Answering Most Popular Questions about Door Numbers

Dec 08 2023
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I’ve become kind of obsessed with a show I found on HGTV called Caribbean Life where people look for homes on the islands. Roatan Honduras is officially my bucket list island now. Many people buying look for rental properties whether in the form of big bed and breakfasts or just a secondary living space to rent out. Several of them I saw used some pretty fun door numbers which is immediately what I thought of when I read this post!

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The use of particular interior elements might be confusing for some premises owners. Door numbers are no exceptions. Their proper choice and use might determine whether the visitor’s experience will be positive or not. That’s why we believe that it’s necessary to have some of the most popular questions about number plaques clarified. Keep reading to learn the most relevant answers.

Where to Buy High-Quality Door Numbers?

First, let’s start with discovering the place where such goods are available. If you need uniquely designed door numbers — Bsign is the top-tier manufacturer of such accessories. Except for a wide assortment of different plates for all styles, Bsign offers unique services customizing your order to your specific needs. This is possible thanks to the hand-crafting approach and the use of cutting-edge UV-printing technology.

Where are Door Numbers Most Necessary?

Once you’ve learned about a good supplier, let’s figure out whether such a navigation system is even relevant to your place. Most frequently door numbering is used in there:

  • Hotels: Any hotel interior is impossible without a clear system of room identification. Find an effective solution for this.
  • Educational institutions: Numbering classes in a big educational institutions is important to help new learners and teachers seamlessly find their way across the premises.
  • Offices: Although nameplates are more popular in office premises, number signs can also be used to establish a proper wayfinding system.
  • Apartments: In many countries, door plaques that number apartments in multi-storied buildings are required by law. This ensures better navigation for both dwellers and emergency services. Very often door numbers are necessary for private houses as well, but in such cases, they have to be of bigger sizes and feature better durability.

What are the Types of Door Numbers?

These symbols can be classified according to different features. Above, we’ve already discussed their classification in terms of functional use. The next most popular way to differentiate door numbers is by their materials.

Wood, stainless steel, and acrylic glass are considered most reliable and aesthetically attractive. Wood plaques will perfectly suit the rustic interior design. Stainless steel solutions will effectively complement a classy atmosphere in hotels, while acrylic signs can enhance the modern minimalistic design.

How to Attach Number Signs Properly?

There are several important recommendations that help you ensure the proper placement of door number plates:

  1. Choose your navigation style: If you are going to use numbers to identify hotel rooms, consider using one of the numbering systems — either succession or zig-zag placement. This is necessary in order not to confuse visitors.
  2. Adjust signs’ features: To be visible, door plates have to be of proper sizes. Also, it’s necessary to ensure that the sign’s color is contrastive with the color of the background surface.
  3. Choose an effective mount approach: If you want to ensure that signs will be attached firmly, choose screws. But if you don’t want to impact the surface, a tape mount will be sufficient.

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(This is a collaborative post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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