Extravagant Home Upgrades That Make You Feel like a Millionaire

Feb 14 2022
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One wonderful thing about us Do-It-Yourself’s is that we can often afford far nicer upgrades to our homes because we can do the work ourselves. Right now over HALF (at least) of the cost of home improvement projects comes from labor and carpenter fees. A  good example for us here at Grandma’s house is my favorite upgrade ever: Our double slipper bathtub. It makes me feel so special and spoiled every day I see it and every time we get to enjoy it.

With a new rug, shower curtain, shelf my master bathroom refresh combines bohemiam style with farmhouse chic! Adding life with a double slipper bathtub
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Homeowners like to upgrade their houses. The act of home improvement makes them feel their house is a great place to live. Additionally, these upgrades can make a home impressive for those who want to get extra luxurious. While there are practical reasons for improving your home, sometimes you want to impress others. Here are some potential changes to your house that are sure to make your neighbors envious.

Gorgeous bathrooms for relaxing

One of the places where you can feel like a rich person is the privacy of your bathroom. If you pamper yourself with some nice upgrades in your bathroom, you’ll feel a lot better. You can focus on the centerpiece of the room in the form of showers and baths. You have your choice between freestanding baths and oversized tubs. However, depending on the size of your bathroom, you might have to limit yourself to one option.

Another significant improvement to make your bathroom a lovely retreat are heated tiles, so you don’t feel the chill while walking barefoot. You can also get a large sink area to store the various toiletries. Finally, round it out with a large mirror, and your bathroom will look lovely.

Impressive kitchens for great gatherings

The kitchen is the busiest part of the house. People will be moving in and out for various reasons. You also want it to look impressive for anyone who visits. The most worthwhile upgrade is to modernize the appliances. Modern stoves and ovens are functional and stylish. Larger and more spacious refrigerators can be helpful, too.

For those who want to impress others with their kitchen, remodeling it to have more space and storage can help. Stylish kitchen cabinets allow you to store more utensils while also looking good. An excellent addition would be a counter island to have more space to work for food preparation.

Personal space that treats you well

Nothing says luxury than a special room. If you have extra space in your home, there are several uses you can have for it. The upgrade depends entirely on your interests. For example, you should consider converting the room into a small library if you like books. Homeowners who have books scattered all over their house will appreciate having a central place to store them. Install wooden shelves and bright light fixtures to make it a cozy retreat. Other potential room upgrades might be converting the room to a home theatre or a game room.

Backyards that impress

Don’t limit your upgrades to inside your house. Backyard improvements are more impressive since they are visible to your neighbors. The fanciest one is a swimming pool, which can be a significant investment. But you can be more modest and add a patio or a gazebo to round out your backyard space.

The great thing about these upgrades is that they can significantly affect the value of your house. This can be a big bonus for those who plan to sell their home in the future. Even if there are no plans to sell, these luxury improvements can pay for themselves through the positive feelings they bring up.

One wonderful thing about us Do-It-Yourself's is that we can often afford far nicer upgrades to our homes because we can do the work
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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