Bedside Tables: A Buying Guide For Any Bedroom

Nov 03 2023
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I love our bedside tables now that I’ve added in a power strip for both of us. I can’t even believe how much more convenient it is to have two outlets and two USB plugin ports right there on top! A lot of new tables are being built that way too (I’ve noticed) they’re also starting to add in ports to the table lamp bases. Goodness knows most of us do a lot of out charging right besides our beds!

Master bedroom tour, the final completion of the entire redesign of our second floor bedroom. Woah guys how many months has it been!?
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Whether you are completely renovating your bedroom or are simply in the market for some new furniture, your project will not be complete without a bedside table.

This humble piece of furniture provides the finishing touch to any bedroom, as well as offering additional storage. Due to the fact it is so common and such a simple item, a table for the bedside often gets overlooked when it comes to renovations.

When you are so focused on finding a deal on a bed, decluttering the closets, or choosing the perfect shade of paint for the walls, it makes sense for something as simple as bedside tables to be forgotten.

However, once your project has come to an end, you will soon realize your mistake as you will be missing such a vital element to the bedroom.

To prevent this last-minute crisis, we have created this buying guide to help you find the best bedside table for your bedroom, no matter what that looks like.

What To Look For In A Bedside Table

Bedside tables can be a great finishing touch to the bedroom if you have the space available.

With many designs, sizes, and shapes now available, bedside tables are not only an attractive addition to this space but are also incredibly practical, too.

They provide a surface for all the bedtime essentials, such as medication, books, and a reading lamp, as well as offering a space for you to keep your nighttime drink, eyewear, and jewelry as you get comfy in bed.

Adding a set of bedside tables on either side of the bed will give the room a uniform, completed look that allows the rest of your interior design efforts to stand out.

If you have been used to having a bedside table, you will struggle to be without one because they are so useful, so you want to make sure you invest in good ones during your renovation.

With so many options out there these days for bedside tables, it can be difficult to know where to start. When shopping for any kind of household furniture, especially something as valuable as tables for the bedside, it is a good idea to ask yourself questions to determine if you know exactly what you want and need in the home.

Even though it may seem like such an insignificant piece of furniture compared to everything else in the home, a bedside table can make or break the interior design of the bedroom, so you want to consider your options carefully.

When shopping for a bedside table, consider the following questions to help find the best one:

  • What is the best height for a bedside table?

The best bedside table height will vary based on the kind of bed you own. The table needs to work in conjunction with your bed and should be either level with the mattress or just slightly higher.

It is recommended for bedside tables to be no more than 4 inches higher than your bed.

This is the optimal height, not only for the aesthetics of the overall bedroom but also practically for your bedside table to ensure you can access everything you need from your bed.

  • What kind of storage do I need?

Bedside tables can come with drawers and shelving to offer additional storage in the bedroom. One or two-drawer bedside tables are the most common, but these are not your only options when shopping.

To find the best bedside table for your space, you first need to consider the kind of storage you require in the bedroom and what you will be using the table for. Some items will be best kept inside drawers to prevent additional clutter in the bedroom, but shelving can be suitable for items such as books and lighting.

A bedside table can be a great addition to the bedroom by offering additional storage, as long as you choose one that can accommodate this. With additional storage, you will find it easier to keep the bedroom tidy, so it is something to consider.

  • Do I need two bedside tables?

The answer to this question can vary based on your budget and the size of your bedroom.

However, it is common to have a bedside table on either side of a bed that accommodates two people. This creates a symmetrical appearance in the bedroom, as well as being the most practical option for your family.

  • What style should I choose?

Bedside tables, like all bedroom furniture, are available in a range of styles to suit any taste.

From antique French to sleek Modern styles, there is no shortage of options when it comes to bedroom furniture these days, and you can always find something that matches your current interior design.

For many people, bedside tables are bought to match the rest of the furniture in the bedroom and create a complete set, but you do not have to conform.

You can experiment with different styles of interior design by mixing and matching the items you have in the bedroom, including bedside tables, to come up with your own style.


The humble bedside table is perhaps one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture in the household, yet it completes the bedroom.

If you have the space for them, you should consider adding these tables to the bedroom.

Whether you are completely renovating the bedroom or are simply looking for new pieces to add to your current space, bedside tables can be very useful. They can offer additional storage to help keep the bedroom tidy as well as create the finished look to the bedroom that you may be missing.

There is no shortage of styles for bedside tables these days, ensuring there is going to be something to suit every home.

Spending some time determining what you’re looking for before shopping for a bedside table will make things easier for you and ensure that you get the best fit for your bedroom.

Planning the new furniture layout in my unisex redesign of my guest bedroom after new masulcine paint and decisions to make it more grown up
(This is a collaborative post, for more information about our compensation please read our disclosure policy)

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