How to Stay Connected to Your Crafting Community Online

Oct 04 2021
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Crafting Communities. Finding ways to be social changed a lot for many people over the last couple of years. Though I think many of us have started reaching out more now that things have “loosened” up a bit in the United states I actually can’t see going back to the normal we were used to before quarantine. Its funny but its totally true, many of us realized how often a meeting could have been an email and there’s no going back now! To be able to join a fun and great crafting community and even make life long friends from our living rooms is pretty awesome!

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Long gone are the days when staying in touch with your crafting buddies required meeting up for in-person creative sessions or attending classes together. Thanks to the Internet, you can now maintain close relationships with pals near and far without leaving the comfort of home. Whether you work on diamond paintings “together” via a video call, join an online craft community to make new friends or participate in a craft-along, there are many ways to stay connected while staying safe at home.

Much has changed over the past year, and we are living more of our lives online and at home now than ever before. While there are a lot of perks to being able to do everything from watching movies to grocery shopping via the web, it can get a bit lonely. If you are feeling disconnected and want to spend more time engaging with people with shared interests, keep reading to learn how to stay connected to your crafting community online.

Plan Virtual Crafting Sessions

Whether your crafting buddies enjoy the same type of projects as you or they are into something different, planning virtual crafting sessions is an excellent way to stay connected without leaving home. If you and your friends have jumped on board the diamond art craze, for example, make plans to connect via Zoom or another video conferencing platform. Decide on a diamond painting kit to work on and then agree to virtually meet regularly until the project is completed. This works great for other crafts, too, and working on the same project together makes everyone feel connected even though they are apart.

Even if you and your pals are into different types of projects, virtual craft nights are a great way to stay in touch. Schedule a time for everyone to hang out and work on their project of choice while on a video call. Chit-chat, show off your work and completed projects and enjoy a cup of tea or even an adult beverage. After a little while, you might almost forget your crafting buddies are on camera rather than in the same room with you.

Find Fellow Crafters on Instagram

Instagram is an awesome place for finding and connecting with fellow crafters—especially if there is a craft you are extra passionate about. Searching craft-related hashtags is an easy way to find other people who share your interests. Posts featuring hashtags like #knittersofinstagram, #papercraftersofinstagram and #crossstitchersofinstagram can be great sources of inspiration, too!

If you are looking for general crafters to follow, spend some time browsing the #makersgonnamake and #craftersofinstagram hashtag. Search for hashtags related to your favorite crafts, too. People love showing off their creations on Instagram, so it’s possible to connect with crafters who enjoy any type of project imaginable.

Participate in a Craft-Along

A craft-along is exactly what it sounds like: An event in which participants work on independent projects at the same time. If you sign up for a knit-along or crochet-along, all the participants might work on completing the same pattern within a set timeframe. Or everyone might be allowed to choose a project that fits within a certain category. For example, everyone might knit a dishcloth or crochet a shawl of their choosing. There are also general craft-alongs where participants agree to work on various projects and check in at predetermined times.

Joining a craft-along is a lot of fun, and doing so is a great way to connect with other crafters. While the groups usually start off as an opportunity to share the love of crafting, they often evolve into lifelong friendships in which people spanning the globe form meaningful relationships. If you’re feeling lonely and longing to make some crafty friends, joining (or even starting!) a craft-along is an excellent place to start.

Join a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups exist for just about every topic imaginable. There are thousands of craft-related groups out there that are free to join and make connecting with other crafters easy, even an entire Facebook Group dedicated to diamond art painters with thousands of members! You could join a general crafting group, or you could look for groups that are more tailored to the specific craft (or crafts) you enjoy most. Whether you love drawing, sewing, diamond painting, soapmaking or any other type of project, there is bound to be at least one group dedicated to it on Facebook.

Joining a Facebook Group might seem a bit intimidating at first, but most are welcoming to newcomers. Just make sure you read and abide by the rules and you are unlikely to have any issues. Start commenting on posts and sharing your own creations. Soon, you will be making friends with other people who share your passion for crafting.

Sign Up for an Online Crafting Community

If you’re not a fan of Facebook, there are plenty of other websites dedicated solely to creating welcoming communities for crafters. Online crafting communities provide a place where people can connect, learn, collaborate and share their expertise with others. Keep in mind, too, that most of these communities have dedicated areas for “off-topic” chatter. This means you can also share recipes, ask for personal advice, discuss your personal life and form friendships that extend beyond your shared love of crafting.

Crafting communities exist for any type of project imaginable. There are some that are for general crafting, too, and they are perfect for anyone who loves working on different types of crafts rather than sticking to just one. With a little research, you’ll be able to find a community that’s perfect for you.

Closing Thoughts

The crafting community is remarkable. Over the last few years, though, it has changed as people have begun living more of their lives online, and quarantining inside has made that even more of the case. While attending in-person craft circles may be much less common than it once was, you can still stay connected with your crafting buddies via the Internet. Whether you try one of the suggestions listed above or you just send pictures of your latest projects to your crafting bestie via Snapchat, there are all sorts of ways to stay connected even when you’re physically apart.

Crafting Communities. Finding ways to be social changed a lot for many people over the last couple of years. Though I think many of us have
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)


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    I love finding fellow crafters on Instagram! Everyone is super helpful and it’s a great place for project inspiration.

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