DIY All purpose and surface spray recipe!

Jan 23 2017
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I finally got tired of dumping vinegar on any of my countertops or surfaces I wanted to clean and decided to finally break down and buy a spray bottle. (I found this lovely little glass bottle on Amazon here.) Honestly I am a little embarrassed that I hadn’t made this sooner! The recipe is so very simple!

Easy to make all purpose and surface spray recipe utilizing vinegar, water and essential oils, inexpensive, frugal and green living!

Easy to make all purpose and surface spray recipe utilizing vinegar, water and essential oils, inexpensive, frugal and green living!

I use this spray on absolutely everything including my butcher block countertops! It leaves a pleasant and interesting smell behind. Of course every time I make it now I try a new combination of essential oils! Though I always keep tea tree oil in it because it has such great antibacterial properties. Its great for my dining room table especially and it leaves just a little sheen behind that I love. It also gets the grime off of my white back splash with little to no elbow grease. I also used it to clean out my microwave and it took care of it with just a couple of sprays and some good wiping.

Easy to make all purpose and surface spray recipe utilizing vinegar, water and essential oils, inexpensive, frugal and green living!
Easy to make all purpose and surface spray recipe utilizing vinegar, water and essential oils, inexpensive, frugal and green living!

Also, as you can see in the picture, the oils sit on the top so I make sure and give it a little shake before I use it so the oils get dispersed throughout before spraying. This also works fine on glass and mirrors but I’m not looking for a streak free shine necessarily, just looking to get it good and clean and I use just a soft kitchen towel. So far I haven’t found a situation yet where I don’t love this spray! It’s great for light dusting too – I just spray a little on the towel I’m using and hit my coffee table and end tables etc.

Easy to make all purpose and surface spray recipe utilizing vinegar, water and essential oils, inexpensive, frugal and green living!

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I love all of your natural recipes, Tarah–and some day I’m going to get around to trying them!! Pinned πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm–

Helen at Pleasures of the NW

I like this idea – And I love the scent of citrus – Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

Sylvia D.

Tarah, Thanks for sharing this spray recipe. It sounds like a great alternative. One of my favorite essential oils is grapefruit bergamot. Sylvia D.


I love all natural products and the smell of your all purpose spray must be amazing. So refreshing. I’m going to have to try this combination Tarah, thanks so much

Jane A Meeker

I am unfamiliar with Essential oils. Is it possible there is one that is common in most recipes so I would only need one, is it just for scent or does clean also? Are their generic brands? Any advice is appreciated. Jane in Oregon

Jann Olson

Great idea to make your own spray! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


I used to be so good about making my own cleaners. Perhaps it’s time to get started again with this recipe? Thanks for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!


What a great idea. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing!


How neat! πŸ™‚

I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


Great idea for the recipe. It will be fun to try this DIY.


This is honestly perfect because I am just in the process of starting to use natural homemade makeup etc. and I also want to transition to using natural cleaners, too! However, I’m currently still living in a shared flat, and my flatmates aren’t really into natural cleaners, so I have to wait until I move into my own flat with my boyfriend in a couple of months, but I’m saving this for then! Thanks for the recipe! πŸ™‚



Great stuff here Tarah but if this DIY cleaner of yours is really that good (I will be testing it out soon), you better take it for licensing or something. Trust me, a lot of people would find it beneficial. Cheers!


Great idea! It must smell good too! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


Hi, I love natural products and have been looking for a DIY cleaner option. I love the essential oils that you have used and shall give this a try #inspiremelinky

Roseann Hampton

I love using tea tree oil as an antibacterial product! Thanks for sharing your recipe!


I have been looking for natural cleaning recipes. I will try this one!

Julie S Pit Stop Crew

Thanks for sharing your surface spray recipe to the blogger’s pit stop. Very informative.

Sandra L Garth

This is going to save money and space in my cupboard, thank you!

Ann @ Live The Old Way

This combinations sounds like it will smell fantastic! Thank you for sharing it with us at the Homestead Blog Hop!


Hi Tarah,
Love your recipe! I use all DIY cleaning products. I use DIY citrus vinegar spray – made with orange peels soaked in a glass jar with white vinegar for a 3-4 weeks and it works great. Sharing your recipe on twitter & pinning. Congratulations on being featured on Homestead blog hop. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

Iris Nacole
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