4 Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Oct 05 2018
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Hey guys, as you know I am ALL about farmhouse interior design around here. I do happen to live in a 100 year old farmhouse so it just comes natural lol. Personally I’ve always LOVED farmhouses so it was simply a matter of time before I ended up in one. My grandparents lived in my old house for over fifty years and the fact that I was able to make this my own home remains one of the real treasures in my life.

Farmhouse design is pretty simple really. If it wasn’t available 100 years ago I have a hard time adding it to my home!

Of course modern conveniences are still high priority to me but that doesn’t stop a home from feeling like a farmhouse!

(The following is a great contributed article all about some easy ideas to add farmhouse charm to any home!)

Interior design has the great power to change your surroundings to mimic a different era, a time which has passed but you still wish to resurrect, while adding your own authentic touch.

The farmhouse style, for instance, brings about feelings of a welcoming entrance, a warm, cozy environment, one built with love and a place fit to host a family. Below are a few farmhouse interior design tips to change your surroundings and create a country home feel.

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Renovating Furniture

To add farmhouse features to your home, you can start with the furniture. You could even begin with a piece of furniture you already have, such as a large chest of drawers or a desk, any piece will do so long as it has a traditional element to it.

If you have no furniture you feel would create the effect you are looking to make, you could always search for some second-hand pieces from such as craigslist. When you’ve decided on a piece of furniture, you can start to think about how you can add some farmhouse charm to it.

It could mean making the furniture a little more worn by roughing up the edges with some sandpaper and changing the handles to antique brass cup handles.

If it’s a painted piece of furniture made from natural wood, you could expose the top of the drawers by using some paint stripper and sandpaper. If you’re opting to paint the furniture instead, try ivory, eggshell or grey.

There are many paints today that require minimal preparation of the furniture piece, it’s usually just the case of a quick clean, then you can begin painting.

Do it yourself furniture makeovers are cost-effective ways to create farmhouse furniture. However, if you would prefer to invest in new pieces, it may be worth taking a look at the beautiful range available online at emmamason.

Brick Effect Wall

To add a farmhouse interior design effect to any room, you could try creating a brick effect wall, with the additional benefit of its visual appeal it’s also extremely durable.

Many local DIY stores provide a thin brick like tile which are easy to apply to any wall. There are so many different styles to choose from, however, to stick to the farmhouse style, try opting for lighter colors, such as a cream stone effect.

This will help to keep the area light and airy and avoid closing in a space with darker colours. Where you wish to place the brick effect is entirely up to you. Popular areas are the wall surrounding the fireplace or the backsplash in the kitchen above the hob and sink.

Try experimenting in different areas of your home to see what works best for you.

The farmhouse style, for instance, brings about feelings of a welcoming entrance, a warm, cozy environment, one built with love and family comforts in mind

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Sash Window Mirror

Using a window pane accent mirror in any room can help to create a traditional farmhouse feel with added character and a touch of luxury.

This type of mirror is mainly available online, but for the brave DIYers among you, it may be worth trying to make one yourself. You could source a sash window frame, without the glass, and tape a shatterproof mirror to the back of it.

Following this, paint the window pane a light colour such as taupe, and perhaps rough it up a bit with sandpaper to make it appear a little worn. This mirror would look wonderful above a dining nook or in the hallway above a console table with a bouquet of fresh flowers in front of it.


A quick easy and affordable way to add a farmhouse feel to your home is to change the colour scheme. It’s best to steer away from bold, garish colours such as red, purple, teal, etc.

Try a lighter palette and choose refreshing colours with a warm undertone such as a light sage, a hint of grey or cream. Using a lighter colors will help provide a subtle backdrop to your renovated furniture, accent mirror and blend in well with a stone effect feature wall.

This is a just a few of many farmhouse interior design ideas to create a home filled with character and traditional features.

You could even blur the lines and add a modern twist. Such as using brushed steel cup handles opposed to the more traditional antique brass or adding a geometric rug (contemporary design) however choose a lighter tone such as pale duck egg to remain in-keeping with the farmhouse theme.

The choices are endless and experimenting with different colours, themes and textures are all apart of the fun.

For more ideas on how to add farmhouse style accessories to your home, try reading this post about DIY stenciling.

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The farmhouse style, for instance, brings about feelings of a welcoming entrance, a warm, cozy environment, one built with love and family comforts in mind

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