Top Stove Top Espresso Makers that Every Coffee Lover Should Consider

Sep 18 2018
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I admit it: I read this article and my first thought was, “What the heck is a Moka Pot?” Now I know lol and I’m actually really considering buying one. Currently I am making do with a VERY old Kuerig that is literally on its last legs and has been making below average coffee for me for the past six months. I use the little reusable K-cups (which I love) but my maker just isn’t getting the water hot enough any more which is also kinda scary.

There has been A LOT posted lately both in the news and talked about on blogs like mine about the sudden dangers of Kuerig’s. Check out the Snope’s article here for a run down.

I’ve cleaned my old machine several times with vinegar but, in the end, whether I’m worried about mold problems or not, I’m going to need to replace it at some point soon.

These Moka Pots now have my attention because I simply cannot live without my first cup of coffee in the morning!

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(The following is a contributed article all about the Top Stove Top Espresso Makers on the market today!)

Having a good coffee brewer is one of the critical elements of making a great cup of coffee. Any die-hard coffee lover will tell you that even the best quality of coffee beans and the freshest grinds can disappoint you if your brewing equipment is not up to snuff.

Having a great espresso machine at home for brewing fresh aromatic piping hot espressos is the ultimate dream of every coffee lover. However, espresso machines are enormous, and they usually cost a fortune, a luxury that regular households can usually neither afford nor accommodate.

As a result, they have to rely on coffee shops and espresso kiosks, which is not always a practical idea. There are times when you would want to enjoy a hot espresso on a snowy night on your cozy couch while watching a movie in the wee hours of the morning.

The only option in such circumstances is to brew one on your own. This is where a stove-top espresso machine, popularly known as Moka Pots come into play.

Stovetop espresso makers have been around 1930s, and they have evolved and improved ever since.

Of course, the espresso that is brewed by Moka Pots is not as foamy and fabulous as the ones you get from large espresso machines, because those machines use large motors and sophisticated heating systems for pressure.

On the other hand, stove-top espresso makers get all their heat and pressure from the regular stoves. That being said, their small size, portability, and much lower prices make them an excellent purchase for ordinary households.

Although it is true that Moka Pots are a great alternative to expensive espresso machines, not all stovetop espresso brewers will give you the same result, which is why we are reviewing some of the best stovetop espresso makers available in the market.

Top Stove Top Espresso Makers that Every Coffee Lover Should Consider Buying. Can't live without coffee in the morning, better than my keurig

The Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker

No one does coffee brewing equipment better than Italy, and that is precisely why this Moka Pot made it to this list of. This is high-quality equipment which is durable and easy to maintain.

The quality of coffee and brewing efficiency is top notch. The kit is reasonably priced for the quality and performance that it offers. It comes in different sizes ranging from 1 cup to 12 cups so you can choose according to your preference and the size of your household.

The only downside is that it has an aluminum body which does not make it look as appealing as those sleek stainless steel equipment.

The Cuisinox Roma Coffeemaker 

This Cuisinox Roma Moka pot is yet another Italian beauty that goes a notch above from its other contenders regarding quality, performance efficiency, and design.

This stovetop espresso maker produces premium grade coffee, and its stainless steel sleek design makes it a stylish addition to your kitchen. With a capacity of up to 10 cups, it is excellent for both households and offices. The only aspect where this equipment loses its points is the price game.

This equipment costs more than double what its other rival is priced at which makes it quite an investment.

Top Stove Top Espresso Makers that Every Coffee Lover Should Consider Buying. Can't live without coffee in the morning, better than my keurig

The Rapid Brew Stovetop Coffee Percolator

With a beautiful stainless steel body with a stylish wooden handle, this stovetop brewer is another excellent equipment made in Italy. It can make up to 9 cups of rich, aromatic, flavorful coffee.

The small design makes excellent portability for those who might want to carry it on weekend getaways and to travel. That being said, many customers have reported the lid popping up and coffee spills during the brewing process.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Top Stove Top Espresso Makers that Every Coffee Lover Should Consider Buying. Can't live without coffee in the morning, better than my keurig


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    Blimey! 3 posts in 24 hours…… I loved your new office space. I live in a small home myself (two up two down plus kitchen and bathroom, and everything in the house is bought or acquired or moved around with a view to either spacesaving or storage. My own office is the cupboard under the stairs! Well, it was, until we took the door out and some of the panelling, exposing the whole space. It has my desk and computer, all my paperwork, and a metal cupboard and shelves that hold “important papers” and stuff I need to find quickly; plus the printer. So from a “gloryhole” to my office was a great trick that takes up no floor space in the house! I am so pleased for you every time you pull something off that pleases you. Oh! and get a moka pot! quick, easy, really hot coffee and no recycling issues either!

    • September 19, 2018 at 8:38 am

      Oh Susan that sounds absolutely wonderful! I really considered a couple of the closets in my home for my Office but it worked out I had just so much extra space in my entry. On top of that the best closets that would have worked for an office are actually in a part of my home I keep closed off during the winter months and it gets darned chilly out there lol I’m still trying to figure out where to put my printer though it is wireless so I really just need to find a convenient nook somewhere with an electrical outlet and then I’ll be set. Thank you so much always for coming by and commenting, love to hear from you!

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