3 Ideas For A Sleeker Home Design

Nov 11 2018
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One thing I’ve found with my own home and room designs is that there is a huge difference between creating cozy and creating a cluttered space that feels claustrophobic. Step one: surfaces should be kept open and clean giving the space a feeling of openness. Step two: accessories should be kept at a minimum and kept in an orderly fashion. Though my home design is not modern by any means I find those two rules always make my rooms feel sleeker and light.

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Every homeowner thinks about sprucing up their household on occasion. It’s not just a case of your home becoming worn out as time goes by but the design looking a little dated or uninspiring.

Whether it’s that you’ve become bored of the way your house looks or that its style is out of fashion, here are 3 ideas for a sleeker home design that might help you to get your humble abode back on track.

Use Creative Storage Solutions

Obviously, as important as a home’s aesthetic might be to people with the designer mindset, a household needs to be practical too. You have to fill it with belongings, furnishings, and appliances to make it functional.

The problem is that functionality can sometimes get in the way of design. You might want a sleek home that’s spacious and minimalistic but you’ve no idea how to achieve this end goal without getting rid of important things in your home.

Decluttering can only get you so far; some important belongings can’t be discarded. However, whilst you can’t discard everything you own, you can start storing things in a smarter way.

Get creative with your storage solutions. Put up more shelves on the walls to create additional storage space. Put up a unique jar organizer on the wall to store your small belongings in a artistic manner.

Store things under beds

Get vanity stools with storage compartments rather than leaving your morning essentials scattered all over your bedside table. You should also try to keep your home’s outdoor area looking tidy. (Maybe you could try out this BearSaver Bearier residential trash cart enclosure.)

That way, your bin would be kept neatly stored out of sight. If you want to create a sleek home design that’s still functional then find creative ways to store your belongings.

Keep Away from Trends

If you want your home to look sleek then avoid trends.

It might be tempting to hop on the latest style because modernity feels fresh, but your house won’t look fresh when the next trend comes in. If you want to avoid renovating your household every few months then opt for a style that’s timeless.

Natural materials are a good option. Nature doesn’t follow trends. Wooden design, for example, is always stylish.

You might want to think about creating an urban modern wooden style if you’re looking for a classy wooden look that has a glossy and contemporary finish. You should also use a neutral color palette to keep your home looking sleek and bright.

Neutral design isn’t tied to a particular style, but it’s a good way to keep your house sleeker and and more modern.

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Use Statement Pieces

Decor is important when it comes to creating a sleeker home design.

You need to give each room in your house some character. The best way to achieve this effect is to use statement pieces.

For example, you could get a unique piece of large-scale art to make a loud statement in a room. A colorful and vibrant piece of artwork spanning the width and height of a wall will instantly catch your attention and the attention of any guests in your home.

It’ll make the space in your house feel bold and vibrant!

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