The Importance of a Good Mattress after a Neck Injury

Jan 26 2018
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Please welcome with an article about how important your bed is after an injury! Over the years of living on a farm, a golf course, and renovating/building homes, its not going to surprise anyone to know that I have been injured plenty of times. From cracked ribs to muscles ripped across my back to a crushed vertebrae in my neck, I figured out a VERY long time ago that a good mattress and pillow is essential to me. Check out my master bedroom post to find out the exact bed that has literally saved my life. (The following is a sponsored post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

Life puts us through several serious tests, but nothing seems more trying than having to live with a spine or neck injury. The fact that you can’t move the way you used to, and in more dire cases, the fact that you need constant help and supervision, can be extremely frustrating. But there’s no choice to be made: if the injury happened, there’s no way to take it back and you have to go through the recovery process. Even more, if you have people to support you, you are definitely a lucky person!

The importance of a good mattress after a neck injury, the average person sleeps for 25 years of their life so choosing the right bed for your is imperative to a happy and healthy life especially after an injury, a good mattress will make all of the difference in comfort and healing after being hurt

Recovery is different from one person to another and it depends on the gravity of the injury and the way your body heals. Still, there are a few things you can do to speed the process up or to make your life a bit more comfy. And among those things, a high-quality mattress should occupy a frontal position.

From athletes looking to recover after a long exercise, to lower back pain sufferers and people with spinal injuries, everyone will tell you that the mattress changed their life! Because you have to spend a lot more time in bed, it’s very important to make sure the surface underneath accommodates your every need. However, not every mattress is a good fit for this situation so let’s go through the features that can be helpful.

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The Material
The world of mattresses is diverse, but when it comes to lower back pain or injuries to the spine or neck, two materials stand up the most: memory foam and latex. These are dense surfaces, with great back support, and improved comfort for long periods of time. The fact that they don’t have a hollow inner-structure is also helpful because it doesn’t allow allergens to settle. Small particles like dust, pollen, end even dead skin cells tend to gather inside the mattress, and all this attracts bed bugs.

With memory foam and latex some particles may still gather in the mattress, but it’s not enough to be dangerous for your health. Even more, latex is a natural fiber and doesn’t allow for bed bugs to make a home in the mattress.

The Support
Spinal alignment is very important even when you’re not in recovery, but when you are, it’s paramount that you get a mattress with high-quality back support. The support is usually ensured by the core of the mattress, which is a harder surface surrounded by softer material. This allows you to feel comfortable while resting, and your back remains straight and perfectly aligned with the horizontal.

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When the back support is perfect, the spine gets a chance to release tension and the disks get more relaxed. This helps with your sleep (especially if you’re in pain at all times) and with the recovery. When you manage to sleep comfortably, the body gets the necessary time to work on repairing the tissue, which is why it’s very important to find a comfortable mattress.

An Adjustable Bed
A bed that can be adjusted using a remote control is a fantastic tool in your recovery kit! However, you will also need a mattress that supports a moving bed while providing you with the necessary back support.
In this case, both latex and memory foam mattresses work great. But, if you decide to go with the memory foam, I recommend choosing high-density foam (5lb+). This is the type of foam used for high-end beds but also for hospital beds. On the other hand, if you choose latex, make sure it is 100% natural latex – this aspect is very important, especially when you are recovering from an injury.

The importance of a good mattress after a neck injury, the average person sleeps for 25 years of their life so choosing the right bed for your is imperative to a happy and healthy life especially after an injury, a good mattress will make all of the difference in comfort and healing after being hurt

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  1. January 31, 2018 at 9:13 am

    A good mattress is very important. After a long day I always look forward to stretching on the bed.

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