7 Green Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Sep 09 2020
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I love that green homes are becoming not just popular now but simply becoming the main stay. I’ve noticed a slow but huge shift in just about every product out there from paints to even lumber to help cut our foot print on the earth down. The awesome shift to DIY and recycling of old pieces makes total sense to me, of course lol. I love how green a home Grandma’s house is, how much I was able to save and recycle is something I am very proud of.

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Interior design projects are a fun way to improve your rooms and create a home which reflects your personality. When you’re redecorating it’s important to keep it green, but how exactly can you do this?

  1. Pick natural materials

Before you start shopping it’s worth reading up on the best earth-friendly materials. From your bed sheets to your table and your carpets, look out for materials such as:

  • Bamboo: Whether it’s bamboo chairs or a rug, this material is an excellent green sustainable choice. Bamboo releases plenty of oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. The growth process is environmentally friendly, only using a small amount of water, plus the crops do not need any fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Kenaf: Kenaf plants do not harm the environment whatsoever as they grow, and they require little water. Look out for items such as kenaf pillows or kenaf bags.
  • Organic Cotton: Many people wonder if cotton is a sustainable choice for homeware items? The answer is yes, so long as you choose organic cotton! Organic cotton does not cause damage to the soil, nor rely on toxic chemicals to grow. Whether it’s Organic Cotton Upper Flex Sheets or an organic cotton table cloth, this material is an excellent choice for green homeware.
  1. Use green paint

Traditional paints are made with VOC chemicals which are bad for our health and the planet. Next time you are painting your home try purchasing eco-friendly paints instead. Eco paint is made from ingredients such as clay, milk protein, and natural pigments from the earth. A few options to choose from include Bioshield, Clare Paint or Benjamin Moore Natura.

  1. Try out upcycling

Upcycling means gathering old materials and using them to create brand new items. Most of the time the item is given a whole new purpose whether it’s a ladder turned into a bookshelf or old jars turned into vases! To help you get some great green ideas for upcycling projects, check out the following apps:

  • Recycleclart: Using the Recycleclart app, you can browse thousands of upcycling projects to give your inspiration. Whether you’re looking to live more sustainably or boost your creativity Recycleclart has got plenty of great ideas. 
  • Craft Gawker: If you’re looking for arts and crafts projects, you’ve certainly come to the right place! The CraftGawker app showcases thousands of creative project ideas from the best craft bloggers. Here you’ll find plenty of inspiration for some seriously unique upcycling projects.
  1. Use nature as decor

Decorating with flowers and plants is one of the easiest and greenest ways to improve your home. Perhaps you’d prefer low maintenance plants which are easy to look after? If so, consider the following options:

  • Jade Plant: The jade plant retains water very well due to its round leaves. You won’t need to water it very often, but just make sure that it doesn’t dry out entirely.
  • Guiana Chestnut: This plant is a beautiful decoration with its braided trunk and long leaves. Ensure that you put these in a spot with indirect bright lights.
  1. Remember natural light

With the best use of natural light, you’ll enhance the beauty of your space and even reduce your heating costs. From a design perspective, natural light can improve the look of your entire room from the ambivalence to the color schemes. With the right blinds and curtains, it’s simple to maximize the amount of natural light and help create a green home.

I love that green homes are becoming not just popular now but simply becoming the main stay. I've noticed a slow but huge shift in just about
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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