Grandma's House DIY
Do it yourself at Grandma's House DIY. Come along with me as I frugally (and totally on my own) revamp and remodel my entire home. My grandparents' farmhouse was built in 1915 and after 16 months renovating and a ton of blood, sweat and tears I moved in in 2015! There's still a TON to do and so many improvements I just can't wait to get started. Come see how I do it frugally, creatively and entirely DIY!

Oct 20 2019

My Garage: Screen door, solar lit path and Insulating my stock tank

Installing a new screen door on the side of my garage, digging a weedless solar lit path and using pallets to turn my stock tank into an insulated bench!

Outside my garage there is actually quite a bit to do so this is just the tip of the ice berg but getting this done really made me feel like I was getting somewhere! This old screen door of mine was here when I moved in. I made it a little bigger and painted it red for my deck a couple years ago but once I purchased the magnetic screen doors for the rest of my deck doors it was time for this old door to get replaced too! That left it for me to use on my garage so it all worked out! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 22 2019

Livestock Mats – An incredibly overqualified area rug for my garage!

Using very heavy livestock mats to make a very over qualified area rug in the back of my garage. Horse stalls, underfoot mat for over concrete.

(Adding the most overqualified area rug ever to my garage using eight livestock mats.) Disorder, things not being in their place or unfinished or disorganized clutter will eventually drive me totally and completely NUTS. My garage being the disaster its been for five years now has slowly been chipping away at my sanity. This spring I tackled it long before our snow was gone, making a giant pile in the center of it of all of my furniture and hauling another dozen bags of trash to the dump. Getting everything off of my walls took SIX DIFFERENT BITS on my impact driver oh and there were nails too! The sheer ridiculous randomness of it all left me just FURIOUS. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 15 2019

Covering my Garage Walls with Plastic and Bubble Wrap Insulation

Covering my garage walls with plastic and then bubble wrap insulation with help from two friends on a hot day before moving on to hanging a door

With lights up, power run and the walls insulated my friend Rachie asked if she could come help me. The last job for “completing” my walls was first to cover them in thick plastic and then to cover them with the big rolls of bubble wrap insulation I found to use instead of foam board and steel. Its a long story: I couldn’t get 4×8 foot sheets of anything in my mom’s SUV and the steel I wanted to use for wainscoting was a loss. SO, after fully despairing and walking around Menards for two hours, this stuff was the alternative I found. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 08 2019

Paper Pom Pom Wreath – A Keepsake for a Friend!

Making a birthday keespake wreath for my best friend using paper pompoms and wreath materials, do it yourself, diy, paper crafts with the farmhouse hens

Making a birthday keepsake wreath out of paper flower pom poms for my friend Rachel. I threw her birthday party at my place earlier this summer and bought a pink happy birthday kit from Amazon that included 18 flower pom poms. One night before the party I “created” them over the course of a couple of hours. I love how they turned out! They reminded me of a peony crossed with a luffa! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 01 2019

Fiberglass Insulation + Me + 90 Degree Heat = What was I thinking?!

Putting up fiberglass insulation in all of the walls of my garage on one very hot day and regretting it. Finally getting my garage insulated!

Fiberglass insulation is no joke! I’m sorry this post does not include a selfie of what I looked like at the end of insulating my garage. (Actually it includes some pretty crappy pictures to be honest and I’m sorry about that too.) I didn’t even want to touch anything out of fear that I may somehow infect it with the fire ants that were covering my entire body. It was GORGEOUS outside and NO ONE was allowed to complain about the heat because we just had winter for like nine months. It was 90+ in my garage, it was a Friday, I was stoked to tackle it, to sweat, to work in the heat, to work outside, to insulate my garage, I couldn’t wait! Read the rest of the post »

Aug 18 2019

My Garage Plan, Updates, What’s Left and Balancing the Budget

Summer to-do-list finally finishing my garage, putting in raised beds in my garden and replacing the stone on the outside of my house with siding!

