External Updates For Your Home Front

Jun 26 2024
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Working on updates for the front of your home isn’t just great for resale value – its also a wonderful update to come home to! After putting it off for AGES I replaced the lower wainscoting across the front of our home and also added a line of mulch too. It was so wonderful to see it every time I pulled in to the yard!

Improving the grade with garden edging, plastic, weed fabric and mulch. Covering the entire front of my home's foundation, the last step before siding.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Many of us can’t wait to get started on interior design makeovers when we move house or decide to modernize our homes. It’s perfectly understandable to get excited about choosing tiles, wallpaper prints or paint colors, but don’t forget about the outside of your home. External updates can not only enhance the aesthetic of your home. They can also add substantial value and make your property more saleable. If you’re looking to spruce up the outside of your house and add curb appeal, here are some ideas to consider.

New windows and doors

New windows and doors offer an array of benefits for homeowners. Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper, or you’re renovating your home, swapping the windows and doors can transform the look of the house as well as adding value and enhancing security. Modern installations offer superior energy efficiency and they also help to block noise out. You can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your taste and the age and design of your home. Browse options online or visit showrooms. Adding a new front door creates a focal point and it can also help you carry trends or themes. Perhaps you want to make your home look more contemporary and chic, or you’re keen to add a pop of color to inject personality, for example.

Solar panels

If you’re looking for ways to embrace greener living, save money on your energy bills and increase the value of your home, have you considered solar panel installation? Solar panels generate energy using the power of the sun, providing homeowners with cheaper, more sustainable solutions. If you are thinking about adding solar panels to your house, it’s wise to research companies, read reviews and ask for recommendations. Get quotes and figure out the short and long-term costs and savings. Solar energy is not just beneficial for the environment. As we become more eco-conscious, installing solar panels can also make properties more attractive to buyers, which makes selling quicker and easier.

Front garden makeover

The backyard may be your priority when it comes to gardening, but there are multiple reasons to devote time and energy to the front garden. Having a beautiful garden at the front of your home adds curb appeal and it will also put a smile on your face every time you come home after a busy day at work or a weekend away. Attractive outdoor spaces can also add value and make real estate more saleable. You don’t have to spend a fortune or toil for hours in the searing heat to execute an effective front garden makeover. Simple things like mowing the grass, adding planters and flower beds and touching up external paintwork on fences and gates can make a big difference.

Fresh paint

If you have a colored home, your house is whitewashed, or you have a porch or verandah, freshening up the paintwork is a simple, affordable way to make your home look smarter and more welcoming. Chipped, faded paint can make houses look unkempt and unloved. Start by sanding woodwork and cleaning existing external surfaces. Apply a coat of primer and then the first layer of paint. Choose products that are designed for outdoor use. You may need two or three coats of paint, depending on the color and type of material. Let the first coat dry before applying the second to ensure an even finish. If you’re not confident about your painting skills, or you’re eager to achieve the best possible result, look for local companies that offer external painting services.

Outdoor structures

Adding outdoor structures to your home is a brilliant way to increase versatility and enhance functionality while also creating new focal points. Examples include awnings, gazebos, gates, water features, covered patios and decorative additions, such as walls made from glass or colored bricks. Think about how you want to use your front garden and backyard. Using structures is an excellent way to create zones in outdoor spaces and provide shade and shelter to make gardens accessible throughout the year. Browse magazines and search social media sites to get ideas. It’s also a brilliant idea to take inspiration from places you’ve visited, such as resorts and country houses, or gardens you’ve seen on TV or in movies.

Updating and sprucing up the outside of your house can enhance curb appeal and add value and functionality. If you’re looking to modernize or freshen up the exterior of your home, consider these ideas. Replace old or damaged windows and doors, explore solar panel installation benefits and refresh the paintwork. Think about adding outdoor structures and use focal points and features to add personality and enhance curb appeal.

Improving the grade with garden edging, plastic, weed fabric and mulch. Covering the entire front of my home's foundation, the last step before siding.
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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