Tips To Protect Your Exterior During The Fall

Sep 20 2019
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Here are some tips on how to protect and prepare your home’s exterior in the fall. Currently I am up to my elbows in attacking my house, literally scrambling to get my new siding up before the weather turns on us. Here in northern MN we experience the worst winters literally in the entire united states so we all take preparing for it VERY seriously. I’ve got pellets on the way for my pellet stove. I’ve begun battening down my hatches, making sure I’m not forgetting anything because there’s nothing like having to fix a window when its -20 degrees outside!

Preparing for harvest on our farm at Grandma's House DIY, fall has come and its time to get organized, preparing for deer and produce!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

During the fall, the weather, in general, starts to become more miserable and that will cause many of us to hibernate in our homes until the next bout of sunshine comes about. However, your home is only as good as the amount of effort you put into it to keep it performing well. Here are some tips to protect your exterior during the fall.

Keep Gutters And Drains Clear 

Gutters and drains are more forgotten about than you think. When was the last time that you cleared out the guttering on the outside of your home?

Have you checked to see all the rainwater is draining down the drains properly? These are some critical areas of your home that if left to its own devices, could cause bigger problems further down the line. Any excess water that\s getting into the foundation of your home can actually cause major structural damage.

And that will certainly cost you money. Go around your drains and gutters as often as you can to clear any debris or muck that’s up or down there.

Make Exterior Repairs

Exterior repairs are important because if there’s any compromise to your exterior, then you do risk causing further issues, particularly in the case of vermin getting into your home.

Try to ensure that these areas are sealed up and protected at all costs and if you feel as though you may already have had a few pests already, lay down the traps and deterrents sooner rather than later to avoid infestations. 

Use Sealants Where Possible

When it comes to Lifetime Exteriors, sliding can be the perfect material for using on the exterior of your home. Where possible, you should be using sealants and materials that will be durable enough to last and protect your home through the colder months. Siding is effective because it’s both durable and low maintenance.

Think about covering painted and surfaces prone to weather damage with anything that might be suitable for that type of material.

Stay On Top Of Gardening

Gardening is one thing that many of us will not enjoy doing at the best of times, and the less can do of it, the better. To keep everything in check and to stop any damage or unwanted wildlife creeping into your property and around it, it’s a good idea to stay on top of gardening. Simply cutting back hedges, shrubs and mowing the grass is simple but effective in helping keep the exterior of your home, looking good. 

Get Annual Maintenance Checks Done

Annual maintenance checks are a must, and these will include your roofing and foundations. Roofing is a priority because you won’t be able to see the condition of it if you own a two-story and above, home.

So get a professional in to take a look at it. Do this, check your foundations and structure are still strong, and any other maintenance that could be done by a professional. 

These tips will be helpful in keeping your home protected and more importantly, for seeing you through those cold months of fall.

(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)
Here are some tips to protect your exterior during the fall. Preparing your home for winter and autumn with these DIY tips and how tos

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