My Garage Plan: rolling with the punches! As most of you know from my 2019 summer post I’ve been working on my garage for LITERALLY months now. When I was growing up our family home had a three car garage that was just awesome. (Seriously, I spent one winter rollerblading in part of it!) Having a large garage was an absolute must for me. So, back when I tackled this renovation, my brother and I went to Menards and I ordered myself a BIG garage. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 04 2019

Dog Space, a Safe and Comfy Spot just for My Grand Doggos

Creating a safe and cool dog space inside my home with a doggie door where the dogs can be out of the way but still warm with food and saddle blankets

Making a safe, cool dog space in the summer time for over July 4th weekend and many years to come. Most of you on the blog know that I am a Fairy Dog Mother. I love my best friend Rachie to death but I admit I stop over there from time to time to visit my Grand Doggos too. Anyone with pets knows how hard it can be to find someone they trust to take care of their animals while they’re gone. I love that I help them by dog sitting but, really, all we do is eat, cuddle, nap and dance in my kitchen! I love having them to spoil and cuddle with! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 21 2019

Applying Window Film to my Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Adding Window Film to my Glass Cabinet Doors and New Open Kitchen Shelves above my kitchen sink with lovely brackets purchased on Amazon

How to apply window film to glass kitchen cabinet doors. I’m finally coming to the end of my my mini kitchen remodel and just finished tackling my lower cabinets and the shelf above my sink. Leaving me with a pile of stuff that now belonged in my upper cabinets. The issue was: NONE OF IT WAS PRETTY. Apparently, I just don’t have many pretty things… Which is a problem because the windows I used for cabinet doors you can see through… because they’re windows! Read the rest of the post »

Jul 14 2019

Replacing My Barnwood Shelf with Two Open Shelves Above my Kitchen Sink

White open kitchen shelves with prety corbels painted white above my 100 year old cast enamel kitchen sink and DIY do it yourself sink base out of barn wood

I mentioned a while back that I was moving away from the rustic look entirely. I sanded down and stained my beams before I started most of my other renovations. Also, when I refinished the floors here in the kitchen I sanded down and stained my kitchen sink base as well. With that complete my attention turned to the big barn wood shelf and I knew I wanted something totally different and far more delicate. Read the rest of the post »

Jul 07 2019

Drink Station Decoration with Silk Daisies and My Old Kitchen Table!

Drink Station Decoration summery outdoor decor with daisies checkered towels and table cloths, rustic, farmhouse living and life out on the deck party

Decorating my drink station with daisies and fun accessories. I’ve found that when hosting summer parties on my deck that my designated “drink station” needs to be well away from the buffet of food. Turns out people like to “hang around” where the drinks are and tend to stall a whole line of people behind them lol. Or maybe that’s just us Minnesotans?! The “watering hole” at my parties always seems to be the first place my friends and family congregates. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 30 2019

Adding Side Out Storage Solutions to My Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Adding purchased slide out storage shelves and solutions to my lower cabinets, major upgrades to organization in my kitchen remodel progress

Adding slide out storage and built in solutions to my lower cabinets. Have I mentioned before that I don’t really consider myself a real “wood worker”? I can build a wall, a really solid bench and would love to build a house one day. But when it comes to more delicate and refined work I am a novice AT BEST. Case and point: the two drawers I built for my kitchen. I HATE THEM. So, I’ve been in the middle of my mini kitchen remodel for a while now and I’m taking my time to get it right. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 16 2019

DIY Irrigation for My Gardens – Leaky Hose Upcycling!

Making DIY do it yourself irrigation for my vegetable garden raised beds and my perennial flower beds using old, leaky discarded hoses, practically free!

DIY “Irrigation” made from old leaky hoses for my vegetable garden and perennial flower bed. As anyone who has ever watered anything outside knows it can be a real (and literal) drag moving hoses around. I had a little sprinkler thing for my vegetable garden but its arc was WAY too big for it and now that I built my raised beds it was basically worthless and (even before I built them) it mostly just watered the lawn. My L-shaped flower bed by my house was probably my biggest drag though when it came to all in pain in the butt to water. Read the rest of the post »

Jun 02 2019

Raised Beds in My Garden – Building with Oak and Barn Wood

Using leftover oak and barn wood to build tall raised beds in my small railroad ties garden that I built two years ago in my yard.

