That’s gotta be some kind of record! However, this last year of mine flew by in such a glorious daze of work, life, the wedding, the house renovation, moving and so many other things that it feels like I blinked and, oh no, winter is back. I don’t mind winter (really I don’t) I would actually love winter if I didn’t have to do anything but work from home on my computer all day. But the driving in it, the working outside in it etc. Even the work on the house becomes just that much more difficult. Now, I will most certainly, have to move my workshop into our entryway as all painting must now be done inside the house, ugh. Having lived up here my whole life I knew this was coming and hence, got our butts in gear and finished the front siding of the garage the weekend before last!

UPDATE: December 15th, 2017. Joe and I are now divorced. I will not be deleting blog posts like this one as it is still a diary to some extent of my past and that still matters to me. I wish I had been more honest about how things were going to you guys here on the blog… I thought things would get better. There was always something: once this happens then he won’t be so angry… But, eventually, he ran out of excuses and I had to face my reality that I was wrong about Joe in every way possible. Grandma’s house is completely mine so now it can actually become what I dreamed it would be on all those late nights alone when I was renovating it. Happiness does not always come the way we expect it to (sometimes it even takes a broken heart to get us there) but I still believe in happy endings!

Rifle deer hunting season, a first snow, a trip to duluth and my first cold in two years in northern Minnesota @GrandmasHousDIY

And finally concluded the LAST of the siding to put on the house and the garage for MANY MANY YEARS!! Woopee! Joe hung it up using a nailer while I stood in the garage and cut, cut, and cut until it was complete. All in, it only took us a couple of hours but it felt like a real achievement, we’ve had “finish siding” on our list of to-dos for almost two years! The weekend before last was also the first weekend of deer rifle hunting opener and its a real big deal this far north. Joe is a bow hunter so it didn’t much impact us at all, he had already been hunting for weeks at that point and has a few more weeks to go to fill his last tag. Already, our freezer is filling with glorious venison meat and that makes me incredibly grateful, we save a fortune on meat every year because of this wonderful opportunity. I put an orange vest on Diesel for our daily walks and he put up with it with such gentle tolerance that I’m thinking I might have to make him a sweater so we can extend our walks a little longer into the year. (Yes, that is a human vest and its a large and it barely fits him lol yes, Diesel is on a diet.)

Rifle deer hunting season, a first snow, a trip to duluth and my first cold in two years in northern Minnesota @GrandmasHousDIY

Joe went up to help his dad this past weekend and gave me the opportunity to tackle a couple of projects that I’ve been just hankering to get to on my own. One of them was our counter tops, you can read about that here: Our oak kitchen counter tops looked like a hill billy after a bad fight missing some serious teeth. (How I screwed up and then fixed my mistakes.) and the other was the final finishing touches on our Laundry room, which you can check out here: Our laundry room gets spruced up with some paint and inexpensive storage! SO excited to get those finally all wrapped up! I have a plan for building our own closet doors, something that has been bugging me for literally MONTHS, the plan includes 2x2s, a little paint and some sheer fabric! I haven’t seen anything like them online yet so I am just STOKED to get to building, finishing and sharing! Once I get those darned closet doors done that will finally be the finishing touches on several of the rooms in this house!!

Rifle deer hunting season, a first snow, a trip to duluth and my first cold in two years in northern Minnesota @GrandmasHousDIY

I had the opportunity to head for Duluth for two days and a night with my mom to help plan for a family reunion next summer. Though I’ve lived here my whole life I have never once had the opportunity to see Duluth and enjoy the city at all. We had a blast! However, the weather was not in it for us at all! It torrential rained the whole drive there and then, when we decided to come back the next night (instead of waiting for the next morning) it torrential rained the whole way back! It was stressful (to say the least) I love to drive but it was all made so much worse by my coming down with a raging head cold that included a migraine like sinus head ache. We came back the night before because, looking at the weather we knew driving back the next morning would be through sleet, wind and snow and guaranteed slippery roads. I’ll take torrential rain fall over slippery roads any day! I don’t know about you guys but when bad weather comes knocking I want nothing more then to get my butt home.

So, we got home, safe and sound and I’m still fighting off an icky bug. The migraine across my poor nose and eyes has finally abated some, replaced by a cough and an interesting raspiness to my voice that either makes me sound sexier or no sound comes out at all. I’m beating it though and will be working on the house this weekend if it kills me. In the mean time I left work early yesterday and headed directly for the couch, a fuzzy blanket and my big dog as company. Yes, this is how Diesel feels he needs to cuddle with me, not beside me (oh no) as much on top of me as he can get his 120 pounds like he’s a little dog or something. I don’t mind. Stay warm out there guys!

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chris aka monkey

i moved from living in florida almost my whole to appleton wi the 1st year it snowed i was awestruck with it’s beautiful, the second a little less but still amazed at what could be done in the snow, the 3rd yr in october i said no freaking way and got out two weeks before the 1 st snow lol xx


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