5 Ways To Make Your Home More Child-Friendly (and Pet-Friendly too!)

May 03 2018
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Even though I am a child-free gal myself I am always looking for ways to improve my home’s functionality and safety. I have friends that bring their little ones over, I am a doggo god parent (and dog sitter) and I am a firm believer in a home that works FOR YOU – not you for it! So I really agree with everything on this list – from smart decisions on your paint choices to really tough flooring that you can feel good about dancing on! The following is an article submitted to Grandma’s House DIY that I felt was really informative!

Whether you have kids, are expecting your first child, or occasionally babysit your grandkids, there is a lot you can do to make your home more kid-friendly. These improvements can range from the way you decorate the rooms to the way you cook and clean every day. Some ideas are simple enough to do yourself, and you’ll see the benefits right away. Others take some time but will be worth it down the road when your newborn becomes a rampaging toddler or your grandchildren are over for the entire weekend.

Install Easy-To-Clean Flooring
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Anything that is easy to clean is going to make a big difference when it comes to having children in the home. Vinyl flooring is easy to wipe clean, cost-effective to replace, and pretty hard wearing. Hardwood floors are more expensive and more prone to damage, but they’re still easier to clean smashed banana out of than a carpet. If you really want carpet, carpet tiles are easy to get cleaned by taking them out or even replacing them as needed.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality
This might not seem like an obvious tip, but indoor pollution is more common than people might think, and it’s a risk to children and pregnant women. Proper ventilation, air filtering plants, and a good air purifier can really make a difference to your home’s indoor air quality and your children’s health.

Keep Those Kitchen Cupboards Locked Up
Safety locks are a must in any household, especially in the kitchen. You probably already have sharp objects and any chemicals locked away, but there are other considerations, too. Keep food out of the way, especially spices, and make sure your plastic bags — including trash bags — are locked up. Around 25 children a year die due to suffocation from plastic bags.

Use the Right Paint
Semi-gloss paint is easy to clean. You don’t want kids writing on the walls but, as all parents know, a toddler can become a lightning-quick graffiti artist when your back is turned. Matte paint will wash off when cleaned, but semi-gloss will clean up nicely. If you don’t have semi-gloss paint, keep a sample pot or the remainder of your paint in case of artistic differences between you and the kids.

Store Breakable Items
Shelves, cupboards, boxes — get some now, and fill them up with anything you don’t want to be touched by tiny hands. Adding extra storage doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are various additions that give you extra storage to your home. Hooks, counter baskets, and do-it-yourself shoe racks can really help you keep your children’s things organized and your house easier to navigate.

It’s not hard to create a kid-friendly home. Adding a few extras here and there can really make a difference to both you and any children. Whether they’re visiting or living with you, it’s important to make sure the kids feel at home, and that means keeping your space safe and healthy.

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  1. May 3, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Smart ideas! I have a grand doll that stays here often.

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