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Jun 09 2016
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As most of you probably have already heard me say: I LOVE MY MASTER BEDROOM. However, I don’t love everything about my master bedroom lol, a DIYer’s life is never without projects is it?! To check out my master bedroom head over here. There is one major thing in this room that is just NOT working for me and that is: our bed frame. We actually don’t really have one – what we have is the typical nasty little steel frame on wheels that everyone has owned at one point in their lives. First thing I hate is that the wheels are making scary awful marks on our hardwood floors I also hate that the underside of our bed is nothing but a giant dust bunny collector. On top of that the “box spring” that we are using between our “mattress” and the frame is actually not a box spring at all – it is entirely made from plastic and was actually made for my old Sleep Number bed that (very sadly) did not survive two years in storage.

After fifteen months of renovation come and see our hollywood glam master bedroom reveal, before and afters!

When my wonderful sleep number bed made it clear that it could not be saved we had to come up with a “mattress” replacement. With a crushed vertebra in my neck and several back injuries in my past and after spending the last year sleeping on a regular spring mattress we were NOT going to be getting a spring mattress under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES because I really like to be able to wake up and still have the ability to walk like a normal human being in the morning. So, I found this beauty on Amazon (affiliate link)! 😀

WE LOVE IT! I am SO impressed with this bed but it has caused a problem in our setup because beds like this one weigh an absolute TON. Now, my plastic bed frame “box spring” that came with my old sleep number bed was not in any way built for a bed that weighs very much. (Seriously the sleep number beds weigh almost nothing in comparison because they are, in fact, just glorified air mattresses.) So, as you might imagine, our plastic “box spring” is starting to sag and its killing my back and my neck and I’m royally unhappy about the whole situation. On top of all of that, I’ve always had the plan to build us a new bed frame anyway, something that would not destroy our floors, something that would never move and something that would eliminate the amazing dust bunny breeding ground we have going on under there right now. On top of all of THAT if you look really close you can see what is an actual headboard peeking out from behind all of those pillows. We have an awesome tufted white leather headboard that I made years ago that I adore that you can’t even SEE most of the time! So the bed needs to be lowered and I’ve been working on a plan so, of course, I’ve been researching on Pinterest!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

This king sized platform bed with six storage drawers from over at was one of the first bed frames I completely swooned over. I love it but honestly I do NOT have the experience to build something this gorgeous and I just know I’m going to be building our new bed frame out of barn wood but isn’t this a stunner?!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

This one I saw from is probably my absolute favorite on this list 😀 This is a bed from a hotel in California called Drift San José and I am in love! The idea of using railroad ties is incredibly appealing to me, I love how rustic this is while still being comfortable, practical and easy. There is nothing about this bed frame that I don’t adore!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

Is that not the prettiest little bedroom you’ve ever seen!? Vintage Revivals is one of my all time favorite blogs online and this picture is just testament to why so many other people follow them and love them too! This is a full plan for that pretty little platform bed and it gave me a TON of insight and ideas for how I’m planning to make our bed frame!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

I don’t usually link to products like this one but isn’t this a neat bed frame from Urban Outfitters?! I love that it includes storage (so smart) and the feet are just so modern and great. There are so many things about this bed frame that won’t work for us (like the feet on our hardwood floors) however, seeing that storage got my mind really working, wondering if I can’t incorporate something like that somehow!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

Shanty 2 Chic is a fabulous blog with a TON of building plans. I spotted this bed over there and all my bells and whistles started going off. Now, minus the headboard, this is almost exactly what I’m looking to build. I like that there is a “lip” and the main frame of the bed sits well under that and kind of “disappears” One day when we get another dog that “lip” will make a great step to make it easier for him to get into and out of the bed. (Yeah, I know, I’m literally designing our bed frame so our future hypothetical dog can sleep with is and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.) Also, the bed sits down “inside” from the “lip/step” so though it looks like the mattress is just sitting on a flat solid surface its actually not, its a little lower so it won’t be moving at all. LOVE!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

I don’t think there’s anything you could possibly want to build that Ana White doesn’t have plans for! Here is almost the exact bed I plan to built except that it will be made out of barn wood that will probably not be stained at all but will be sealed. So, essentially, I will be building us a platform bed just like this one!

Many of these be frames use “slats” across where the bed will be laying I’m going to opt for plywood so there will be no pressure points on the bottom of the mattress. All in, I don’t think this will be difficult nor very time consuming to build. What has stopped me so far from getting this done are two reasons. Firstly, this “mattress” of ours is very heavy (as I’ve already mentioned) and I’m apprehensive to try and move it on my own to get it out of the way so I can build the new bed frame. Secondly, I hate taking anything big upstairs because we have a VERY narrow stairwell and though I’ll be building the whole bed up there, there are still going to be large pieces of wood I have to get upstairs without beating the heck out of the drywall.

Wish me luck guys! You’ll be the first to see it after I get it built!

Bed frame inspiration board DIY, platform, wood working, build, tips and tutorials bed frame.

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