Building raised beds in my garden using up wood from my barn stash. I made the HUGE mistake of using hay in my garden the year before last to help keep the weeds down. I really really really researched it too and everywhere online said that hay would work just as well as straw. Well now we all know that to be very very very wrong and you can easily find that to be true online now too! I should’ve known better! Hay is a perennial and I was growing it four feet tall in my garden last year. So, this is how my garden looked when I started lol Read the rest of the post »

May 26 2019

How to Spot Stain a 100 year old Hardwood Floor

How to spot stain a 100 year old hardwood floor to make the unfinished floor and the finished floor blend in to each other make it disappear

How to spot stain a wood floor. With that hideous wood stove finally gone there was no missing the big glaring spot of unfinished floor in the middle of my kitchen! Years ago, when I was in the middle of one VERY cold winter and in the middle of gutting and renovating this entire house, I chose to get my wood stove installed ASAP. I needed the heat! So, when the time came back in 2015 to refinish the floors I didn’t move the several hundred pound stove to stain the floor beneath it. Read the rest of the post »

May 19 2019

Small Remodel – Making my Kitchen Closet Bigger

I was able to abandon my chimney and put my pellet stove beside my kitchen sink and it made it possible to add more feet of wall space to my kitchen closet

A small remodel: making my kitchen closet bigger and still getting a bigger kitchen! Back when I first considered getting a pellet stove a thought occurred to me that made me EXTREMELY excited. I realized that I may not need to put my pellet stove where my wood stove was! And, it turned out, I was right! I was able to abandon my chimney and put my pellet stove exactly where I wanted it instead of dead center in my kitchen where my hideous wood stove was. Read the rest of the post »

May 10 2019

Booze & Bedding, A simple Gift Basket for Mother’s Day

Booze and Bedding for my mom for Mothers Day. A simple gift basket for mom with daisies, red check, wine and the california design den sheets

I have my own set of sheets from the California Design den and I absolutely LOVE them. Like most folks around Mother’s Day I always want do something sweet for my incredible Mom. She is literally my very best friend, she and I have been through A LOT together and she remains my absolute rock. For Mother’s Day this year she has the wonderful opportunity to go on cruise with her guy! So, sadly, I won’t get to be with her on the actual holiday but I could not be happier for her! I’m so glad she gets to get away for a few days. Meanwhile I got her booze and bedding! Read the rest of the post »

May 05 2019

Peony Table Centerpiece with my Grandma’s Buttons

A farm house peony centerpiece for my dining room table. An ode to my grandma with Peonies and a vase full of her all of her buttons!

A Peony Table Centerpiece with all of my Grandma’s buttons. This is the first time I’ve actually set out to create a table centerpiece for my dining room table. To be fair this is also the very FIRST time that my dining room has actually been complete! It was so much fun to finally finish it and have a place to be proud of especially because its also the entryway to my home. Read the rest of the post »

Apr 21 2019

Smoke Damage – Fixing and Painting the Front Entryway of My Home

Painting the front entryway of my home - OMG the black smoke damage and stains. Not the last of my posts that will include a rant my horrible wood stove

Painting away smoke damage and smoke stains because there is no other way to fix it. This is not the first (and nor will it be my last) rant about what a wood stove did to my ceilings and walls throughout my home. Prepare yourselves, I am about to reveal the MOST horrible pictures I could possibly share of my house. I have reached a level of hate when it comes to my wood stove that has gone WAY beyond all reason. Read the rest of the post »

Apr 14 2019

Inexpensive wood floor that looks like a million dollars – Four years later!

Inexpensive wood floor that looks like a million dollars - Four years later! Make your own DIY wood floors using 1x4 pine boards, sand down, stain and seal

One of the most popular posts on my blog has been (and will probably always be) my DIY inexpensive wood floor. With budget waning back during the renovation in 2014 I needed a solution to cover the 250 square foot front entry of my home. I wanted it flush with my 100 year old kitchen floor and also the very same look. I knew I could never afford to actually match my original hardwoods (if that was even possible!) so I had to get creative! Read the rest of the post »

Mar 31 2019

Sanding down and Refinishing the Beams Throughout my Home

Sanding down and Refinishing the Beams Throughout my Home with a orboitol palm sander and determination, refinished with minwax dark walnut stain polycrylic

With my workshop complete and my final finishing of my laundry room remodel it was time to expand out into my entryway and kitchen… And that meant my attention turned to the beams in my home. If they were the ACTUAL 100 year old beams that were here originally I would feel totally different… But, they’re not. Read the rest of the post »

Mar 17 2019

Designing a Fun and Functional Laundry Room with Fabric and Paint

Attacking My Laundry Room Design - Painting all of my new built in shelves and storage and putting up a gorgeous table cloth that I'm using for a curtain

Moving on to room design and paint in my laundry. It’s technically a closet but now with my changes its beginning to feel like a REAL room! OMG I can literally come in here and even shut the door behind me! There’s still a lot to do in this space but I have finally moved on to the fun stuff. The colors and room design that have my heart just giddy and painting it all out. Read the rest of the post »

Mar 03 2019

Building Custom Shelves in my Laundry Room with the Farmhouse Hens

How to build custom shelves in a laundry closet and room with a counter top and new design for the entire room and rolling closet doors

So I have this Rolling Pantry that I built for my kitchen that totally beat up my 100 year old hardwood floor in there because it was really heavy. I replaced my pantry with a (much lighter) one from Amazon leaving me my old pantry to do something with. When my Laundry room remodel came around I knew exactly how I was going to recycle it! Read the rest of the post »

Feb 24 2019

Rearranging my Awkward Closet into a Real Laundry Room!

