Best Kept Interior Decorating Secrets

Aug 21 2018
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I’m sure we’ve all been there – drooling over Pinterest images wondering how on earth anyone can keep a home that beautiful. Of course, the truth is, no one actually ever keeps a home that perfect all the time lol. When I do a photo shoot for one room of my house you should see the rest of my house omg! Even then though I never really feel like I get the magazine quality look that some bloggers achieve with their photos.

To be honest though, I’m not sure if I ever really do want to achieve that. I want it to look like my home is lived in I want the pictures of my house to look real!

At the end of this article they mention: “Regardless of the style of your home, you should always aim to create comfort, and not just aesthetics.” And that’s something I wholeheartedly agree with.

What would be the point in having a beautiful home if its not comfortable to live in? I think its definitely possible to find a balance between the two without creating spaces that don’t work for the job they’re made for.

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Most of us can’t afford the luxury of hiring an interior designer. However, we all pine over those perfectly decorated homes from the countless pictures that we have saved on Pinterest.

In fact, most of us have already had a few failed attempts to recreate some Pinterest décor ideas. The problem with online décor ideas is that they only provide a source of inspiration, but they don’t give you the right guidance for turning that inspiration into reality.

But, don’t worry, as you don’t actually need to hire an interior designer to design your dream home. In the following lines, you will discover some of the best kept interior decorating secrets.

You can adapt these tips to any design style, in order to create a welcoming and harmonious interior.

1.      Choose a main design style

There are dozens of interior design styles to choose. From shabby chic, to classic, contemporary, minimalist, French country, Zen or Scandinavian, you have numerous choices.

The trick is to pick a single style that will predominate throughout your entire home. Choosing a single style for your whole home will create harmony and continuity. You must decide what style would best suit not only your taste, but also the existing architecture.

What are the colors that best represent that style?

What materials are predominant with that particular style. Are there any specific decorations that represent your chosen style?

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2.      Choose a color scheme

While you must only choose one interior design style for your whole home, each room can have a different color scheme.

You can also choose the same color palette for the whole home, and play with it differently in each room. The main point is that each room must have a predominant color scheme, and you need to choose it before you make any renovations and before you buy any furniture or decorations.

All the future remodeling decisions that you make must respect the chosen color scheme.

3.      Learn how to fake height and space

A spacious home will always look and feel more harmonious.

However, we don’t all have the luxury of space, so we must often make do with what we have. Nonetheless, there are ways in which you can fake space. The easiest way to achieve this is through mirrors.

Choose not only decorative mirrors, but also functional mirrors. For example, large televisions tend to take a lot of wall space, not to mention the fact that they don’t really blend well with any interior design style.

However, you can easily hide your TVs with mirror tv frames. You can choose from a wide variety of tv mirror frames, in order to find something that matches the specific style of your home. You can also use vertical mirrors in order to create the illusion of height in your home.

To add width to a room, avoid small rugs, and instead opt for wall to wall carpets, preferably in a light color.

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4.      Avoid clutter

No matter how much you invest in your furniture and your interior decorations, if the overall look inspires clutter, your remodeling efforts will have failed.

The secret to avoiding clutter is to plan from the start some smart storage solutions. This is particularly important in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in your dressing.

Try to keep out of sight all the items that you don’t use on a daily basis. Even the frequently used items should be hidden, but still kept within reach. For example, in the bathroom, you can opt for an under-tub storage system for your bath products.

5.      Choose a focal point for each room

In order for your home to inspire not only harmony, but also creativity and style, you must also choose some bold décor items.

For example, choose an opulent mirror in the living room, an eye-catching tile in the kitchen or an embellished ceiling in the bedroom.

The trick with focal points is that they must be eye-catching on their own, but you must also use some tricks to highlight them even more. For example, an opulent decoration should be placed in a visible area, and you can also highlight it with some well-placed lights.

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6.      Play with texture

While colors are the most important factors in interior design, texture can also make a big difference. Texture is best used with fabrics and you can play with it in numerous ways.

You can choose a fluffy carpet for the living room or a luxurious set of distressed velvet curtains. Textured furniture is also a good idea, as long as you use it in moderation.

7.      Don’t underestimate the power of light

If your budget allows it, remodel your windows and opt for the biggest windows possible. Natural light is great in any room, especially if you also have a nice view.

If you don’t have sufficient natural light, you can also make do with artificial light, as long as you know how to use it properly. In the kitchen, instead of a main light in the center of the ceiling, opt for a set of 3 or 4 lined up lights. Moreover, make sure that each functional area is also supported by additional lights.

This is also important in other areas of the home. For example, in the bathroom, you should have a main source of light, as well as an additional source near the mirror.

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8.      Use elements that inspire comfort and warmth

Regardless of the style of your home, you should always aim to create comfort, and not just aesthetics.

There are several items that can help you achieve this. First, you can opt for carpets and rugs in the living room and in the bedrooms. Secondly, you can use fluffy pillows for your sofa and your armchair. Secondly, you can opt for earthly shades like brown, rust and cream to add warmth to your décor.

Natural wood and decorative plants are also great for creating a comfortable interior.

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Best Kept Interior Decorating Secrets However, we all pine over those perfectly decorated homes from the countless pictures that we have saved on Pinterest.

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