10 DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas On a Budget!

Apr 23 2019
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It occurred to me that designing a dorm room is not that much different than designing a tiny house. Every single piece must have function and, even better, be multi-functional! I saw an article of a couple of gals that made the news because they had created such a smart and gorgeous dorm room. They brought in really tall bunk beds for either side of the room, they slept on the tops and removed the lower bed. Where the lower bed would have been they each created their own walk in closet beneath where they slept! They hung curtains around the beds both for privacy and to cover their closets.

This article touches on a few ideas for dorm rooms as, oftentimes, you’re not only limited budget wise but also in what a dorm will even allow you to do!

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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How to arrange a temporary, affordable and stylish home in a small space.

Every year inspired freshman cannot wait to get to their dorms and their new adult lives. But dorm living isn’t necessary what American films make it out to be. When the door of the diy college dorm opens, the flames fade away: the ordinary furniture, the cracked ceiling and the drab wallpapers give face to reality.

Its totally possible though to refresh a dorm room while still following the dorm rules on what one can and cannot do to the space. Decorating a dorm on a college budget, however, is extremely limiting. We’ve rounded up plenty of cheap diy dorm ideas that’ll make your dorm standout — and save all your food/shopping money in the process!

Advice from professionals

Youth is not only the time when you to think about writing a research paper but when you can also afford to have some fun with the decor. (Research paper services are available online, and you can find various writers that can help you with different papers.) So, do not be afraid to mix styles and go beyond the usual.

Dorm rooms combine a bedroom, kitchen and living room. Professionals recommends that during the decoration you need to adhere to three basic principles: comfort, multi-functionality, and aesthetics.

Choose furniture that combines other elements: transformer beds, ironing boards with a mirror, cabinets and so on. If they seem too expensive for you, you can often make it yourself or get creative through repurposing. For example, from a regular ladder, you can make a clothes hanger.

An old ladder off the farm is retired into a ladder shoe rack in our master bedroom closet @GrandmasHousDIY

(There are a range of services to help with your Paperial review) You can also see a décor custom service. Another idea is inexpensive sheets or fabrics that you can paint and hang to change the rooms mood and colors.

Simple ideas for dorm

  1.   Colorful accents. It might be a small room but you can still have a beautiful color scheme. Orange accents in the room add life and grace to what would otherwise be a gray empty space. You will not need too much furniture or additional decor if you play correctly in colors.
  2.   Artificial flowers. Artificial flower garlands are the next big thing right now — they are the perfect way to add a little bit of life to a bare walls without spending a lot of money on expensive posters or tapestries. Take your favorite flowers, take a few threads and get your craft on with this completely self-made decor.
  3.   Creative Curtains. Want a little more privacy? Curtains are a simple way to add a colorful pattern and order to the hostel. If you raised your bed, you should hang the curtains on the railing. This will give you a little extra personal space – perfect for those who are not used to living with a roommate.
  4.   Rack with geometric walls. Geometric decor is very popular and additional storage space is required in a cramped dorm room, especially when massive shelving is not in the budget. Dress your walls with different shapes for easy storage of books, jewelry, cosmetics or small trinkets.
  5.   Add some posters. Huge movie and music posters can be quite expensive as well as fairly common. Who wants your hostel to have the same art as everyone else? Collecting postcards, finding interesting flyers and even making and hanging your own works is a great way to decorate walls and flaunt your personal style.
  6.   Hygge Vibes. Feeling homesick for a comfortable sofa in the living room? Are you dealing with sad linoleum tile? Finding a cheap two-seater sofa or futon on sale in a garage or flea market is much easier than you think and searching for available carpets is just as quick. Add some plush to any standard dorm room, and you will immediately feel at home.
  7.   Draw your own tapestry. Well, tapestries can be very expensive, especially if you are looking for one that covers your entire wall, but it’s easy to improvise and make yourself. Stretch the old sheet like it is done on Paperial before the writer makes a paper in the backyard or in the basement and be creative with paint! You do not need to be an artist to paint polka dots, stripes, or even just spray.
  8.   Light your space. Creative lighting solutions have come a long way since you just hung flickering lights over your bed. But if you can’t fork over paper lanterns or glass flasks, this do-it-yourself lamp is a great way to use these flickering lights in new ways.
  9.   Wall Art Album Cover. If you are a music lover, this wall decor idea is perfect for you. Decorate with albums that are most important to you! If your parents have old records or you are a collector yourself, select your favorite records and post them.
  10.   Gorgeous monochrome. Pure white bedding is a classic look that never goes out of style. Most likely, your walls will not be painted with something special, so all that is left is your bedding and a few matching works of art.

DIY decoration

To create a dream room, you do not need thousands of dollars: enough to create and patience. One query on Google, YouTube, or Pinterest – and thousands of ideas for budget and creative decorations ahead of you. Original bookshelves, products from ordinary bulbs, self-made stencils for walls – no restrictions imagination!

Ideal student rooms exist not only in American movies or videos on YouTube. If you do not lose the creative fervor and be patient, any temporary housing can be transformed into space where brilliant ideas will be born every day. Good luck!

Decorating dorm room on a budget is limiting. Don't stress, because we've rounded up plenty of cheap DIY ideas that'll make a tiny space a functional home

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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