Rarranging my awkward laundry closet into a real room by moving my washer dryer. Turning my hinged closet doors into rolling doors, diy, do it yourself

By rearranging a few things I am determined to make an awkward closet into a real room. My laundry room ended up like this just like the majority of the house: I was not only on a shoe string budget but also felt like I was in a total rush. It was over a year ago, just after my divorce, when I started to slow down and realize something: I have NO deadlines. Read the rest of the post »

Feb 10 2019

Hanging Pendants – Rustic Custom Workshop Lighting with 2x4s

Creating custom workshop lighting DIY with pendants and a hanging 2x4, creating task lighting in my workshop do it yourself with pendant

Moving on to lighting up my new workshop! With the painting finally complete (omg it took forever) there was one major element I had to tackle to make this a truly functional space. Lighting! I chose 2x4s for a slightly more rugged look which I stained in dark walnut to match my wood floors. Read the rest of the post »

Feb 03 2019

Workshop Window Film with the Farmhouse Hens Decorate

Removable Window film, creating unconventional windows treatments for my workshop that lets me open the windows and lets light in totally

Unique “window treatments” with inexpensive window film. I literally spent an hour sitting on the floor of this workshop with my back against the wall just staring at the east window trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do. Curtains were totally out of the question – I would be cleaning them constantly or they would have a permanent fuzzy look from saw dust. I had almost resigned myself to some kind of “washable” blind but that sounded like a terrible idea too. Read the rest of the post »

Jan 27 2019

Painting my Workshop BLACK – Joining the Darkside

Painting my workshop ceiling in black paint, come and join the darkside. Creating a fancy new workshop out of an old bedroom with teal and black paint

Before deciding on paint colors I had a few steps to take to prep my workshop before hand. First, I did what I’ve been planning on doing since the beginning of this project. I put up a barn/pallet wood wainscoting along one wall and around my work tables. And I also got all my tools organized and put away which was kinda imperative because I couldn’t even walk in here before I got that done! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 20 2019

Workshop Wainscoting with Barn & Pallet Wood

Adding Workshop Wainscoting with Pallet and Barn Wood using my new level with a review. Using my brad nailer nails I added wainscotting to my workshop

How I added Wainscoting to my workshop with the help of my new level! Like I’ve mentioned in past posts I was going to do this entire series about my work shop in “Day” Increments. Such as my first post “My new workshop relocation: Day ONE” and that would have worked fine if only actual days (or even only weeks) had passed since my first post came out… So that was in May…. NINE MONTHS AGO! Read the rest of the post »

Jan 13 2019

Painted Bins for a Cohesive Look with the Farmhouse Hens Decorate!

How to spray paint bins to make them look better, more cohesive and pretty for a farmhouse decor workshop organization, tool order and placement

Getting some order amid the chaos of my workshop. Last week’s post about protecting my modem brought me to this point – a clean floor after nine months of basically not being able to walk in here! With my modem safe I could finally put everything “away” but just because I can walk in here now doesn’t mean I can FIND anything. It was time to go through all of my tools and figure out a home for them. Read the rest of the post »

Jan 04 2019

Protecting my New Modem in my Workshop – A Creative Solution

A creative solution to covering and protecting my router and modem in the closet of my workshop by using a bin with a hinged lid to protect my wifi

I was going to do this entire series about my work shop in “Day” Increments. Such as my first post “My new workshop relocation: Day ONE” and that would have worked fine if only actual days (or even only weeks) had passed since my first post came out… So that was in May…. NINE MONTHS AGO! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 23 2018

Why, How and What – Essential oils I use and LOVE!

