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Barn wood in the basement and I took a bit of a tumble…

Sep 30 2016 -
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Our last weekend started off so much fun with an end of the year golf tournament, I had no idea it would go WAY down hill from there. First I caught a major head cold and then I took a tumble off of our deck 🙁 But, I’m getting ahead of myself, Joe was able to come home early from his job out of town so he headed right off hunting at the end of last week. My man is a bow hunter and he filled both of his tags with a couple of gorgeous deer for us. I know a lot of people think hunting is a bad thing but we use all that we can of the animals and provide them with the kindest death possible. Joe and I are conservationists, we feed deer all year around, helping them through the winter and doing all we can for them. By hunting every year Joe and I have not ever had to buy beef and thus: I’ve never had to support the commercial beef industry, I hope someday I can say that about all of the meat that we consume. With those two deer we packed away nearly 100 pounds of meat in our freezer and I am SO grateful. Eventually we hope to get ducks and chickens too: my goal is to never ever have to buy meat in the store. So proud and grateful of my man.

UPDATE: December 15th, 2017. Joe and I are now divorced. I will not be deleting blog posts like this one as it is still a diary to some extent of my past and that still matters to me. I wish I had been more honest about how things were going to you guys here on the blog… I thought things would get better. There was always something: once this happens then he won’t be so angry… But, eventually, he ran out of excuses and I had to face my reality that I was wrong about Joe in every way possible. Grandma’s house is completely mine so now it can actually become what I dreamed it would be on all those late nights alone when I was renovating it. Happiness does not always come the way we expect it to, sometimes it even takes a broken heart to get us there, and I still believe in happy endings!

Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.

On Saturday we had an end of the year golf tournament with friends. It was so much fun, a little chilly, but it is such a great way to say good bye to summer! My dad called and asked if I could come over and help him cut and lay carpet: something neither of us had ever done. Ugh. I asked him right off the bat, “How much do I owe you if I mess this up!?” it is SCARY when you’re holding a utility knife and you’ve only got one shot to make the perfect cut. Dad and I prevailed, glued his new carpet down in his two bedrooms and then I installed his last three lights too. This is my favorite part of every build or renovation 🙂 I love being there as things are coming together, he might be moving into his new place this weekend! I’m proud of him because between him, my brother (and a little help from me) he built that place literally from the ground up with no outside hired help! In exchange I asked him to help me get a light cover hung in my basement. I’m going to be putting up a full post about this soon but this is what I did: I had a florescent light that I hung up in the center of the room and it needed a cover, so I grabbed an old window from the barn (no glass left in it) and built a 2×6 frame to fit the window. I painted the inside of the frame white and stained the outside, so I needed someone to hold it to the ceiling so I could screw it into place around the florescent light.

Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.
Then he held the window up to it so I could screw the hinges in. I just used some sheer fabric on the back of the window to cover the light up. (It is several inches away from the bulbs and I looked it up: we’re safe) then I swung the window up and latched it and BOOM, I think it looks WAY better then it should have lol! I’ll tell you guys more about it one day when I can get a decent pic of it. Joe brought me a load of pallet wood for the basement walls, it was gorgeous stuff but I knew it wouldn’t be enough so I went out the barn one night and brought a big pile of barn wood down to the basement too.

Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.
Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.

I’m just using a brad nailer to tack it the wall, it is turning out way more time consuming then I thought it would, nothing is really the same size lol, its like a big jig saw puzzle! But, I really love it and I can’t wait to get the rest of the basement done! It was that night, after finishing up in the basement when I could no longer deny that I was sick. The next day Joe came home to find me on the couch, snuffly and pouty and trying not to cough. I got a head cold 🙁 But, it could always be worse, I’m not laid up or anything mostly just crabby. When Joe headed out to the woods for a bit I headed out to fill our bird feeders. Remember those cute chairs I made into end tables for our deck? Well, I’ve been stupidly using one of them as a step stool to fill our bird feeders. I am the first to say that I knew better. It collapsed beneath me and I was (of course) in the corner where the deck is the farthest off the ground and we don’t have spindles yet, just a really high railing. I had just got up on the end table when it happened, with a heavy glass bird feeder in hand when it went, I first hit my left wrist on the railing (in an attempt to save myself) so the bird feeder went up in the air (ouch my poor arm/wrist) and I landed on the way down, hitting my right thigh directly on the edge of the deck and, to add insult to injury, the bird feeder landed on my head before I finally fell completely to the ground. Now, kids, a lesson: Always eat right and exercise because one day you might be sharing a picture of your bumpy thigh for all the world to see:

Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.

You can actually see the two sides of the deck edge where it broke the skin and I took this picture this morning, only ten hours after it happened. Wow is it gonna be colorful! I have to laugh at this ridiculousness, I can’t believe I did that to myself. What was really funny was my horse (my Arabian gelding whom I’ve had for 20 years – since I was 11!) saw it all happen from across the pasture and came running. He got as close as the pasture fence would let him and stared at me with the same look he always gave me when I fell off of him, “Why are you on the ground!? Are you ok?” He would have been right there, his big nose right in my face like he was checking to make sure I was still breathing. He was the first thing I saw when I caught my breath, throwing his head and stomping – I could almost hear him yelling, “Tay took a tumble!” Joe came running then because I yelled for him and I’m sure I sounded like I was dying (I already do because I have a cold) and I was half crying out of pure self pity. Oh well, I’m totally fine and didn’t break any bones and I honestly wish Joe hadn’t been here, he said, “This is why I don’t want to leave you alone!” I told him I wish this had happened on Monday when he left for his job all week then maybe he wouldn’t be worried, he said, “Honey, it would have pretty hard to hide that bruise!” He’s right, I never could have hid this sucker. I’m going to take pictures of this thing as it graduates into all the colors of the rainbow!

After that tumble, I think I’m going to take it easy this weekend, maybe wrap myself in bubble wrap.

Basement progress with barn wood and pallet wood up on the wall and I took a tumble, adding insult to injury.Make money by shopping online by using Ebates!

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  1. Ann Seabolt
    September 30, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    I know I’ve done similar things myself. Just recently used a bar height patio stool as a ladder just praying I wouldn’t fall off onto our slate patio. Made it! Whew

    • October 1, 2016 at 3:36 pm

      Ann, yup we all do it and just hope for the best lol! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Sue
    October 3, 2016 at 4:20 am

    Oh Hunny, I used to do stuff like that all the time, as a result I am not allowed to use the table saw, the router, the circular saw, the power ANYTHING, climb the ladder, and ESPECIALLY not allowed to stand on a chair to reach anything. Well I am 70 so it isn’t a good idea for me to mess with that stuff anyway, so since I am “not allowed”, then he has to do those things and I sit on the porch swing and cheer him on~!!

    • October 3, 2016 at 5:08 pm

      Sue it is just so funny! I never get hurt doing anything dangerous it’s always me being silly and clumsy feeding the bird feeders or something like that! So I totally know where you’re coming from.

  3. Candy Walsh
    October 3, 2016 at 5:04 am

    Ouch! That looks a lot worse than I imagined! You are one lucky girl it wasn’t worse!
    Be careful please 🙂

    • October 3, 2016 at 5:07 pm

      My goodness Candy you should see it now, it got bigger and it’s SO dark! But, it does feel better 🙂 This is just like me lol to hurt myself doing something like the birds!

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