How to Make Your Aging Grandmothers Life More Manageable

Apr 27 2021
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How to make our aging grandmothers lives more manageable. I am just so impressed with the giant leaps technology has made to keep us safer and to make our lives more convenient. We’ve talked about getting our own selves a Roomba as well as a keypad for the front door. I’ll admit to having locked myself out several times and had to use the doggie door to get back into the house… This all would have helped so much with my own grandparents.

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For those who are still lucky to have their grandma around, there’s a lot you can do to make their lives more manageable, safer, and fulfilling. Like many older adults, your grandma might not have the energy to do most of the house chores on her own or even prepare nutritious meals.

She might not even remember to take the medication on time or manage to drive to the clinic for the doctor’s appointment. Caring for her means improving her living standards, enabling her to live a happier, healthier life.

How can you do it?

Invest in Technology

Transforming your grandma’s house into a smart home maintains her independence and, at the same time, improves her safety and promotes better living standards. Your grandma might not have the energy to clean the house thoroughly, but investing in an intelligent vacuum cleaner makes it easier for her. She will maintain a clean home without having to hire anyone, use a lot of energy, or risk slipping or falling.

It will free up your time because you don’t have to constantly go to your grandmothers house to inspect whether it’s clean. You’ll also not have to invest heavily in cleaning services.  

Other than this, invest in an intelligent appliance monitor that sends an alert when unusual activity is detected. For instance, your grandma might forget to turn off the lights, the faucets, or leave the oven on. The monitor will detect any abnormal appliances’ use and send an alert to you and your grandma’s phone.

Monitor Their Health

Taking care of the elderly’s health means being able to detect serious problems before it’s too late. Invest in wearable biomedical sensors that monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and other vital signs. The sensor detects any problems, sets the alarm off, prompting a quick response to any medical emergencies, making an illness more manageable.

It’s also important to have reminders to take daily medications. Your grandma might forget to take her medication which could affect her wellbeing. With the right technology, you can set alerts on her phone or other devices, our grandmothers to take the prescriptions and let them know the type and amount to take.

Enable Her to Eat Healthy Foods

The most challenging part for an older person is making nutritious and delicious meals every day. Most don’t have the energy or even the appetite to eat the food. It would help if you made healthy foods more accessible.

If you often visit, cook, and store in the freezer different dishes your grandmother loves making it easier to get something to eat whenever she’s hungry. When you can’t prepare the foods, check the local food delivery services or buy store-ready but nutritious options.

Avoid highly processed and junk food and ensure she eats more home-cooked foods. This is especially important when she is on a strict diet.

Another consideration is investing in smart locks. Your grandma will not need a key, which tends to get lost or misplaced easily, and it will limit access to her home. You can set a time when the locks automatically shut, especially at night. She can also control the entryways from her phone, giving her the power to monitor who accesses the home.

As you’ll notice, these simple changes can significantly improve your grandmothers life. You’ll also be at peace knowing she is well taken care of even when you are away.

How to make our aging grandmothers lives more manageable. I am just so impressed with the giant leaps technology has made to keep
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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