How and why I use the essential oils that I love. Essential oils have become a staple in many households these days, we've all heard of them and their uses

How and why I use the essential oils that I love. Essential oils have become a staple in many households these days – If you don’t use them, you’ve certainly heard of them! There’s also tons of talk about what essential oils are “good” and the “highest quality” etc. At this point I really can’t recommend a brand name so I’m not going to lol. But I use essential oils in literally every part of my home every single day! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 10 2018

Farmhouse Tree and a Holiday Living Room – Christmas Blog Hop

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop an entirely homemade farmhouse tree for my 100 year old house, come see how I made all of the ornaments and country decor

It’s Day 10 – Our Christmas Tree! The last day of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop for me: A farmhouse tree all ready for Christmas! With the decision that I was actually going to put up a tree this year there were purchases to make and a whole bunch of things to make! I wanted my xmas tree to be all about farmhouse and all DIY because it just wouldn’t be right for Grandma’s House otherwise. Read the rest of the post »

Dec 07 2018

Personalize gift wrap with a Red Bow – Christmas Blog Hop

It’s Day 9 – Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas! My favorite money saving trick when it comes to gift wrap is, whenever I see a sale, to always purchase solid colors or stripes. That way, I always have wrapping paper on hand that can work with any occasion! I found this lovely striped silver and white paper over a year ago and it has worked for me through a baby shower, two birthdays and now I’m using the last of it for this christmas! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 05 2018

Apple cider in a Jar with a Sweater Koozie – Christmas Blog Hop

I think we all have different things we relate to specifically for holidays. For me absolutely nothing says Christmas more than a hot jar of apple cider.

It’s Day 8 – Christmas In A Jar Ideas! I think we all have different smells and things we relate to specifically for holidays. For me absolutely nothing says Christmas more than hot apple cider. So, when it was time to make “Christmas in a jar” for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop it was obvious what I was gonna do! Read the rest of the post »

Dec 03 2018

Holiday Decor, a Farmhouse Mantel – Christmas Blog Hop

Holiday decor, decorating my mantel and entertainment center for Christmas! Mini clothes pins, burlap bows and mason jars just in time for the holidays.

It’s Day 7 – Holiday Decor Ideas! Decorating my mantel and entertainment center for Christmas! I already confessed in my last post about my homemade Farmhouse ornaments that I had not intended to put up a tree this year… Well that lasted about ten minutes lol I’m definitely having a tree this year! Besides that the rest of my living room was just crying out for some holiday decor. Read the rest of the post »

Nov 30 2018

Four Home Made DIY Farmhouse Ornaments – Christmas Blog Hop

Three easy home made DIY farmhouse ornaments - pine cones, mason jar lids and burlap bows with mini clothes pins! Do it yourself, how to, simple crafts

It’s Day 6 – DIY Ornament Ideas! Four easy home made DIY farmhouse ornaments – pine cones, mason jar lids, Red bows and burlap angels with clothes pins! Welcome to day Six of the 12 days of Christmas Blog Hop! Today we are making ornaments and I am so excited with how mine turned out. I ended up making four different ornaments because, this year, I was totally starting from scratch with a brand new tree. Read the rest of the post »

Nov 21 2018

Relaxing Homemade Foot Soak – Christmas Blog Hop

Relaxing Homemade Foot Soak and Scrub. A lovely handmade gift for just about anyone Christmas Blog Home a lovely, simple and easy DIY gift idea.

It’s Day 2 – DIY Gift Ideas! As often as I can I prefer to make a gift as opposed to buying it. So day 2 of the Christmas blog hop was right up my ally! Today I’m making something for my five co-workers that I know they’ll love. Every year I make and giveaway foot scrubs, homemade lotions and body butters and every year I get requests for the recipes. This one is SO simple and this year I made it especially for the holidays by adding essential oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 19 2018

Small DIY Pine Cone Wreath – 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

DIY How to Pine Cone Pinecone wreath. How to make a small wreath out of pine cones. Easy pine cone diy wreath with wire and a big red bow, do it yourself

It is day ONE of the 12 days of Christmas blog hop I mentioned in yesterday’s post. First up: Wreaths! I wanted to make a wreath that anyone could make practically with what they had on hand. For me that was lots and lots of pine cones! I’ve seen pine cone wreath tutorials before and wanted to do something that would hold up a little better and not require a hot glue gun. Scroll down to see my tutorial and keep on going for the rest of the amazing wreaths this year! Read the rest of the post »

Nov 18 2018

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop – 50 Best DIY Holiday Ideas

I am so excited to announce that I am joining the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop this year! Over four weeks time (starting tomorrow!) 50 bloggers will be producing some amazing DIY Holiday recipes, ornaments, wreaths, trees, you name it, if it can be DIYed for Christmas than we’re doing it! I’ll be joining them for seven of the twelve days and can’t wait to share with you guys some of the ideas I came up with. Tomorrow is wreath day! For now, check out the 50 most popular Christmas posts from all of us! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 29 2018

DIY Build Cornhole Boards – My first Experience with Unicorn Spit!

