5 Ways to Sell Your Old Home Fast

Dec 14 2020
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Older homes can be a hard sell to most buyers. Owning an older home myself I honestly don’t blame them but what might scare some people away could be selling points for the right buyer. Updating things such as paint and flooring you can do yourself and increase the value and salability of a new home really inexpensively. I think if you’re planning on selling to try and remember that most folks who are willing to buy an older room love the unique quirks that they come with. Don’t cover up that beautiful old character but, instead, enhance it.

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Keeping your home in pristine condition is a hustle. You spend money keeping and maintaining everything in perfect condition. A dilapidated house in a great location is a turnoff, regardless of having an elegant design or structural soundness.

If you’re thinking about selling your old home, a quick sale will save you money. You also get the chance to move to the next chapter or the next investment opportunity.

Real estate properties always pique the interest of buyers during the first few weeks of listing. A home seller must grab such opportunities and get a good deal during such a short window. The following smart ideas will help you sell your old home fast and get the best deal:

De-clutter and tidy up the house

A cluttered and untidy old home is a turnoff for many buyers. A kitchen with greasy tops will leave your home listed for far too long. A few buyers would knowingly buy an old house whose maintenance cost will run into thousands of dollars. Warm your way into the hearts of buyers by clearing any mess before listing your property. Some buyers are looking for homes to move into immediately. Additionally, a tidied room gives buyers a clear mental picture of the square footage of your home.

Spruce up the interiors and exteriors

Old homes have an unmatched aura that can really help them sell. The magical feel of a 19th-century country home speaks of defiance and sturdiness. Overgrown trees, grass, and flowers may obscure the beauty of your home. Weed the flower garden, remove the deadwood, or cut down those trees or branches. You can opt for DIY or hire professionals, such as BCS Tree Service, to trim or plant trees around your home. Fresh smelling flowers blooming in your backyard may be all you need to land a buyer for your house.

Hire a certified agent

Certified agents with connections in real estate markets will get your house sold in a few weeks. Realtors can tap into their network of clients and get you the best deal on your old home. Enlisting the help of a professional will help you set the right price for your property. The fee you pay these agents is relatively low. Carry out due diligence to ensure that you get a qualified professional. 

Always list right

The right listing price considers the time of the year, market trends, and location of your property. Avoid being overambitious when quoting your price. While you’ll need a little wriggle room when negotiating with a client, setting overly high prices can be a turnoff. In case the house stays too long in the market, don’t delist the property. Consider slashing the price. However, always ensure that all the costs incurred in transforming the home are included.

Use social media

Social media ads have the potential of reaching millions of people. These platforms are powerful marketing tools that can get you a buyer very fast. You can even ask your friends and family to popularize your ads.

Selling your old home fast gives you the chance to invest in new projects. You also get to raise money for a down payment. However, landing a buyer within a short period is a challenging task. Get your home ready to sell by making repairs and renovations and contacting an agent.

Older homes can be a hard sell to most buyers. Owning an older home myself I honestly don't blame them but what might scare
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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