Simple budget-friendly tips to transform your backyard

Aug 20 2020
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There’s a lot you can do cheaply to really improve your backyard, patio, balcony or deck areas. Check out local listings for outdoor used furniture that might only need a coat of paint to look brand new. I found inexpensive stools online and Lodi and I made a whole bar area on our deck for only a couple hundred dollars! It remains our absolutely favorite date night spot for when we don’t feel like leaving the house.

I've been seeing bar top deck railings all over the internet the past year and it occurred to me that its definitely something we would get use out of!(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

You’ve probably thought about redecorating your backyard or balcony area, but didn’t want to spend a fortune? With a bit of devotion and creativity, you’ll realize that great DIY projects do not necessarily cost that much, and we can prove that. Whether you need a quick repair or build the outdoor concept you’ve always imagined-you can do many if you set a starting point. Sometimes, all you’ll need is to plant a few flowerpots or paint the fence.

Here we’ll propose a few entirely budget-friendly ideas, including DIY furniture and easy landscaping tips to create the corner you’ll love.

Define the area you’ll work on

This is the first and most important thing you have to consider. Many of us are not clear of the space we want to be renovate-would the sitting/lounge area, complete gardening/crafting work or maybe both? In the end, we risk spending a lot of time, money and energy on renovating and what was supposed to be fun and fulfilling, might become very hard on you.

Indeed, you don’t want to lose your determination somewhere in the middle. So, the more detailed and precise you are, the more time and money you’ll save. Ask yourself-of all this space I have, which area would be my cooking/lounging area? When you do this, the rest of the area is more comfortable to handle because you’ll start to follow a line.

Play with color and flooring

When you’re looking at the colors, choose the ones that will reference and complement the living spaces inside the home. Define the theme and overall story behind your home style and select shades for your outdoor furnishings, plants, lights and decorative items.

Though you shouldn’t exaggerate with intense and vivid colors, eye-popping details will sure make a statement. By sticking to your interior colour theory, your yard or balcony will visually become bigger.

When it comes to flooring, the standard contrasting geometry elevates the patio, with a touch of elegance and simplicity. Approach with a similar vibe by considering alternatives different from wood or stone. Tiles may not be your first choice, but if you pick them wisely considering their texture and endurance, they might turn out quite right.

Provide right seating

Depending on how far your seating areas are from your indoor space, you might want to consider hard pieces of furniture.

Many of us are under the impression that they have to choose stainless steel or plastic material. You can use wood that takes a long time to rot. The next option is to recycle old items. You probably have many pieces of furniture that you consider throwing away. Well, save them, because you can use a lot of this for your backyard. Here, we talk about old chairs, bed frames, big pillows and mattresses and coffee tables.

Think outside the box and furnish your outdoor space with elements usually reserved for the indoors.  Paired with flowers and plants, you’ll add to the beauty and organic vibe of your backyard.

Lightning is important

People start to notice that excellent and proper lightning adds to space’s atmosphere. It all depends on the overall mood you are trying to achieve and project. Wrap neon lights on trees or branches, hang them on the wall or use candles for special occasions or parties. Also, if space allows, consider building a classic, stone campfire.

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than gathering your family or a group of friends around the fire, along with storytelling and stargazing sessions. Watching the clear starry sky at night while chilling in the backyard is probably one of our favorite outdoor activities.

Something is satisfying while you wait for a falling star or try to spot the constellations. For the cloudy days, here are the mobile apps that simulate the night sky or themed games like the Starburst online slot game that perfectly captures the celestial atmosphere.

If you’re for a modern and sustainable setup, make it contemporary, because it is easier to handle and maintain. Also, lights can be found at a variety of price points to meet any budget.

Details for a statement

Here, we think about the ideas that make one backyard or balcony stand out.

One of the approaches that many people adopt is choosing one authentic element that will later dictate the style of the yard. Whether that’s a fountain, hammock, or a wooden cocktail bar-preferences and tastes are up to you. After you decide what would be your central element, it’s much easier to set up the plan about seating, decor and flooring.

In the end, try to reuse and recycle whenever possible if you want to challenge your creativity and ending result. Visit your local thrift shops and check whether there are any local garage sales.

By using and purchasing used items, you can save thousands of dollars and keep some lovely pieces out of the trash. All you need is time and little creativity to think things through. Enjoy the process!

Here we’ll propose a few entirely budget-friendly ideas, including DIY furniture and easy landscaping tips to create the corner you’ll love.(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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