Nighttime Hacks for Better Sleep

Nov 16 2018
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Getting a good nights sleep is something that I absolutely work hard at and cherish. But, for someone who loves sleep and her bed so much, I have a notoriously terrible history of insomnia and night terrors. I have my own nighttime hacks that help get me to sleep faster and stay alseap. First thing is first though: if you are uncomfortable in your bed room getting a good night’s sleep is already an uphill battle. After my divorce I tackled my entire master floor and my bedroom and, for the very first time since I was a kid, my bedroom became a haven.

Sleeping beside someone that is causing stress or pain in your life (whether emotionally or otherwise) is a stress none of us should have to live with. If we can’t sleep we simply CAN’T heal or ever be healthy.

Once the space we’re sleeping in has become a space of peace and relaxation there are a number of little things we can do to improve our sleep.

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Who doesn’t have a bad night’s sleep every once in a while?

We’re always working longer, stressing more, and dealing with so much in our own lives that it sometimes spirals out of control. We all know how important sleeping well is to our health, yet so many people today struggle with sleep problems.

How do we get more quality time with sleep under the covers? While of course diet and exercise play a role in our sleep quality, there are a few hacks that might speed up our sleep process so we’ll find ourselves in dreamland faster and for longer. Keep reading for the best sleep hacks you’ll want to try today.

Update Your Bed

If you’re still sleeping on a lumpy old mattress, it’s time for an upgrade. We can all agree that your mattress has a lot of effect on your sleep quality.

If your mattress doesn’t fit your body or it keeps you tossing and turning all night, you’ll wake up feeling more tired than when you fell asleep. Don’t live with an underwhelming mattress.

Look online for the power bed base by Reverie to get a mattress that always works with your body.

Stop the Blue Light

The blue light is what you experience when you look at an electronic screen. Yep, your phone, your TV, and your tablet all emit this dangerous blue light.

No, it won’t hurt you, but it will majorly impact your sleep. If you’re prone to any late-night television watching or scrolling your phone into the late hours of the night, you’re likely exposed to too much blue light.

This blue light and sleep have big consequences. Because this blue light makes your body think it’s actually sunlight, your body is tricked into staying awake.

Your body relies on external clues to know when to go to bed. These lights are no good for you around bedtime.

Take a Night Shower

Many of us are morning shower takers, and that’s all fine and dandy. However, taking a shower at night might help you fall asleep faster according to science.

Because your body temperature drops when you feel sleepy, you can recreate this sensation by taking a warm shower an hour before bedtime. This drop in temperature might make you want to snuggle into your bed.

Practice Muscle Relaxation

If we’re still reeling from the stress of the day, it’s easy to tense your muscles at bedtime. Unless you can afford a nightly professional massage, releasing these muscles is harder than it looks.

If you practice muscle relaxation techniques, you might be able to keep your body calm and prepared for sleep. Start by isolating your muscles one by one.

his takes practice, but the mental focus can help you from a racing mind at bedtime. Go from your toes to your head relaxing each muscle as you go. This practice is known as P.M.R. or progressive muscle relaxation.

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Schedule Your Nighttime Worries

Let’s face it: we’ve all spent minutes or even hours lying awake worried about something. Whether you’re stressed about household chores or family, don’t just lie there and accept your anxious fate. Get up and find a piece of paper. Write down everything that’s got you worried.

This alone might help you feel more relieved. If not, keep going by writing down a specific time and day you’ll handle this problem or worry.

Now that you have set an actual time to handle this stress, you don’t have to let it bother you anymore. Instead of worrying about the problem you had with your sister, you’ll know you have a scheduled time to talk to her about it tomorrow. Now you have enough mental space to find sleep at long last.

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Getting a good night’s sleep sometimes feels like rocket science.

It shouldn’t be so complicated. This is what human bodies are designed to do. Yet so many of us struggle to catch enough z’s on a regular basis. Start making changes today with these tips above to feel rested every day.

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