Summer has finally arrived in northern Minnesota!

May 06 2016
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Well, finally, after several false starts I think summer is going to stick around for good this time (crosses fingers) we’ll just have to see, it is northern Minnesota after all! It’s wonderful to feel some heat and get some sun though, it has been a very dreary last few weeks. Joe and I have major plans for our yard, we have a whole L-shaped garden that wraps around our house to fill with black dirt and get to planting. It is our first attempt at gardening here at the old place and I’ve learned from other gardens I’ve had in the past that it is best to start small šŸ˜‰ We’ll have some tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and an array of perennial herbs (I am so excited at the prospect of not having to buy most of our herbs!) We also have plans for our fire pit and other yard work that we’ve been chomping at the bit to get to.

UPDATE: December 15th, 2017. Joe and I are now divorced. I will not be deleting blog posts like this one as it is still a diary to some extent of my past and that still matters to me. I wish I had been more honest about how things were going to you guys here on the blog… I thought things would get better. There was always something: once this happens then he won’t be so angry… But, eventually, he ran out of excuses and I had to face my reality that I was wrong about Joe in every way possible. Grandma’s house is completely mine so now it can actually become what I dreamed it would be on all those late nights alone when I was renovating it. Happiness does not always come the way we expect it to (sometimes it even takes a broken heart to get us there) but I still believe in happy endings!

Summer in Minnesota has finally arrived with tulips, honey suckles, peonies and rhubard

I’ve been keeping an eye out and am just elated to report that my Grandma’s tulips are growing happily, proudly and healthily along with one of her honey suckles! As is her old hydrangea as well as her peonies! I had guarded myself with the thought that the majority of them would not survive all we put them through during the renovation but they are ALL coming in better then they have in years! You may have read me mentioning my Grandma’s peonies before. Years agoĀ I had transplanted a whole pile of them over to my mom’s house. Three years later my mom moved forcing me to transplantĀ those peonies again. So, holding my breath, I moved them back to Grandma’s house now in a new locationĀ and I gave myself a 50/50 chance of them surviving it. Also there were a few left on the south side of Grandma’s house (now our dogĀ kennel) that I also moved and I just hoped for the best. They didn’t just survive the move though – they’re flourishing! Look at all those fabulous peonies coming in! On top of that I apparently didn’t get them all out of the dog kennel because there areĀ even more coming up in there! Yay! šŸ™‚ I imagine the entire side of our fence full of peonies some day.

Summer in Minnesota has finally arrived with tulips, honey suckles, peonies and rhubard

We also transplanted all of the rhubarb scattered over the whole property last year. We did itĀ a little late in the spring though so I was worried about it but I should have known better: rhubarb is tough. It is all coming in happily this spring and I am very excited to try some of my grandma’s old rhubarb recipes that I remember from when I was a kid. I wish I could say that I was flourishing as well but for the last three weeks I have been battling a lower intestinal infection as well as a bladder infection. I am not entirely laid up (though I’m told I should just be resting ha!) but solid food and I haven’t been getting along at all and the whole liquid diet thing has been good for my waist line but not so much for my strength. I’m tired, weak and dizzy. But, every day I am getting better now that I finally went in and got some help. (Have IĀ mentioned I can be stubborn?) And I miss Diesel desperately, he was always my living heating pad/teddy bear when I was sick. No amount of sickness would keep me from an estate sale though and I really scored a couple of weeks ago snatching a couch, two rocking chairs, a coffee table and two end tables for only $100! When I’m feeling better I’ve got lots of plans for them and can’t wait to show you guys!

Summer in Minnesota has finally arrived with tulips, honey suckles, peonies and rhubard

I already finished the makeover on the two little end tables and brought them into the house, I’ll post about their little country before and after soon! Despite my not feeling good those little tables didn’t take a lot out of me and it felt good to sit out in the garage and the sun working on them, even if I was sitting on concrete lol After that the coffee table, couch and matching rocker I have some serious exterior paint plans for them out on our deck!

I hope you’re enjoying some nice weather too right now! Thanks for stopping by guys!

Summer in Minnesota has finally arrived with tulips, honey suckles, peonies and rhubard

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