How to build cornhole boards with 2x4s and plywood, bags, games, yard games, use unicorn spit, dragon's belly, pixie punk pink and blue thunder stain

How I built cornhole boards and stained them with unicorn spit. I’ve been meaning to build some yard games for family gatherings, parties and birthdays held at my place. My best friend’s husband was turning 40 in November and we threw him a surprise birthday party in October. Why a month before his birthday? Because this is Minnesota and we didn’t want to be outside standing in a foot of snow and freezing to death lol And I don’t have a house big enough to really accommodate 100 people! Read the rest of the post »

Oct 15 2018

Solar Light Basket using Insulators for Hanging or Table Setting!

A basket solar light made with old electrical insulators and dolalr store lights placed in an ainexpensive Amazon basket to hang or for table setting

An easy solar light basket! I purchased several of these baskets last year for Xmas and made gift baskets for my guy relatives. I filled them with homemade chapstick, hand scrub, cuticle cream and coffee. They were a hit! I had one basket leftover which I started using as a caddy for dinner parties outside. I would put in utensils, ketchup, mustard, extra napkins etc. and that got me wondering if I couldn’t improve on the idea. Read the rest of the post »

Oct 01 2018

How I added a Country Fresh Produce stencil to my old bench

How I added a Country Fresh Produce stencil to my old bench using tape and a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker in white, DIY so easy do it yourself project

Just a couple of weeks ago I fixed this old bench using wood putty and Dark Walnut stain. Of the three benches my grandparents made that I have this one had taken the biggest beating. But, with just a little elbow grease I had her looking almost like new again. After that I made a no-sew cushion for it complete with tufting and buttons! Check out the post all about it here. Read the rest of the post »

Sep 14 2018

Refinishing an old Storage Bench – How to make a No-sew Tufted Cushion

How I refinished an old Storage Bench and made a No-sew Cushion using plywood, drop cloth and staples and even added tufts to make it tufted with buttons

My grandparents’ built this bench YEARS ago along with two others that I have. (Check out the cedar-lined beauty I keep at the end of my bed.) This one has taken the biggest beating over the years and has needed to be fixed and refinished for awhile now. Every month the group I’m a part of (the Farmhouse Hens Decorate) has a theme. This month’s theme turned out to be for benches so I knew exactly the piece I would be using! Read the rest of the post »

Sep 03 2018

The Death of BoardBooster – 5 million views in one month with Tailwind!

After the death of BoardBooster I switched to Tailwind and went from 2 million to over 5 million views in just one month, how I did it - my pinning strategy

So, I don’t know about any of you other bloggers out there but when BoardBooster bit the dust at the end of June this year I literally lost days off my life in total panic. (Pinterest is a HUGE part of this blog’s world – I get over 50% of my traffic from Pinterest!) It all started with a great peak I had to over 2 million views a month on Pinterest back in April to a constant, ridiculous, steady decline that I could not stop no matter what I did. Read the rest of the post »

Aug 13 2018

When Someone We Love is in Heaven sign – Wood and a Vinyl Decal

When Someone We Love Is in Heaven Theres a Bit of Heaven in Our Home - wall decal made of wood, distressed paint, twine and sanding, easy heaven sign DIY

How to build a sign, distressed in gray and yellow paint, to remember someone we’ve lost. Building a sign is such an easy and simple project. For anyone just starting out in wood working this would be a perfect project to start with. It required just a few cuts, six screws, wood putty, paint and a wall decal to create something beautiful that holds a ton meaning! Read the rest of the post »

Aug 10 2018

Broken clock goes Country with twine and rope

DIY how to fix a broken clock using twine, rope and glue, making it farmhouse country style. Clock makeover country chic, easy how to, diy, do it yourself

I absolutely loved this clock when I spotted it on Amazon. It hung on my wall for years until, one day, it just took a dive for the floor. So my beloved clock was now a broken clock. I’ve kept it for months now planning on doing something with it but hadn’t quite figured out one the creative angle how to make it great again. I wanted to frame it out with wood but, honestly, I can build a bench no problem because its square lol not ROUND. Read the rest of the post »


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