The Power of Daylight, Energy Efficiency & Comfort to Your Living Room

Dec 22 2020
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Daylight is so important for our moods too especially in the winter months! I’ve been working on my mom’s new house plan for her for several years now. The absolute MUST HAVE for her, is East facing windows in her bedroom and in her kitchen and dining room. Her number one request is lots and lots of daylight at dawn flowing into her main rooms. She just loves it. I have countless memories of her curled up in a chair in the morning, having her coffee and basking in the sunshine. I can’t blame her one bit! Daylight is incredibly important for us in so many ways!

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As per scientific research, it is proven that people must seek out subconsciously sunlit places. Sitting in the open air and spending time in daylight are beneficial mental and physical health. The benefits of natural lighting are several, and it leaves a positive impact on human health.

Besides the health, if your home contains a sunlight friendly architecture, then you will find it advantageous in many ways. Because sunlight helps to reduce your energy bills. There are several ways through which people always try to increase sunlight exposure in the house. Yes, it is good to create a warm and luminous interior of the house. Some other benefits of sunlight are here.

In-house plants need natural light to spread greenery

These days, the in-house plants are used to increase the beauty of the home interior as well as to purify the air quality in the apartments and houses. It is a wise decision to live a healthy life because these indoor plants are not only great for spreading greenery but to increase freshness.

However, these plants need daylight to live and to prepare their food. In this process, they use sunlight and produce oxygen that is good for air quality in the house. If your home-interior does not have enough sunlight, then these plants will not grow properly.

This is the reason; it is vital to provide an adequate amount of sunlight to these plants. So, there are several ways to measure light intensity by checking the amount of shadow that light casts; it is simple to measure the sunlight. A well-defined and sharp shadow implies bright light. So, your plants need a moderate amount of sunlight for producing energy and for growth.

Saves your energy bills significantly

Sun is a huge source of natural energy and warmth that we need in winter months. If daylight is coming into your house, then you do not need to switch on lights. In this way, you can save on energy bills.

Make sure that your home contains the right type of frosted glass windows and natural light; you will notice that there will be a great change in the energy bills. Even though in winter, sunlight is less and available for a short time but in the day time is used as a free source of heat. Natural light brightens and warms up your home interior. So, you can avoid using artificial light sources.

Frosted Glass Windows brighten up a room while protecting UV rays

It is important to install energy-efficient windows in the home. The sizes and style of the windows are highly important, like bay windows and frosted glass windows.

  • The use of the frosted glass in the windows offers aesthetic appeal and improves functionality. It lets in more light that translates to adequate heat and light. So, you do not need to use heaters and light in the day.
  • These windows offer heat from the sun in winter, but in the summer, frosted glass windows reduce the effects of scorching heat coming from the sunlight. In this way, it keeps your house interior cool in the hot summer days.
  • Do you know it filters the sunlight in the daytime? Yes, it is true. Therefore, it blocks warmth during summer and cool during winter. In other words, it maintains the temperature suitable in the house.
  • Frosted glass is superior because it filters natural light and protects your home interior from harmful UV rays. This form of glass is ideal for use in commercial and residential spaces as it offers a productive environment.

Daylight vs. Artificial light: Effects on your health

There are several benefits of natural sunlight. If your home is airy and an adequate amount of sunlight comes in, then you are safe from several health problems.

You will be energetic because it boosts mood as well as provides you energy by reducing fatigue. On the other hand, sunlight is the best source of vitamin D that provides support and strength to bone structure and muscles. Natural sunlight is the right source to improve sleep and decrease fatigue as well as low blood pressure symptoms.

On the other hand, artificial light consists of fluorescent light that contains some drawbacks. It causes poor sleep, sleep apnea, and insomnia because it stops the production of melatonin hormone in the brain that is responsible for sleep as well as artificial light will disturb your sleep quality.

This is the reason it leads to depression and stress with a low mood. Artificial light contains blue light that is highly harmful to eyes as well. It causes eye-strain and damages retina as well. So, it is better to avoid using artificial light during the day time. Let in sunlight to illuminate your home interior.

Location of the window is the key

Now, you must know how sunlight can come at home in a proper way. In this regard, the location of the window does matter a lot. Yes, window placement and orientation are the most important factors. Windows must be installed in the path of the sun. There are three types of windows.

The north-facing window gets more winter sun as compared to the other form of windows. East and the west-facing window gets a little amount of daylight in spring, autumn, and winter but high in summer. South-facing windows do not need shading because it receives a moderate amount of sunlight that is good for you. Enjoy the best ventilation and natural sunlight.


Most of the people use some items like a solarium, screen rooms, and patio enclosure sunrooms, as well as pattern glass that allow the sunlight to come into the house.

Not only are these additions to your home beneficial for daylight exposure, but also you can open windows to these things including more living areas to the home as well as increase its value. On the other hand, you will get the place to relax in the natural sunlight that can reduce your stress level. In essence, sunlight is good for human health and improving mood as well.

Daylight is so important for our moods too especially in the winter months! I've been working on my mom's new house plan for her for several years now.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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