Bedroom Basics: Laying The Foundations For A Beautiful Boudoir

Jul 08 2018
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After removing everything of my ex husband’s from my home the very first room I tackled was my master bedroom. A sanctuary is absolutely vital for our mental state, our healing, our very lives. Rest is imperative for us to function well at all! The majority of my home felt corrupted to me, designed entirely on the desperate hope to please a toxic and miserable human being. So many bad choices, so many compromises to the point that very little was here that made me happy or spoke to my heart at all.

My home felt bleak and imbued with bad memories and the lies he told me and the terrible way he treated me. The first month alone here I touched every wall, every painting, every single square inch. By week three it felt like mine again and I not only had a plan, but I was elated and inspired!

For the first time since this home became mine it actually truly was JUST MINE!

The first room I tackled was my master bedroom. I made it entirely me and it was just one of the many many things I was finally able to do that truly made my divorce one of the best choices I ever made! My bedroom felt like Heaven and my house felt like home again.

I cannot stress how important our bedrooms are to our health and happiness my master truly nourishes and calms me now. Between mugwort and lavendar essential oil, to a brand new rug, new sheets and a new comforter, everything here makes me happy. In fact there have been a few Sunday mornings when I didn’t bother leaving that room until the AFTERNOON! lol

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Two thrift store lamps from two different eras and places get new shades and a paint job that bring them together and create cohesion between them for my master bedroom in chrome spray paint and shiny rustoleum black gloss paint. How to, diy, do it yourself lamp makeover, how to

If you’re planning to renovate a new house before you move in or you’re revamping your home, your bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important projects.

We spend around 8 hours per day in our bedrooms, so it’s critical to create a space that promotes comfort and oozes calmness and serenity. If you’re drawing up plans or you’re ready to start work, here are some tips to help you lay the foundations for a beautiful boudoir.

Bedroom Basics: Laying The Foundations For A Beautiful Boudoir. Your bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important projects and should be a place of home

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Colors and themes

Think about your perfect bedroom. What do you envision? It’s a good idea to create mood boards and have a look around for inspiration and ideas before you set anything in stone.

Consider different colorways, think about the kinds of themes you like and work out how you’re going to turn your ideas into reality. Do you want to design a peaceful oasis, a rustic, cozy room or a chic, modern space, or are you keen to channel an opulent boutique hotel style vibe?

Cut out images from magazines, save screenshots, and figure out how you want the finished article to look.

Once you’ve got an idea of the theme and colors you want to use, you can turn your attention to furniture, textures and soft furnishings, and accessories.

Introducing my brand new guest bedroom and library reveal! Country girl, country chic, country style, farmhouse style, farmhouse girl, farmgirl charm with sweet and easy design, grandma's quilt in a 100 year old home, floating barnwood book shelves and a beautiful stained glass window. Home Tour

Bedroom furniture

Every bedroom needs furniture. Perhaps the most important investment is a bed. When you get into bed, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and content. You don’t want to be tossing and turning.

If you haven’t replaced your mattress in years, take a look at sites like to read more about different types of mattresses and check out some reviews. Your mattress should provide support for your back, neck, and shoulders while you sleep.

Once you’ve chosen a mattress, you can figure out what kind of bed frame you’d like, and then focus on creating a stunning focal point. You can also think about additional furniture you require.

If you’re short on space, try and avoid filling every available square inch with chests, tables, and chairs. Use your closet to store clothes and shoes and display frames, candles, and plants on wall-mounted shelves.

Savvy storage solutions, such as beds with hidden drawers and wardrobes with pull-out trays, are also great for compact spaces.


If you’re renovating, it’s wise to explore different flooring options.

Consider the size of the room, your budget, and the theme you’re keen to embrace. Wooden flooring is low maintenance, it suits most styles, and it can help to create the illusion of more space while carpets are ideal for adding a luxe, cozy feel.

If you’re unsure, take a look at these great ideas on Pinterest!.

Bedroom Basics: Laying The Foundations For A Beautiful Boudoir. Your bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important projects and should be a place of home

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Are you planning a bedroom makeover or are you in the throes of a home renovation project?

If you’re looking to design a beautiful boudoir, there are certain jobs you need to get out of the way first. Think about the overall look you want to achieve, consider what kinds of furniture you need and explore different flooring options.

Set a budget, shop around, and create a mood board to help you plan your revamp step by step.

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Bedroom Basics: Laying The Foundations For A Beautiful Boudoir. Your bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important projects and should be a place of home

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