April 2022 – Some Seriously Horrible Weather

Apr 22 2022
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I really wish I had anything good to say about April 2022 here in northern Minnesota lol. I said in late March (when we had a lovely warm up) that mother nature could throw anything at me and I wouldn’t mind at that point because we were so close to spring… I WAS SO VERY WRONG. We got nearly two feet of snow over the first couple of weeks of April. I got my car stuck in our yard… TWICE (that has NEVER Happened) we had snow on the ground for nearly six months this year…

My 2019 Birthday Present to Myself: A Stay-cation vacation to Work on My Kitchen! Painting away the smoke stains and surviving this horrible awful winter!

We burned through nearly 200 bags of pellets when normally we would only burn around 160!

Poor Lodi has seen the absolute worst of this state after he moved in two years ago. I feel like I keep reassuring him that its normally not this bad…

Unfortunately we’ve also been fighting a mouse and Asian beetle situation. The Asian beetle looks A LOT like a lady bug except they’re not native (Minnesota introduced them for some agricultural reason that I don’t remember…) they really stink and they bite!

They’re a huge problem in a lot of people’s houses…

They’ve never been a problem in this hose before but something about the drought and major heat conditions of last summer meant that when they hatched it was in biblical-like swarms.

We’ve been fighting to get rid of them ever since and it is just NASTY.

Knowing we’re not the only ones does help a bit – but still!

As for the mice coming in this spring, that’s not that surprising. They’re just little field mice and this is, after all, a 100 year old farm house.

Still pretty gross though and a bummer to have to deal with…

April 2022 I am really just hoping neither the weather or these issues somehow become our new normal. But, for the second year in a row, Minnesota experienced severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings and winter storm warnings all at the same time… more than once lol.

We’ve always been an extreme weather state but this is ridiculous!

Unfortunately I don’t have much to report here besides bad weather… our wedding is only a few weeks away now (EEK!) But we’re basically all ready so that’s a real relief for us both.

April 2022 Easter was great because we got to see all of my extended family at once for the first time in years due to Covid.

Like with all families we are experiencing the shifting that happens when the grandparents’ pass away…

I am very fortunate to have most of my family so close to me and have even worked with several of them over the years because of my day job. (Its a small town.)

I’ve mentioned it many times here on the blog that I’ve always wanted to have a family gathering out here every summer. This year, finally, I’ll be able to pick that dream back up again with our reception including all of Lodi’s friends and family as well.

We’ll see how it goes but I’ve got a wonderful feeling that this is something we can plan and look forward to for many summers and many years to come.

April 2022 I’m going to share my German mashed potatoes recipe again because I’m certain my family looks forward to it more than seeing me. (Only joking a little on that one lol.)

It is cool as heck though to be known for something I made up!

Though its so simple I’m not sure I can take real credit for it…

German Mashed Potatoes

10lbs Russet Potatoes
1/2lb Diced smoked ham
24ozs Canned sauerkraut (drained)
2 Sticks salted butter
2 Tablespoons crushed garlic
2 Bunches of diced green onions

Peel and cube the potatoes, boil and then drain them when they’re soft. (Then I just let them hang out in the colander so I can use the same pot for the next step.)

Cook the ham, sauerkraut, garlic and butter until the sauerkraut softens (about half an hour) then add the green onions right at the end so they don’t brown.

Mash everything together with the cooked potatoes and use garlic salt and black pepper to taste.

Loosen with heavy cream until its the consistency of Heaven.

Because its a lot (even though its a simple recipe) I usually make it the night before and keep it in glass bowls I can microwave the next day before we leave. (I then take it in a crock pot so we can keep it warm when we get there.)

I think draining and mellowing the sauerkraut is what makes this dish. It adds a tangy crunch that brightens the whole thing up but, without cooking it, it would just totally take over.

Not to mention the smoke of the ham adds flavor happiness throughout too!

So, on the subject of food…

Did I tell you guys we got an Air Fryer for Xmas?

Well, its absolutely amazing!

And I am always really hesitant adding appliances to our lives to clutter the counters. (I owned both a George foreman grill and a rice cooker for years before I finally gave them away without ever using them…)

But, with the death of our toaster and the putting away of our stand mixer we had a perfect spot for it!

We only pick up dinner (or skip dinner), or go out, a few times a month so having anything that can make suppers easier is life changing!

You guys, I can cook perfectly crispy, glorious chicken thighs in about ten minutes and there is almost no clean up. I made salmon in it last night. Eight minutes, perfect crispy skin, moist salmon… I’m still just stunned by it.

I think the clean up is the biggest thing though saving hours of my time in the kitchen is huge.

I may never use my oven again lol…

This summer when its really hot its going to be wonderful to have!


I really wish I had anything good to say about April 2022 here in northern MN lol. I said in late March (when we had a lovely warm up)


  1. April 23, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Love your blog ! The photos and explanations are what I look forward to each week. Thank you !

    Hope we’ll get to see lots of wedding photos,…please ? !

    • April 25, 2022 at 9:31 am

      Thank you Cynthia, yep there will be lots of photos!

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