5 Christmas Decor Essentials for Your Home This Year

Dec 13 2019
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I’m not much for decorating for holidays… I actually think its kind of nuts lol. But, every year so far, when I finally get up my tree I’m always really glad that I did it. There’s just something about it that really does make a person strangely content and happy. It will be me and Lodi’s first Christmas together. One weekend we put up my little tree (our first tree) and it was incredibly special. In true millennial fashion though it also included The Good Place TV show, alcohol, a lot of passionate I love yous mixed with very creative cursing and absolutely no Christmas music whatsoever.

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop an entirely homemade farmhouse tree for my 100 year old house, come see how I made all of the ornaments and country decor
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While shopping for things like Christmas decorations it’s important to find decor that will last and be versatile. You ought to have some great, go-to festival pieces that can go with the style of you and your home, pieces that can pair with your heirlooms and homemade decorations.

Versatile Christmas decor may sound costly but it turns out it doesn’t need to be. On Amazon you can get anything from Christmas wreaths, lights and decorations that are quite affordable. And remembering to hit big box stores just after Christmas is a great time to score inexpensive decorations for next year.

  1. Use ribbons to decorate

The ribbon is an inexpensive and easy way to add Christmas to any room. Purchase some that matches your color plan for the year and you can use them on your tree, on mantels, tied on ornaments, and ton of other places around your home.

Choose a good looking ribbon and keep in mind the types of ribbon you select help set the style you’re after. A jute ribbon gives a natural look and plaid grosgrain ribbon is a good pick for a customary Christmas scheme, and shimmery, glossy silk conveys luxury.

  1. Canvas prints

Canvas prints make great inexpensive gifts and are also a great way to add Christmas to a home. CanvasPop canvas prints. Use high-quality images (the higher the resolution, the better) but even pics taken on a smartphone can still make great canvas prints.

Photos of family and friends from Christmases of years past make lovely wall decor over the holidays.

Well, is one of the main festivals that invites sparkle and twinkle lights with a smile. That implies in case you want to decorate your home for Christmas

  1. Garland

Using nature inspired decor like garlands can add that sprinkle of wintergreen in your home. From the railing on your staircase, your coffee table, the porch, or the mantel a garland is a great, easy way, to make your home feel more Christmasy.

You can even dress up a garland with beads and ornaments! Attach a garland hanger to any wall or door frame inside or outside and simply wrap your greens over the top. Since they’re customizable, they can be moved around from entrance to entrance in the years to come.

  1. Christmas tree decorations

The iconic Christmas tree can be dressed up or down, from simple lights to extravagant ornaments. Consider several small trees spread throughout the home or trying something totally new and different from the red and green color scheme.

People are making Christmas trees entirely of sunflowers to hydrangeas or literally made up of nothing but blue Christmas ball ornaments. The idea of a tree is entirely what you make of it which is, of course, true of the holiday itself. It should be a time of family and whether its a black tree with neon yellow ornaments or an evergreen with the traditional red ribbon, the tree should simply make you and your family happy.

  1. Lighting

Inside lighting can be a great way to decorate your home for Christmas and with the options nowadays of inexpensive string lights that don’t even need to be plugged in you can literally put them anywhere. Hung over light fixtures, mantels, shelves, they can bring a festive air to any room.

Lit scented candles, starting a fire in the fire place, or just a lamp on instead of the overhead lights helps create a lovely, cozy atmosphere. Outside you can wrap string lights around patios and stair rails, in shrubs and trees, and deck out pretty much everything else for the brightest house on the block.

    Summing Up

While red and white will never go out of style, nowadays there are so many options that trying new decorating ideas is fun and easy. Even some string lights now are so eco-friendly that they’re solar-powered!

Well, is one of the main festivals that invites sparkle and twinkle lights with a smile. That implies in case you want to decorate your home for Christmas
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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