How to Keep your Garden Clean and Healthy

Oct 11 2018
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I loved this article when I saw it in my inbox because right now we officially have an inch of snow on the ground! Yes, everyone is very crabby lol it is so awesome to me that there are folks out there (a lot of them) who are still looking at their beautiful gardens and maintaining them. I’m totally jealous!

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The garden can undoubtedly be an elegant extension of the home but its cleanliness and maintenance can turn out to be a daunting task. How attractive your garden looks depends on the way you keep it and this article aims to provide some pointers to help make that easy for you.

Let’s start off by understanding that cleaning your garden is not only limited to the removal of dry leaves and other trash, although that surely is one of the foremost requirements.

Having a clean garden ensures a healthy lifestyle along with making your house more beautiful and elegant than before.

A peonies gallery of my gorgeous peony blooms, pink, white, magenta and other perennial flowers that my Grandma planted over the last fifty years!

Your aim should be to make sure that any visitor is impressed by the way you’ve kept things in your outdoor landscape.

Focus on the following key points if you’re having a tough time maintaining your garden and keeping it clean throughout the year.

  • Keep the pool clean

If you’ve got a pool in your garden, this will require more attention than the whole of the rest of the garden. Whereas the garden can be neglected for short periods and still bounce back, a pool needs to be kept clean at all times.

If it is let go, it will quickly become discolored with algae. This will make it not only unsafe to swim in, but also unsightly to look at.

The chemicals that are used to keep the water clean need to be replenished on a regular basis to make sure that germs don’t get to develop in the pool.

Cleaning the pool becomes easy when you’re using a efficient pool pump dedicated to this purpose like the ones you can find on this website. Check them out and choose one that is the right capacity for the size of your pool.

  • Carefully examine each plant in your garden

You should give individual attention to every plant you’ve got in your garden because each of them has its own set of requirements. Like us, they also get sick, catch diseases and need proper treatment whenever there is an unhealthy condition.

Analyze them on a regular basis so that you can spot any pests or disease that might be at and early stage or some weeds that can smother your good plants.

It is also important to understand that most plant diseases can develop in a single plant but have the capability of affecting a large number of plants in the garden.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t delay with responsive measures as soon as you identify a problem. In cases where diseases can’t be controlled, then it will be necessary to replace the unhealthy plants with new ones so that your garden can maintain its healthy condition.

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  • Keep the trimming tools handy

Having a weed trimmer not only lets you quickly remove unwanted weeds, but can also be used to trim overgrown parts of your good plants.

It’s advisable to keep all the necessary garden tools in a dedicated toolbox so they are readily accessible when needed and don’t get mixed up with other household or handyman tools. You shouldn’t wait too long after noticing any area in the garden that needs attention.

There are many online websites that provide gardening advice and can let you know about various types of trimming tools and which ones should you choose for your garden.

Invest as much as you can afford in good quality tools. There are many cheap brands on the market but they don’t last very long. Good quality gardening tools can last a lifetime if they are looked after properly.

  • Engage the kids

Gardening can be a means of teaching healthy habits to children and it’s true that most kids do enjoy being around plants and seeing how things grow.

Teach them about the importance of plants and how their maintenance affects their health. They should be taught about the fact that plants are also living things like us and require care throughout their life.

A peonies gallery of my gorgeous peony blooms, pink, white, magenta and other perennial flowers that my Grandma planted over the last fifty years!

Making them learn about different types of flowers and plants will increase their knowledge as well as awareness.

Apart from educating them about plants, engage your kids whenever you’re out in the garden and have them collect dry leaves with you and pull out weeds.

Assigning them simple tasks in the garden can turn out to be a fun weekend activity and this way you’ll be able to spend some extra time with your family as well as getting essential chores done.

It’s necessary to dedicate some time on a daily basis if you want to avoid your garden looking like a dumping yard. The key points above will ensure that you are well on the way to having a clean and green garden that looks attractive to the eyes of anyone who visits.

The garden can undoubtedly be an elegant extension of the home but its cleanliness and maintenance. How to Keep your Garden Clean and Healthy


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    Wonderful ideas and really useful tips for anyone who wants to have a beautiful garde. Thank you!

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      Thanks Susan for coming by, have a great week!

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