Easy DIY: 5 Advantages of a DIY Security System

Jun 08 2019
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I remember the years back when I was growing up and there was never a closed garage door or a locked door in the my childhood home. In fact, when we decided to start locking our doors we gave up on it because we were constantly locking ourselves out. I went through the doggie door several times one summer to get in… Speaking of the dogs though we had a pretty impressive, protective and loud security system in the form of three BIG dogs. And that is totally the type of security system I plan on getting someday!

The new systems though are pretty dang cool and easy to set up ourselves. The one with the camera on your phone where you can actually see whose at your front door from anywhere is pretty darned impressive!

I was thinking about getting one of those to put down in the horse shed so I could check on them anytime I like actually…

Operation BLISSFULLY HAPPY: My updated 1, 2 and 10 year plans! Paying off my home mortgage within ten years, putting in a VRBO rental suite in the basement
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When you are looking for a home alarm system, one of the most vital aspects to contemplate over is the installation process.

When installing a home security system, you can choose between Professional installation or DIY installation. Ultimately, what you choose is based on your personal liking and needs for both methods have equal pros and cons.

In this article, we will tackle more about DIY installation and some of its benefits. Check out the list below to know the key advantages in installing a DIY home security system.

Do-It-Yourself Home Security System

The best characteristic of do-it-yourself installation is that it’s free—you don’t have to compensate for installation costs. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on an installer.

Without the need to discuss with an installer, you are allowed to reconfigure your system’s hardware or increase your gear befitting your needs with DIY security systems.

Furthermore, if you move to a new property, your security kit can be relocated with no costs and no inconveniences for you already own the security equipment.

The key to DIY alarm installation’s popularity is that it’s easy to do or follow. Although professional installation does not demand your effort, do-it-yourself installations also only require minimal energy.

Many reports from customers of do-it-yourself installation companies state that installing a security system is incredibly easy. Moreover, you don’t have to be handy with tools for most DIY kits are easy to set up.

Furthermore, the only work you are required to carry out is to position your control panel and sensors along with your house and start the system since a great number of the parts commonly has an adhesive base.

Ideally, you won’t do all the trouble by yourself, because of most security providers with do-it-yourself installation supply input as you work through the DIY kit’s steps.

At times, when you decide to install the system, you can simply contact the company and they’ll readily provide you with a detailed security system demo walk-through over the phone and assure that your system is working seemly.

Furthermore, other companies, have a set control panel that will provide counsel to guide you as you set up your security system.

In every situation, customers allege that they’re able to install the security system in a short amount of time with either minimal or no predicaments at all.

The DIY installation also has some downsides, even though it has many benefits. One downside is the constant need to question whether you’re installing your system properly.

Advantages of Installing a DIY Home Security System

Below is a detailed peek at every advantage that do-it-yourself home security system installation possesses.

You are free to choose your preferred components

Ultimately, you get to pick out all of the parts you want when you choose a DIY security system.

Operation BLISSFULLY HAPPY: My updated 1, 2 and 10 year plans! Paying off my home mortgage within ten years, putting in a VRBO rental suite in the basement

For example, DIY setups may permit you to pick a specific brand for outdoor cameras and a different one for indoor cameras if you’re interested in home security camera systems.

Minus having to stress about contacting a security company to have parts removed or installed, you can also choose to downgrade or upgrade your components whenever you like.

You completely control your system

As the need arises, you can increase or even get rid of components and settle how basic or multifaceted you want your system.

You’ll be given the opportunity to digest how your security system works, and your mind will also be at peace knowing that every component is installed and works properly.

You own your equipment

You don’t always own the equipment when you choose the professional installation that a home security company offers.

If you had your security system professionally installed, you can’t just nonchalantly put the whole system in a box and put it in your trunk once you move out of your house.

However, it is different when you install the system yourself for you will have the option to relocate the system as you please with DIY home security.

You don’t have to worry about Installation Costs

One of the most deal breaking qualities that DIY home security systems have is its lack of installation fees.

Although to help with professional installation costs, you can hunt down great deals to lower the costs. However, going DIY lets you evade them entirely.

There are no external parties

In most instances, you will not be hassled by external security companies which is indeed another upside to DIY home alarm systems.

DIY security does not come with installation crews or complex operations. You just purchase your components, comprehend the directions, and affix the system up.


All security systems need to be installed, but it’s up to you whether you install it yourself, or professional installs one for you.

Generally, both methods have their pros and cons—but if you want to have more control over your security system while taking the cheaper route, DIY installation is the best choice for you.

When you are looking for a home asecurty system, one of the most vital aspects to contemplate over is the installation process.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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