Common Roofing Problems

Jan 18 2022
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Roofing problems simply comes with the territory of being a homeowner. Even a small leak can cause ENORMOUS amount of damage which is why I had all of the singles replaced that needed it (by professional) when I first started work on Grandma’s house. Since then though, knowing someday all shingles will need to be replaced, Lodi and I will probably cover the entire roof with steel ourselves. Unfortunately there is one draw back to steel though. Everyone I know who has a steel roof really struggles with their cell phone signal when inside. That’s a bummer but I believe a maintenance free roof would be totally work it!

Replacing a door with a new window. If you read my doors post than you know this is one of many posts coming up that all started with the
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As a homeowner, you have likely encountered roofing problems at some point. From loose roof shingles to major cracks, roof problems require immediate attention. In this article, we’ve outlined common roofing problems you are likely to encounter.

1.    Roof Leaks

Water leaks from the roof are probably one of the indicators that your roof has a problem. From neglect, weather, age, seams, cracked flashings to broken shingles, tiles, or slats, there are several possible causes of roof leaks.

Leaky roofs can cause significant damages within a short period, which is why you should call a roofing contractor like Landmark Roofing as soon as possible. You may still want to regularly check for any water leaks in these places:

  • Chimney
  • Gutters
  • Near flashing points
  • Under damaged shingles
  • Around the pipes and vents

On top of hiring roof repair, you may want to look into a water damage service to help clean and restore any areas of your home affected by water damage. This may not be necessary if you have a minor leak, however if you’ve had a major leak it could be worthwhile for preventing mold growth and protecting the structural integrity of your home.

2.    Damaged roof shingles

Roof shingles help to protect the roof from damages caused by extreme weather conditions, and should be maintained in good condition. Other causes of damaged roof shingles include:

  • Poor installation
  • Walking on them
  • Age

It is important to ensure the shingles are properly installed, avoid walking on them, and replace them if they are too old. Cracked shingles, shingles with curled edges, and those with too much moss should be replaced.

3.    Impaired gutters

Impaired gutters can mean your gutters are broken, clogged, or seriously damaged. Damaged or clogged gutters affect water flow and cause water to end up inside your house or soak your backyard in all the wrong places. In addition, the backing up of water can eventually cause more damage to the roof and your home.

The most common cause of clogged gutter is debris from the trees around your house. You can solve this by cutting down leaning trees or tearing branches close to the roof. You also need to frequently check your roof gutters for foreign elements like broken pieces, unclog and reattach them if necessary. However, if they are seriously damaged, you should contact a contractor to replace them to avoid the danger of a significant problem in the future or compromise your family’s safety.

4.    Lichen, moss and algae

Lichen, moss and algae can cause significant damage to your roof. Unfortunately, most of these growths occur in shady areas, where they are difficult to notice. Be sure to contact a professional to clean your roof if you notice any sign of moss, algae and lichen.

After your clean roof dries, it’s advisable to apply protective products rich in copper and zinc to prevent lichen, moss and algae from reappearing again. It is also advisable to apply these protective products once a year to prevent substances from growing on your shingles.


 It’s essential to pay attention to changes, know how to point out potential issues with your roofing, and carry out regular roof maintenance to avoid huge damages and costly repairs. It is important to understand when your roof shingles need repair or replacement, when the gutters need to be unclogged or changed, and when the flashing points may need an upgrade. The point is to spot roofing problems early enough and address them as quickly as possible to prevent further damages or compromising your family’s safety.

Roofing problems simply comes with the territory of being a homeowner. Even a small leak can cause ENORMOUS amount of damage
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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