Cleaning Your Gutters Step by Step

Sep 07 2019
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I’ve helped several of my family with their gutters. Around here in northern MN full gutters are a real problem because we live in SERIOUS tree country. My aunt purchased the gutter caps as well as the foam she put inside of them to try to help out the situation. My own home has never had gutters in its entire life until I came around. I actually made my own on one portion of it using PVC pipe – it worked great!

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A clogged roof gutter is problematic during a torrential downpour and makes way for water to leak down the side of your house. It also causes water saturation to your foundation and canyons on the flowerbeds. A clogged gutter will cause expensive damage that can be rectified through maintenance and cleaning to clear the debris and leaves blocking the routes.

Cleaning gutters is undeniably one of the least desired house chores for some people, which explains why most homeowners neglect the gutters. However, this piece aims at guiding you on easy ways on how to clean gutters.

Experts recommend that you clean gutters at least once or twice a year. Right after the massive storms are over, consider cleaning the clogged gutters before they become problematic.

Safety first
The gutters are installed around the roof and heights not easily accessible while standing on level ground. Consider looking for a stable ladder. To avoid falls, place the ladder on a level field that is not prone to skidding or rock shifting. You may want to invest in a ladder stabilizer to prevent accidents. Also, consider leaning the ladder against the house structure instead of the gutter to gain more stability.

Dress appropriately
You do not want to pick up bruises and cuts along the way. Wear a gear with long sleeves and pair the look with rubber gloves to handle the dirty job.

If you do ever experience storm damage to your home, these tips are a good starting guide that should help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Get the dirt out
Using a small trowel, scooping spoon or your hands masked in gloves, take out the leaves and sediment. The scooping spoon designed for gutter cleaning can be found at the hardware store. Start cleaning the gutter from the downspout. The trick here is to find a technique that loosens the dirt quickly, whether you are using your hands or a tool.

Spare your lawn
Consider spreading a plastic tarp beneath the operation area for dumping the debris and dirt after taking it out. This should make your work easier after cleaning the gutter when the time comes for you to collect the gunk.

Flush the gutters
Once you are content with the cleaning process in one spot, move the ladder to a new position, and repeat the process until all the channels are clean. Once you have removed all the debris that your scooping spoon and hands can handle, use a hose to flush down the finer silt and debris.

Begin flushing from the opposite end of the downspout. Concentrate the downpour in one area until clear water begins to come out from the spout. If you notice that the spout is draining water slowly, it could be a clog.

In that case, focus the hose down the spout with high-pressure water to clear it. This process should uncover any leaks in the gutter that require fixing.

Once the gutter is clean and free from debris and sediment, fix any loose metal and ends. You may also want to fix the leaking parts of the channel.

Gutter cleaning is an easy job once you find the right technique. Also, it’s a preventive task that keeps your finances tucked in for other demanding house repairs. Be sure to clean your gutters annually.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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