9 Home Upgrades and Improvements That Pay Off

Jan 17 2023
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There are so many fun and incredible upgrades and improvements we can do to our homes and, oftentimes, for not a huge amount of money! Something we’re really looking forward to this winter / spring is replacing our countertops. We’re going to buy butcher block because its very inexpensive but, even better, it is exactly what we want in our home!

Spring / summer deck tour! I actually wrote this post over a year ago in the spring of 2021 when I was still young and full of hope lol.
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Aside from improving your home appearance, there are many reasons why you should upgrade your home. These include enhancing its comfort and livability and adding personality. Whether you just bought a new home or are planning a makeover, it is smart to invest in your house and improve your quality of life. However, a recent US survey shows that homeowners will spend double the national average to renovate their property. In this case, which home improvements are worth the expense? Continue reading to learn 9 home upgrades that pay off.

  1. Change your kitchen countertops

Countertops are an essential part of your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. They make a large visual impact and must endure cooking, spillage, craft time, and regular cleaning. It is time to replace your countertops If you have high-quality cabinets yet unattractive countertops. Materials such as quartz can offer a fresher feel while boosting your kitchen functionality and ease of maintenance. Upgrading countertops might influence the current backsplash, sink, and faucet. This modest kitchen remodel is ideal for considering an easy-to-clean layout featuring an undermount sink, brushed taps, and a tile backsplash.

  1. Update your garage doors

A new garage door is a quick and easy solution to boost curb appeal with many different styles. Builders recommend adding new for greater insulation and updating your garage windows for more natural light if you have the space as a workshop. The updates might seem minor, yet they can make your garage more pleasant. According to a cost versus value remodeling study, replacing your garage doors may offer better resale value returns on your investment.

  1. Deck and patio installation

A 2021 survey suggests skyrocketed interest in outdoor areas, and it remains a location many homeowners want to improve and enjoy. Also, adding a new deck, regardless of size, can positively impact your home value. With only a few pieces of furniture and lighting, you can transform the outdoor area into a versatile room where you may work, play, and entertain. Hardwood can be pricey, and a wood deck may seem a luxury, but you can be confident in its resale value. Composite decking, on the other hand, is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, with a high return on investment.

  1. Solar energy

Reduced material prices, tax relief, and incentives have made solar energy a more affordable choice for homeowners. Even though it is a considerable financial expenditure, the demand for clean energy is driving solar near home. Solar power may help you save money on your energy costs and lessen your carbon emissions. Consider using solar as your emergency energy backup if you cannot run your entire home on solar energy now. After all, it can keep your home lights on while powering the fridge when the national grid is out.

  1. Window treatment

Selecting the ideal window treatment can be tricky with the many options available. Certain options are best suited for certain home areas during the day or night. Often the scenery from a window is too beautiful to hide. For example, the city lights view at night is greater than the same view during the day, which slatted blinds better cover. Also, replace your windows as soon as possible if your living room is experiencing cold and windy weather. The right window treatment can prevent losing valuable heat and keep your electricity bill from skyrocketing. Energy-efficient windows can prevent drafts, which makes your home warmer. 

  1. Cool roofing

Heat is an issue everybody is interested in addressing. Fortunately, investing in cool roofs can give you the peace of mind and energy savings you need. Compared to the traditional regular roof, cool roofs reflect more sunshine and retain less heat, enhancing energy savings and indoor comfort. While replacing your roof gives you the greatest options, you may also enhance an existing ceiling to complement your cooling efforts. Wood ceilings, for instance, offer a natural appearance and a feeling of warmth and comfort to your spaces. You can follow this guide on how to install wood planks on a ceiling to update your home.

  1. Increased kitchen storage

Increasing your kitchen storage will allow you to explore your culinary talents and equipment further. Adequate storage for your tools, appliances, and pantry goods can help make your kitchen tidier, more practical, and more pleasurable. You will be much more interested in developing new culinary skills if your kitchen offers more storage and functionality. You can add specialized organizers to cabinets and drawers to make the most of your current cabinetry. As classic pantries make a comeback, try converting an unused kitchen corner, utilizing the wall of an adjoining room, or repurposing a nearby closet. This expanded storage will benefit your daily life and raise the value of your property.

  1. Bathroom modification

Bathroom enhancements, such as new worktops and fixtures, yield strong returns. However, it is best to avoid anything overly fashionable and select classic elements, such as off-white subway tiles. This bathroom upgrade can appeal to both conventional and contemporary preferences. There’s also no need to overspend on fixtures. Consider hiring a surface-restoration business to recoat porcelain, fiberglass, and ceramic fixtures so they seem like gleaming new porcelain for a simple swipe on existing tubs, sinks, and toilets.

  1. Landscaping

Your home’s front is the first thing individuals notice about your property, so any modification, particularly landscaping, will be worthwhile. Don’t hesitate to invest in perennials that will return year after year. Trees, for example, are beautiful to look at and offer other benefits, including helping prevent erosion, limiting rainwater runoff, and decreasing greenhouse emissions. The plants in your landscape can also filter contaminants in your groundwater. Houses with beautiful, mature trees are much more appealing to prospective home buyers. Begin from the curb to your front door when deciding which portions of your yard to care for first.

Even with all the above tips, it is vital to be patient to put your home together. It is common to see people binge and spend on expensive makeovers only to return after a few months to fix avoidable mistakes. It is best to do things slowly and purposefully. Be patient, live inside your space, and figure out the most vital updates you and your family needs.

There are so many fun and incredible upgrades and improvements we can do to our homes and, oftentimes, for not a huge amount of money!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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