Building A Greener Home for the Environment and our Health

Aug 21 2020
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One thing I learned when making my home greener and more eco friendly was that it saved me a lot of money along the way too. Which was the biggest surprise honestly. I think we all get sticker shock when it comes to greener or organic options but we can save a fortune and go WAY more green by just making so many products ourselves!

May 2020 was a far less freaky month for me than April was - I guess I adapted to the pace of quarantine. The farm here bleeding heart spring photo gallery
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

If you’re eager to create an eco-friendly property, you’re not alone. However, I can tell you from experience that knowing where to start is often the hardest challenge of all.

As with most home upgrades, though, strategic planning and preparation will put you on the path to success.

So, I thought I’d provide some simple advice that comes from a combo of jobs I’ve competed at home and ideas I’ve pinched from others. Essentially, this is my guide to how I would go green if I were starting the process today.

Sometimes in life, the easiest updates make the biggest impact. This certainly rings true when trying to build a greener home. If I were about to begin the process today, the first item on my checklist would be to install LED lights. The energy-efficient bulbs burn less energy than incandescent ones.

Likewise, they burn for far, far longer. So, while it does require an outlay of $50-$100 for the average home, the investment pays for itself in no time. Crucially, it’s an assignment that can be completed in an hour or two. Ticking this item off of your ‘to-do’ list can spearhead further success.

There are plenty of additional small steps that can be taken to make the home greener. Why not try adding some houseplants to actively boost natural vibes and air quality. Meanwhile, painting walls a lighter color can inject more light into the home. This improves the vibe, makes the spaces look bigger, and can aid heating.

With the right wall prep work, you could paint an average sized room in one day with relative ease. This is a chance to think about removing obstructions to your radiators to boost heating efficiency for a greener home too.

While all of these jobs can be done on a DIY basis, some require a professional touch. This is something I’ve certainly learnt the hard way at times in life. A licensed plumber can improve your home’s efficiency in multiple ways. Identifying leaks and problems that currently waste resources and money is very beneficial.

Meanwhile, they can install water-saving toilets and eco-friendly appliances. These features will transform your property in next to no time. Other steps can include advice on the boiler or water tank jackets.

I am also a firm believer that an expert should be used to check your roofing, unless you are a very confident DIYer. Getting up to the heights needed to inspect the roofing isn’t easy. More importantly, allowing broken tiles or other issues to go untreated will put your property at risk. I think the loss of insulation will be the last of your worries when you’ve been flooded or seen the roof lifted from the property.

On a brighter note, adding internal attic insulation is a job that you can quite easily complete yourself. It shouldn’t cost much either.

If you’re anything like me, the transition to a greener home is about more than the property. You’ll want to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using the garden.

Read my reveal on my garden deck, and you’ll soon see how easy this process can be. There’s no need to invest in luxury swimming pools to enjoy your backyard. A simple deck with a few flowers and comfy rattan furniture will work wonders. A BBQ stove and a handful of other garden accessories will complete the look. It’s perfect for solo relaxation following a tough day, or family fun.

Back inside the home, you can create a greener home by using a little upcycling. Pallets can be turned into pantry storage features. Old toys can be turned into child bedroom options.

Old furniture can be mended by replacing the legs or getting out the varnish. A little effort goes a long way, and I cannot tell you how satisfying it feels to bring items back from the dead. It also feeds into the idea of maintaining a clean and organized home. This is another step that makes the home healthier and happier in one fell swoop.

Make no mistake; habitual changes are needed too. I dread to think how much money I’ve wasted on excess food, leaving appliances on at night, or leaving minor faults untreated. Once you get into the winning habits, though, you’ll wonder how you ever survived before.

It’s a mindset change that will improve your home and daily life. Another top trick is to cook multiple meals in advance to save time, food, and money. Better still, many of those lessons can be extended into other parts of your existence. 

What are you waiting for? Go make it happen!

One thing I learned when making my home greener and more eco friendly was that it saved me a lot of money along the way too!
(This is a contributed post, for more information about my compensation please read my disclosure policy)

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