5 High-End Farmhouse Renovations That Are Worth The Investment

Jul 27 2018
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I just read an article about how the word “farmhouse” in design is getting abused really hard right now lol. Many people contribute the new love for the “farmhouse” look to Chip and Jojo on HGTV. But I think it runs a lot deeper than that. There’s been a call out, a real social push, to return to our roots. Whether it be living greener, growing our own food, eliminating toxins and chemicals from our homes or just taking out the clutter and living simpler lives.

Back in the day, when most people lived in what would now be considered farmhouses, they lived the kind of lives that many people are striving for today. I think its awesome!

Any encouragement at all for people to learn old skills, work in the dirt more, become more self sustaining and seek lives that are more geared toward gathering memories as opposed to things, has got to be a good thing! And, of course, its my entire way of life 🙂

The following is an article contributed to Grandma’s House DIY about Farmhouse renovations!

Did you know that medium-grade renovations average $46,000-$75,000?

The good news is that you can save money by doing much of the work yourself. And still end up with a high-end home. Who decided that high-end and DIY doesn’t go together? Of course they do.

It’s all about finding the balance between doing the work yourself to save money (while learning new skills) and splurging on timeless items that bring you joy.

You don’t need expensive contractors to create a luxurious farmhouse; you can do your high-end renovations yourself.

Of course, not all renovations are worth your time and money. Slate patios and over-the-top pools aren’t going to improve the value of your farmhouse by enough to justify the cost. And they probably won’t improve your quality of life any more than a deck or a trip to the lake.

So save your time and money for projects that are worth it. Here are five high-end farmhouse renovations that are worth the investment.

Elegant crown molding

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a touch of class to your farmhouse is by adding crown molding. Crown molding instantly creates subtle drama in the room, which makes the room more interesting. And it visually draws your eyes up, so the room looks taller and grander. Depending on the size of your farmhouse, you could add crown molding throughout in a single weekend.

Kitchen reveal at the Grandma's House DIY home tour! 15 months of renovation, remodeling a custom country kitchen with a cast iron sink after a full gut.

The perfect farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouses are all about the kitchens. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare daily meals and where everyone gathers on special occasions. So make your kitchen a room you love to be in. Add an apron-front sink, metallic light fixtures, and a beadboard island. Restore or replace those hardwood floors. Install appliances that will survive family holidays for decades to come.

Insulated windows

Practical and beautiful, insulated windows are always a smart investment.

With 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling lost through windows, top quality windows will eventually pay for themselves in terms of money saved on utilities during the freezing winters and scorching summers.

Of course, the initial cost of the windows can be substantial.

(Note: I just had one of my follower’s here on Grandma’s house mention a fantastic tip for saving money on windows. If the frames are still in really good shape you can just replace the glass and end up saving a bundle and still get the energy savings of “new” windows.)

But you may be able to use the equity in your home to cover that upfront expense.

With a new rug, shower curtain, shelf my master bathroom refresh combines bohemiam style with farmhouse chic! Adding life with a double slipper bathtub

One more bathroom

Old farmhouses are notorious for having too few bathrooms. Many farmhouses have only one. One bathroom is not enough for a four-bedroom house.

Adding another bathroom won’t only improve the resale value of your house. It will also make your life a lot easier, especially if you have several people living in the home.

Black and White. Old photos, my farm, my home, my family pictures throughout the last seventy years. My grandparents farm left to me in their passing has gone through numerous changes over the years from renovations they did to my own giant renovation to make this farm my forever home.

A hobby farm barn

Most farmsteads have an underutilized barn on the property. Why not invest in turning that barn into a functional space for some hobby farm activities?

Whether you sell farm-fresh eggs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, honeycomb, or natural homemade soaps, you need a place to package and store your goods.

And with just a little more effort, you could turn that barn into a retail space to sell your goods as well.

Whatever high-end farmhouse renovations you decide to invest in, enjoy taking part in the transformation. DIY the elements you can to put your personal touch on these upgrades.

And don’t be afraid to splurge on classic materials and design pieces that will remain part of the house for decades or even generations.

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  1. July 10, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    I like what you said about adding class to a room with some crown molding. If I were remodeling my living room, I’d love to do that myself or get some help with it. I think that renovations can be as much about small details as big changes like ripping out walls.

    • July 10, 2019 at 2:12 pm

      Hi Mindy, I really agree, many small details can add up to a room that looks like its been remodeled!

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