The Benefits of Using Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

Mar 28 2022
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Depending on tree cover and insulation where we live air conditioning is now always necessary. I lived here for years having only to suffer through a hand full of days in the summers when the rest of the time a fan and some windows open would do the trick. However, last year was our breaking point. Not only did we have to put our big old air conditioner in we also bought another, smaller one, for our second floor. My gosh would ducted air conditioning have been welcome last year – so hope we don’t see another blistering summer like that one again!

Adding a wall of plywood, shelves and hay storage for my horse shed along with a solar light! August late summer photo gallery of tiger lillies blooming
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A completely ducted system throughout your house might seem expensive but, unlike split systems, there are no limitations for air conditioning and care. Let’s look at the advantages of ducted air conditioning in detail.

Large Residential Units

Duct air conditioning is ideal for large units because the ducts can skillfully be run throughout the house without considering if it’s a new building or renovation. The duct’s cooling structure can be isolated depending on the room’s needs. For example, if the sitting area is not in use, you might decide to put off the air conditioning in that room and focus on cooling your bedroom.

The system can cool a huge space within seconds just by touching a button which is a centrally controlled thermostat. This feature allows a person to extensively cool the entire house without having to visit each room. A timer can be set for it to switch itself off which is convenient if you might want to cool your house while you run your errands. It prevents wastage of air in rooms, not in use.

Seamless Ducts

The seamless nature of the ducts makes it easy to integrate into the ceiling and bend on the roof effortlessly without interrupting the overall look and both interior and exterior design. For interior designers, this might be their top choice since it will not disrupt their ideas. Generally, it does not look bulky on walls and ceilings.


Ducted air conditioning is relatively quiet. Unlike the traditional conditioners where you might lose sleep due to the noise emitted, the conditioning system allows you to have a satisfying night’s sleep. The compressor is set outside where the noise might not disturb the occupants of the house.


For larger units, it is economical to install the duct air conditioner compared to split connections in each room. The duct system will not just add value in case of a resale but the installation and sustenance cost of each room will be cheaper.

For split connections, you might be required to pay for each installation. On top of that, you might factor in maintenance costs for each unit. In this case the more conditioners you have the more you will use in terms of cost. 


Due to improved technology, there are ducted conditioners that contain timers allowing them to set themselves on and off when needed. On top of that, others allow Wi-Fi connectivity enabling one to operate them remotely from your smartphone. This conditioner comes with an option to heat your house once winter hits. It is a wholesome system that doesn’t need you to install a heating system alongside a cooling one.


A Duct air conditioner is a complete economical conditioning system whose advantages cannot be outweighed by the split system. It would be a perfect choice for someone looking for an accessible comprehensive system to cool their entire home. It is advisable to talk to a professional to advise on installation. Talk to reputable companies like Design Air, they are one of the best experts in air conditioning Gold Coast residents rely on.

My gosh would ducted air conditioning have been welcome last year - so hope we don't see another blistering summer like that one!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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